[3.14] Gryph's Thirsty Archmage Cremation Necromancer

Ended up using a Red Nightmare jewel which lets me get endurance charges with some block as well. Snagged a shield for 50c which i thought was good.
My son and grandson are about to divorce me so no more spent on this build probably lol.

When i level i will try red map Ultimatums.
Thanks a lot for the help/guidance.
I can also vouch for mana on block.

For ultimatum, I basically just sit in the middle, cast sigil, spam cremation and general's cry vigilant strike for fortify. Haven't died in ultimatum since I used this setup. I've never needed endurance charges.
It's important to keep your bone offering, sigil and fortify up at all times. If you're afraid of running out of mana, just spam desecrate instead. We need to be around corpses anyway.

This build has got to be the best ethical build I've ever played. Good survival, good damage, good clear, good playstyle. It's just good. Nothing more.
Последняя редакция: AsceticPOE. Время: 19 мая 2021 г., 16:25:58
Still getting killed quite a lot in high end untimatums.
So tried your setup AsceticPOE but Vigilant Strike will not work with General's Cry linked?
Also notice you are linking a Fortify in your gloves. Why do that when Vigilant strike gives Fortify? or does it use the higher level Fortiy linked?

Sorry for what may be stupid questions.
You have to use the vigil jewel, socketed in an approprite spot, for the vigilant strike of mirage warriors to affect you.

Fortify support increases the fortify duration.

Also, be sure to roll your maps properly. These are map mods I actively avoid.

Elemental reflect, Monsters deal extra damage, Monsters have extra critical strike chance/multiplier, Monsters are hexproof, Less life recovery rate, Cannot regen, Cannot leech, Less block chance, Chilled/Shocked/Burning ground, Temporal chain.

I don't die in ultimatum, but I still die to bosses and harvest sometimes because I have pretty low eHP pool and block chance. If you have like 6k life, 10k mana and max block I doubt you can die easily.
Последняя редакция: AsceticPOE. Время: 20 мая 2021 г., 2:19:11
That works a lot better.
Thanks a lot.
Game is getting way too complicated for us that don't have a master's degree in whatever.
Any way i can improve?
Was thinking maybe beast craft on ring? Was thinking maybe another small cluster "Scintillating Idea" but not sure the best way to do this or even if it is a good idea.
Последняя редакция: EDMOSES. Время: 25 мая 2021 г., 17:40:18
tbh I don't think anymore tankiness is gonna help much. I thought I was tanky, but rare feared with 100 increased AoE said otherwise.

Right now I need damage at the same level as crit BL hiero to burst down those mofos in the feared but I have no idea how to build a crit version without going bankrupt.
Yeah build is quite good but cannot handle the mechanics of ultimatums and even less so inscribed ultimatums.
lmao I don't have any problems with ultimatums whatsoever. You must be doing something wrong. Maybe you picked wrong ultimatum mods?
Doing white T14/15/16, no map mods.
Your tree is a fair bit different to mine and you have stripped your char but if i remember correctly both were at the same equipment level.

Skills were pretty much the same as well so i have no idea why you have no problems and i have heaps.

I am not a good player but i am not that bad. 9900 mana/3900 life, mana regen 2546/sec with nothing on in my HO.
Attack block 40%, spell block 28% base.
Chaos res is only 27%.

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