[3.14] Odif's Newbie Necro Skeleton Mage Build Guide: League Starter, Very Low Cost

Hey Odif,

many thanks for this guide, I am a newbie and I really appriciate the leveling section! When I checked the guide yesterday, everything was fine. However, I can not open the passive tree in the POE planner at the moment :( do I have to be more patient?

Anyway, most of the things I have memorized :)

I'll give more feedback when I played a bit!

Am I the only one who cannot open the poeplanner links?
Either directly clicking on them or importing them in the website gives "something went wrong with the build" error.
"something went wrong with the build" error. @POEplaner
"something went wrong with the build" error. @POEplaner
thats why need pob/now new player dotn now what did
all worked planner up
where is the pob
where is the pob
I worked on a Pob last night, mostly just the skill tree and some items as a general idea of what you may want to look for, it has the mage skeletons and melee skeletons, this is the first pob ive ever played around making so its probably not the best in the world!

Here it is: https://pastebin.com/H0FhJwHm

My friend said about the possibility of dropping the golem nodes at the top and perhaps replacing them with life nodes?
Unfortunately, today I am at work all day. Yesterday before sleeping I hit only recreational level 30. I watch jewel prices on trade and as we have 45 pieces and the price is 8 chaos. It looks like this is a very common drop and you will have no problem getting it.

Well, it seems to me that Pierce will be an obligatory gem for this buld. I can't imagine playing this without Pierce.
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