[3.14] "The Asmongold Experience" Zombie Build Guide ~~Get CARRIED BY SKELE/ZOMBIES~~

Entity88 написал:
This is my first time playing this game since the league start and i followed this guide.

Amazing build - have been following this from the start and am able to clear T16 corrupted maps fairly easily and won't die if I I don't try to speed run it.

I use a gain life on block shield and that really stepped me up in terms of defence as the lioneye armor and the gloves do plenty of damage when i was hitting T15/T16.

In terms of tips: Please add where you should put jewels such as the fiesting fiends skill cluster jewls etc as I really had no idea and just kind of winged it per your Skill tree and had to remove some points which again let me a bit confused on which points to remove (even if i should be removing them).

That is honestly the real struggle I had and that was when I was hitting T10+ maps and was flying through everything including all bosses etc than i found out about ointments and cluster jewls lol!

Thanks for the guide man it really helped me!

P.S I had one of those end game minion wands with the "Minion modifier" and had no idea what it really meant and sold it. WOW!!!!!

Like Entity88, its my first time playing this game and i am running into the same questions.

Otherwise: Great Build! Tons of fun! Thank you very much Rho378!
LOVING this build im taking it nice and slow and doing the tanker build as this is my first league, been lucky and had a few ex's drop so just got the shield need the chest next and il be good to go! everything just melts with this build tried arc witch and this is even easier and so much fun just wanted to say thankyou!
Which cluster jewels should i use on this build ?
I have the high budget items and i am still dying on t14 xd . The dmg is nice but the tanking meh
been a bit quiet here is there any high end gear upgrade...would be nice to see what you have in mind to make this more tankier etc ?

the minions are almost indestructible, im thinking maybe more spell block?
Can you post the shield/block version of your pob? im following that now and you seem to have much better survivability than i do even though im a level higher than you in the video. I was following the normal tree but watching your video i noticed you have a lot of different allocations that I dont have.
So not trying to be that guy, but this sure looks an awful lot like Odif's Newbie Necro Skeleton Mage Build Guide: League Starter. I stopped looking after noticing that the gear and gem recommendations were exactly the same. They are even inserted in the same gear.

Is this build significantly different and if so how?
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im curerntly using this build. 85lvl atm, t16 are easy but im struggling against bosses like crusader (not enough damage). Anyway cool build, fun to play.
I have a question. Can anybody write skill rotation and skill setup? What skill on what key you have?
Mine is:
LPM bone armour
RPM summon skele
Scroll bone offering
q flame dash
w storm brand
e desecrate
r flesh offering
t vaal summon skele
q1 vitality
w2 skitterbots
e2 zealotry
r2 raise zombie
t2 summon stone golem

Is this ok? I mean all skills are there but maybe it can be better? Also is there a possibility to somehow automate desecrate and bone/flesh offering? It is so hard to constantly spamming it.

Also ill take any advices: https://pastebin.com/2TPDjfLm

Thx for build :)
this was my 1st build. well actually it was a Marauder but i dove in to the game with that character with out checking any guides... or not know guides like this exist. ended up abandoning that character at level 50+ and deleting it (i wish i didnt. i didnt know after each league ends we get a free passive reset) since it was dying so much.. even on regular mobs.

anyway i played this necro zombie build and it was really good and all. until i reach i think level 90 and was doing maps and was getting one shot. at that time i cant afford the 6 link chest armor so i decided to stop playing for now. will revisit this build again soon.

but yeah like what Kaagular said it kinda lacks damage when it comes to bosses. but it is still a fun build and i used this to farm ultimatum before and also use this build to kill map boss that i have hard time with my current build since its melee.

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