[3.15] VoidForge Insanity - A very Unique Permacrit Animate Weapon Summoner

Yes, that is a breach in the middle of A8 Sirus. Yes, that is why I have a Soul Ripper. Yes really. Welcome to Chains of Command, the one on kill thing GGG forgot to allow to trigger when hitting a unique enemy.

3.15 Note:
Damage of build is halfed assuming the PoB community update numbers are accurate. It's still a ton of damage, But now you are looking at 40-80 mill DPS instead of 80-140 millish. Well..... Feck. The only solace in this is every build is likely effected the same if not worse.

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25/07/21 - Added Bonus section on Numlock Autocasting

24/07/21 - Added Skilltrees to PoB section while I fix PoB's. See Note 2.
22/07/21 - Updated 3.15 note based on PoB update numbers.
21/07/21 - Added alternate double damage pastebin
21/07/21 - Nothing! First release. Maybe the only release.

Build Overview:
Animated Guardian is a weird thing that has largely been unexplored. Did you know AG’s get the benefits of keystones on gear? Did you know AG’s can use any on hit effect and buff provided it isn’t cast or triggered? Did you know that it has it’s own curse limit which if higher than your own allows dual cursing? This build combines this knowledge to take advantage of uniques that would otherwise be alc shards into something that does millions of dps on a budget of nothing that with a budget scales to around 50-100 million+, depending on investment. Oh and you’ll perma freeze/shatter everything that isn’t a boss with White Wind and most of the time with Voidforge.

This is a build I stumbled into after much trial and error, forcing it to work. It is far from perfect but is still the smoothest and most powerful build I’ve ever played. If you give it a shot I hope you enjoy and I hope GGG suddenly doesn’t decide to nerf this into the ground next league since it largely survived the damage cull of 3.15. Only done a quick CTRL+F though, but I didn’t see anything that specifically harms the build.

Table of Contents
1. Pros/Cons
2. Videos
3. Path of Building
4. Defence
5. Gear
6. Gems
7. Numlock Autocasting

1. Pros/Cons
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++ Works as a League Starter
++ You get a Bro to adventure with
++ Immortal minion army
++ Has dual curse
++ Isn't mana dependent so the 3.15 mana increases don't effect it much if at all.
++ Constant ailment removal thanks to Essence Extraction (assuming 3.15 doesn’t gut it)
++ Can prob do all Content (I say prob as I never got round to it)
++ Can do all map mods (with reflect rings)
++ Extremely cheap to build (at time of writing)
++ Extremely high survivability once geared due to army of minions taunting for you.
++ Extremely High damage / investment ratio
++ Potentially HC viable with some adjustments.
++ Potentially a template for a Reaper Build that can use an AG without eating it.
++ It won me a supporter pack.

• Much damage scaling comes from Minion clusters (which are pricey)
• Not a tanky build (though it could be)
• Very unique dependent (though all the uniques are vendortrash)
• Prob not SSF Viable due to the above

- Designed to be squishy so you always die before the AG
- AG can decide to kill itself at random if you don’t pay attention
- GGG can decide to kill your AG at random if you don’t pay attention
- GGG can decide to kill your AG at random even if you are paying attention at any time because reasons.
- Without the AG, you don't have a build.
- Likely an extremely laggy build for most of you.
- Uses A LOT of unique items
- Can’t use other minions, such as spectres.
- Vaal Breach setups for max dps against bosses is slow
- Uses Trigger minion claw/dagger which are not a good minion weapon

2. Videos
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Don’t got many sorry, never intended to write a guide.

Ulti League
Day 3
End of week 1
Juiced T16 Beach
T16 Beach Ulti
Blind T16 Phoenix
Blind T16 Phoenix Ulti
Badgers Build Contest

Random Gifs
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Some random gifs of stuff I did to show people the build and the things I accomplished. No specific order, last one was me trying to get the AG killed with some crazy super juiced T19 Delirium map (which it survived effortlessly).


3. Path of Building
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Note 1 - Overall Damage of both PoB's is half what is was in 3.14, 3.15 changes hurt FAR more than expected (though guessing every other build is the same).

Note 2 - There was a import bug during ulti league with the community fork and my levelling trees in the PoB are causing it to crash. I'll try and fix, in the meantime here are the skilltrees.

Early Tree - http://poeurl.com/dl6J
Mid Tree - http://poeurl.com/dl6K
Endgame Clusterless - http://poeurl.com/dl6L
Endgame 1 Cluster - http://poeurl.com/dl6N
Endgame 2 Cluster - http://poeurl.com/dl6M


https://pastebin.com/vzy0gQip - Kill all Bandits

This is pretty much just a snapshot of my character as I quit the league. I added a bunch of notes explaining some things. Careful when switching to look at the AG’s gear as that resets the setup of everything else, so you’ll need to reload the pastebin or put things back as they were manually.

There is one mistake in the pastebin that I have left in, that is the brittle %. The AG would need to be more offensively linked in a helm with hypothermia in order to hit that % in 3.14. This was something found out in a Q&A month into the league. Left it in as no point correcting it now, as 3.15 is changing thresholds again anyway.


This is the same pastebin but not my actual character, so not something I actually achieved. I quit the league before I could. The differences are as follows:

- Level 100
- Copied my Large minion cluster
- Copied 2 abyss jewels to occupy that cluster.
- Went back to using Ancient Skull and Gruthkul for damage over a stronger AG.

If you do that, the damage of the build doubles. This version if you can acquire it will be hitting 100 mill even in 3.15, though the AG is at risk of dying to some things that are degen heavy, untested. Though if you can afford this level of build then you can easily afford to replace the AG if it somehow unlikely died anyway.

If you use magical min max'd super gear, you can push this even higher.

4. Defence
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The Player
This build was quite flask heavy for defence on physical mitigation. That’s now gone, though build doesn’t get hit much in the first place. It was also never designed to be tanky, it is designed to be glass so that you die and the AG doesn’t, ever. This is a build designed around softcore but it has access to a lot of defence should you wish. You do have access to elusive with whirling blades and are extremely mobile with it thanks to Spiritual command however, so once decent gear is acquired you should be fine in most things.

You don’t get a shield as you are using Necro Aegis, you could drop that and then have perma block/spell block cap as other Necros do. You do lose a lot of damage as you will no longer have passive frenzy charges on your minions but even without that this build still hits the 10’s of million.

The Animated Guardian
It is res capped, chaos capped,heals on block, block capped, near spell block capped, extremely high dodge, has great life leech, heals % of it’s max hp on block which it is doing all the time, great movement speed, it is a monster.

It has no life and little regen due to degenning all the time. If something can damage it, it can die quickly. Things that can damage it are very rare, that stupid Harvest mob that casts the Blizzard is one of them. It can also potentially die if focused a lot, don’t let it fight stuff on it’s own. Keep at least 1 Animated Weapon protecting it at all times.

The above is when using the Ancient Skull,Bone Helmet. Once replaced and the AG is properly supported with minion life and no longer degenning from the whispers debuff I’m not sure anything can kill it. Well except Hall of Grandmasters but F that place.

5. Gear

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The Unique Shopping list

I wasn't joking when I said this was a very unique build

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Chains of Command, Saintly Chainmail
Without this one the build flat out doesn’t work. Doesn’t need to be 6 linked, 6 socket is fine. Quite easy to grab this day 1 6s for a couple of c.

Triad Grip, Mesh Gloves
4 Green for 100% physical to cold. Not too expensive to craft your own with the bench. Needs to be cold to take advantage of Brittle.

Ancient Skull,Bone Helmet
This is going to be your main helm until you decide todo extremely scary things like Maven challenges or similar. It is an extremely massive damage boost early on, the uptime is constant and the super aggression makes the weapons go off screen to clear things for you. It is extremely good.

Gruthkul's Pelt,Wyrmscale Doublet
This is your AG chest and has one purpose, 5% regen. An AG with 75% chaos res will take 5% of it’s max hp as damage per second. Without this chest your AG will kill itself in seconds.

White Wind, Imperial Skean
This is your starting AG weapon and the second best option for damage you have access to. Animated Weapons count as having an empty off-hand at all times if one-handed, meaning it gets full benefit from the up to 200% inc cold damage and 25% dodge. It’s a very strong weapon.

Galesight, Solaris Circlet
Your AG’s helm and key to this build. An AG with this build can apply brittle and thanks to 3.15 changes you can hopefully see how much brittle it is now applying. With it, we can achieve near or actual perma crit against bosses, boosting our minion damage massively.

Painseeker,Shagreen Gloves
A support glove for the Galesight, making the brittle more effective. Ideally corrupted with curse on hit elemental weakness.

The Blood Dance,Sharkskin Boots
If you don’t have curse on hit painseeker yet, use these. They are very cheap and help the AG against degens (one of the few/only things that can damage it).

Windscream,Reinforced Greaves
If you have curse on hit Painseeker, use these. This gives the AG a curse limit of two and allows elemental weakness to stack with a curse of our own.

Victario's Charity, Laminated Kite Shield
With Necro Aegis gives minions passive block, frenzy and power charges. Extremely powerful and since we can’t use spectres for charge generation, a must have.

The Scourge,Terror Claw
This is the best minion weapon you have access to until you can craft a trigger claw of your own.

Darkness Enthroned,Stygian Vise
Best in slot minion belt, better than a Torments Reclamation with the right abyss jewels.

The Writhing Jar,Hallowed Hybrid Flask
Emergency weapon generation, ailment removal and life topper. Get a second and you can use this as your main way to generate weapons instead of vaal breach against most bosses, especially drawn out fights with lots of immune phases like Catarina.

Sinvicta's Mettle,Ezomyte Axe
Second Weapon slot. Switch to activate Rampage then switch back. Also works on bosses with Vaal Breach, not just mapping.

Quickening Covenant,Viridian Jewel & Fortress Covenant,Cobalt Jewel
Socket in cluster jewel which disables the negative aura giving you massive attackspeed/damage/block/dodge for 2 points.

Soul Ripper,Quartz Flask
Used to power Vaal Haste, Vaal Grace but mostly Vaal Breach. Without it the full potential of this build is not unlocked against bosses unless that boss summons a lot of minions. Try and get one with Charge Count divisible by how many flask charges you gain passively. At 20/5 seconds (1 Flask Traitor with Essence Extraction) 20 one is ideal as that lines up perfectly with Vaal Breach 100 soul cost.

Brutal Restraint,Timeless Jewel
Praise Balbala. Used for the Traitor Keystone, to give passive flask charges to fill up the soul ripper, to fill up the Vaal Breach. I am unfortunately serious. This Keystone is the glue that holds the build together and lets it melt bosses that it would otherwise struggle with.

Vaal Breach, Corrupted Portal Gem
Technically not a unique but it is. I mean how else do you describe this thing? Used against bosses to generate minions so you can have your own to murder the boss with. Can use flame dash after casting to place portals around an arena in advance to reload during a fight, such Maven Challenges.

Voidforge,Infernal Sword
The main damage upgrade for your AG. It is massive. Ideally want max or close to max rolls as possible then corrupt or craft to 30%.

Other Gear
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Minion cluster just aim to get as good attackspeed/minion damage large as possible. All the minion notables suck for Animated Weapons.
You can essence craft then Ailsing Bench a claw to get an upgrade to the Scourge, though with her removing a random mod in 3.15 is is prob gonna be a larger pain than before.
Ideally you want hunter rings for anti minion reflect. You don’t need them, you can just avoid reflect maps instead if you want.
Everything else is just minion damage abyss jewels and as much res/life you can get. There isn’t a ton of space due to how unique heavy this build is.

It is also very important to only have +fire damage on attacks/spells. So no added lightning or cold to attacks. Needed to Proc EE. Cremation is skill of choice here as it has good coverage and lasts a long time. You may use lightning skills instead, if you do then only have +lightning on attacks/spells instead.

6. Gems
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Will be using non awakened versions but if there is an awakened version upgrade to that when you are able.

Chest - 3B3R
Minion Damage
Increased Critical Damage
Elemental Penetration
Melee Physical Damage
Elemental Damage with Attacks

Minions have a base crit multi of a mere 130%. Increased Critical damage essentially doubles the damage a critting minion would normally do (as of 3.15) and our minions constantly crit. It’s a near 100% more damage multi support and is the main reason the build is able to achieve the damage it does. Ruthless is another gem to consider using over one of the other damage supports, as is Predator support and may be more optimal as of 3.15.

Gloves - 4G
Additional Accuracy
Whirling Blades
Vaal Grace

Forced to use 4G here because of the cold conversion from Traid Grip, this is the best way to use them that I could find. The nightblade whirling blades combo helped a lot with this builds survival.

Boots - 2G1R // 1B
Vaal Haste
Divergent Clarity

More damage for minions, mana regen for you to keep whirling around.

Helmet - 3B1R
Animate Guardian
Meat Shield
Feeding Frenzy
Elemental Army

Support to make the AG tankier / give more damage to the weapons. Can adjust to give AG more damage if you require it to hit harder for higher Brittle.

Weapon - 2G1B
Flesh Offering

Prior to getting a Trigger Weapon you’ll be casting these manually, it is annoying and can get you killed if you are not careful

Shield - 2B1G
Anomalous Flame Dash
Anomalous Convocation

Massive passive movespeed for minions as Convocation does not cause them to return to you while they have the whispers (which is always). Anomalous on Flame dash is used for the range for situations where Whirling Blades isn’t enough to get you out of the way / going over impassible terrain.

Ring - 1B
Assassins Mark

Max quality on this asap. It is how weapons sustain power charges against bosses, while also giving them a significant chunk of crit multi. It boosts their damage by a lot.

Sinvicta's Mettle
Vaal Breach
Flame Dash
4x Free slot.

Swap to at start of maps to trigger rampage or arena bosses to slowly charge Vaal Breach with Soul Ripper. Use Flame Dash after casting Vaal Breach to not activate it straight away to setup breaches for later in the fight.

You can optionally use 2 of the free slots for Cast While Channeling and Cyclone, then you weaponswap and spin to quickly portal out of danger (or in general).

Note - Vaal Breach will not gain Souls while it is in the unequipped weapon slot.

7. Numlock Autocasting
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Any skill or spell in the game that has no cast time can be triggered automatically, provided you meet the other requirements to cast it, such as mana. It doesn't have to be on the main skillbar, you can use the secondary skillbar (default CTRL+Key) and it'll still cast even though you can't see it.

Todo preform this do the following

- Rebind key on second skillbar to Numpad 0 or 5. 1/3/7/9 should also work.
- When you load into a new area perform the following sequence, numpad refers to whatever key you bound the skill to.

Numlock on -- numpad press -- Numpad press&hold -- Numlock off -- Release numpad

Repeat the above whenever you enter a new area or for any other skill you want to autocast. It will last until you hit a loading screen. To turn it off prior to that, do the following sequence

Numlock on -- numpad press -- Numlock off

Do it right and with an automated anomalous convocation your minions will maintain their movespeed bonus automatically without you needing todo anything.

If you got any Questions I'll do my best to answer them.
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Last bumped on 13 сент. 2021 г., 13:12:23
Hi, love your build nice job! Can you recommend leveling guide as well ?
one more question why not scion for the build ?
how much chaos resistance is needed for AG ? to not make him die ?
Violetine написал:
Hi, love your build nice job! Can you recommend leveling guide as well ?

I leveled it as generic summoner, namely SRS/Spectres. I have my levelling tree in the pastebin but the optimum way to level this I don't really know. Maybe SRS popcorn? You could easily grab minion instability and spec out of it at level 70, or just stay as SRS until you ready to switch over.

Depending on how good it is, you could turn this into a Reaper build quite easily. Drop the chains of command for a different chest, drop necro aegis victro's and fit spectre in a hungry loop for minion power/frenzy and go nuts. If I play Expo league (which I prob won't) this is what I'll be trying. By having an immortal reaper it shouldn't want to eat the AG (assuming it only eats to heal itself).

Violetine написал:
one more question why not scion for the build ?

Damage and utility mostly. The past people who have tried to make chains of command work have depended on flask piano worm flask to keep weapons up and would only be able to achieve around half their weapon count at best. My build instead focuses on keeping the minions alive and around. AFAIK the scion versions skip minion duration entirely, so the AW last 20 seconds. Mine last 46 seconds.

I still have passive flask generation from The Traitor keystone but I only have that for Arena based boss fights such as Sirus to power up Vaal Breach. The Traitor/Soul Ripper/Vaal Breach combo is the difference between fighting bosses and skipping them. I still don't know how to beat phase 4 of A8 Sirus, he gets me everytime. This build, I skipped the phase. That's how powerful it is.

You technically don't need it at all if you don't mind actually fighting bosses, like what the Scions do. Soul of Ryslatha on it's own is enough to sustain a few weapons from 2-3 Writhing Jars due to how long mine last which Scion cannot take advantage of as they are piano dependent. The other versions of this build using scion do FAR less damage and half the duration. Mine are over double the duration and prob around 3-5x the damage so you don't need to keep replacing them. Unlike scions you only need your initial army to carry you through a fight 99% of the time. When mapping you pretty much press flask once to start with a minion then just zoom to the boss and kill it.

Violetine написал:
how much chaos resistance is needed for AG ? to not make him die ?

The full 75%. The whispers debuff really hurts. It's not hard to get though. Minion Chaos res abyss jewels are cheap to get, 2 of them in belt and 1 on tree is enough. It's not just for the AG, the weapons need Chaos Res to survive the whispers also. 20% of max hp as chaos per second is a lot of damage that needs to be mitigated but its worth it, it is essentially an extra 1-2 links worth of damage (it's worth more the worse your gear is).

One other thing - For comparison, the other Animated Weapon build on this forum by ThanatoZGaming does 10x less damage than me using his most recent 3.14 pastebin. 500K damage weapons vs my 5 million damage weapons. That's also not the peak of this build, I have a pastebin that has 9.5-10 million damage weapons using double minion cluster but since I never did that on my actual character (couldn't afford) I not shared that one. Using the other pastebin just one of my weapons outclasses many top end PoE builds, and you can have up to 14. This build is really, really dumb.
Последняя редакция: TheVoidInsanity. Время: 21 июля 2021 г., 13:05:45
Best answers I got so far thank you a lot btw I am a big fan of your build! Had this build before but your build is in the next level! you really nailed it! Maybe you have that sick pob for even more dps? I would like to make a go this league on it with huge investment:)
What Ascendancy skill tree you recommend to take 1,2,3,4 if I go with SRS?
Violetine написал:
Best answers I got so far thank you a lot btw I am a big fan of your build! Had this build before but your build is in the next level! you really nailed it! Maybe you have that sick pob for even more dps? I would like to make a go this league on it with huge investment:)

I have updated the main post with the alternate PoB. It's not much different to the original, just a few points cut off, level 100 and a second minion cluster.

Violetine написал:
What Ascendancy skill tree you recommend to take 1,2,3,4 if I go with SRS?

No idea. I went Commander of Darkness (for free res mostly) into Mistress of Sacrifice then switched, since in Ulti League due to how much XP ulti's gave you (which I constantly won) I was level 70 upon hitting act 9.
New Community Fork update out with updated gem info. Builds damage is halfed, other builds have apparently lost a lot more.

Love the ideas of your build. Thanks for sharing :)
Maybe a crit/poison/chaos version becomes better than elemental in 3.15?

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