Enki's Arc Witch Memorial Page | New Guide linked inside!

Been running your build for 3 years now. So tired of the nerfs. Good job on the builds Ive really liked them but now GGG fan go to hell. I will keep an eye on future seasons but this season is dead. Time to go play other games.
Thank you Enki! I miss your witch. Waiting it to return in the future.

Anyone try running this build recently? I have and it's kinda hard and I'm hoping we can all put our minds together to try to make it work.
I just tried archmage arc golem witch on pob. Looks likes IT still stand on 25m+ sirus dmg and 10k+- mana. Cost about few ex 🤔
Any chance to get a PoB, the link from paste is dead ...
why remove this build why
let us play your outdated build, i dont care how outdated it is!

https://pastebin.com/r3EEZjCa has expired, save it
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