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@Bloodytrailz: Not so sure about Blood Dance. They surely have their advantages, but with CotB and crit gloves we already have two slots without life, three if using CoD.
You can try around which option leaves you with more life: boots with 80ish life roll, or Blood Dance + all nearby life or life/mana nodes not taken in the 123pt tree.
Keep in mind you'll lose a defense curse without Whispers of Doom too.

@maarthor: Yes, i've leveled a PoH Crit Arcer to ~Lv85. While it has its advantages, i wouldn't recommend this weapon for a true crit build. Wands will leave you with more crit and more cast speed.

This is also mentioned in the FAQ.
hi, i use your previous hints and now i can kill any mobs i can find but when it comes to boss fight i die from one shoot .... what i'm doing wrong ? for example piety in act 4 mercilles. She one shot me :/
Tips for upgrades? Currently have 4ex laying buy i'm having problems finding sellers for upgrades. What should i focus on?

You don't have any crit on your gear, so i guess you don't crit very often.

For the budget, i would buy 2× doryani's

Gloves, boots and helmet are armour based, you should get ES.

You can cheeply get some decent rings with crit, res and life/mana on it.

What is your crit chance with charges up?

If i knew that resistance are useless after the Cap, than i wouldn t take so much :( :P like Fire Resistance 75% (180%) damn im so stupid :P

It looks like the latest patch changed Flame Dash a bit. When you hold down shift, the range is no longer increased, BUT now you longer do that annoying walk until in range. Now you will Flame Dash as far as possible. This is a big quality of life improvement in my opinion.

Yeah, itʻs taken me a while to get used to Flame Dash after using Lightning Warp for a while. I think LW is more of a travel skill while FD is more of a escape out of immediate danger skill.

I do miss the usefulness of LW, but Iʻll stick with FD for a while for the survivability. After I get used to FD, Iʻll temporarily switch back to LW to get a better feel for the pros/cons.


Some say itʻs good to overcap a little, to handle resistance debuffs from monsters or maps. It makes sense to me, but I havenʻt been able to find official information about it. Iʻll need to experiment.
Yea, I'm warming up to it. The shift trick helped while it was viable. Also took me a bit to realize there's a cooldown on the skill, and after 3 tries you need to "charge" it a little. Once I learned the nuances, it's actually much better for survivability than LW.
What do you think about using Lightning Coil with your build?
@ober_PL: Bosses that deal any form of physical damage are extremely dangerous if you don't dodge their skills. Usually there's enough room to do so, but to dodge A4 Piety it takes a good amount of movement speed and fight mechanic knowledge to do so.

Fortunately for you, you don't have to play A4 Merciless beyond getting the skillpoint from freeing Deshret's spirit. The rewards you get for the last quests are not worth it.

@vemman: I'd get some crit wands first, then replace your helmet, amulet and Dusk Band ring with something similar with more life.

@Seriously12x: It's good to overcap by 34% (169% total res) so you'll be unaffected by Ele Weakness mapmod. It's not 100% necessary though if you don't attempt to facetank and you watch out for reflect.

@xxanderr: Coil works well, but it'll be extremely hard to get the right colours on it. To not mislead newer players i left coil out from mentioning in the gear section, assuming someone who can afford a 5 off colour 6l coil also has enough game knowledge to figure it'll work just fine with this build.
Hi sorry if this is a dumb question but I can't seem to figure out how you're satisfying the requirements for your Dexterity abilities. The only one I see you using is an onyx amulet which I am also using and I can't level my skills much further than 10 or so. I had to take a Dexterity Node in the passive tree to continue leveling them.
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