[3.11] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

@jonysousa: Hey there! Your gear is not the problem, your wands are solid and you even got Malis and a good crit amulet. The low'ish DPS comes from missing a few DPS nodes, missing power charge generation and your arcs gem level.

Respec out of the jewel socket and nodes leading to Devotion, spec to Whispers of Doom through the curse cast speed node and respec both curse effect (10% isn't much with our low level curses) and spec that missing +10 int node leading to Whispers of Doom coming from templar, so you can respec those two nodes between Elemental Dominion and MoM.
This will free up 6 points which you can use to get Written in Blood and Doom Cast. After that, get to Dark Arts which you should be able to pick at Lv80 (or 79 if DA lets you spec out of the +30 dex node).
From here on i would get back to taking survivability nodes (Devotion, witch mana/regen & Alchemist), then get back to finishing the leftover DPS nodes if you decide to level past 90.

If you can afford, get a Lv21 Arc which will be another substantial boost. Power Charge generation either requires you to drop Faster Casting or getting a 6L chest, which i assume you can afford once you got to spec into additional power charges.

@ipeterx33: Your DPS is fine. I was at 40k with the gear shown in top tier section and Vaal Haste up, don't remember without Vaal Haste but it was somewhere around 30k (with Life Leech gem).
Are you dualwielding or wearing a shield? If the former, get to Dark Arts asap which will be another noticeable DPS boost. If the latter, either get some good cast speed/crit jewels or the shadow cast speed to make up for Dark Arts.

@Caiaffa: Hey, your best investment would probably be wands with ~100% spell crit, ~15% cast speed and ~50% spell damage. If a suffix is open, you can even add crit multi or mana regen with masters.
A good 5/6L chest would be the next way to go, while Tabula is a cheap 6L your survivability just suffers too much for high level maps. Kingsguard is a good and rather cheap middle ground.
I don't know about your other gear, but make sure to have enough life, mana and mana regen to be able to survive in maps.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

ok so I just dropped another ex now and with the last one I bought the call of the brotherhood.

I was looking for some 5l chests but there are none yet in this league, and I'm currently using dual moonsorrows.

My chest has 5sockets but I used like 60 fusings already and I cant 5l it.

What's the next item I should buy?

sorry for all these questions its just that I'm really enjoying this build


the first wand on the 1ex tab seems really good to me what do you think about it?
Последняя редакция: Caiaffa. Время: 5 нояб. 2015 г., 19:34:49
@Caiaffa: That wand looks pretty solid, missing cast speed is a bummer but well it's still early in league. Just try to get a good cast speed roll on the other wand.

I'd recommend to 6s your chest first before you use any fusings, just incase you hit that 6L. Probably not worth doing so on a low tier chest, but if it has solid endgame stats or it's a Kingsguard go for it. In the meantime, just use a Geofri's until you got your 5/6l chest.

Can't really say more about gear upgrades yet because your character tab is private.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

thank you and I will set it to public
Why don't you pick all the lightning damage bonus possible in the skill tree?
I was wondering because i saw like 4 points in your 60 pts skill tree that can be converted into 46% lightning damage + 4% cast speed

Great build anyway im having a lot of fun playing it :P thx
@Caiaffa: Checked your gear. I would first get some boots with 30% movespeed/life/resistances.
Then get Facebreakers, a similar belt with more resistances and a good life/mana/resistances helmet.
After that look for a life/mana regen/resistance ring, and if you still need more res get an amulet wsith life/mana regen/res, otherwise life/mana regen/crit/crit multi.
Open prefixes on all pieces are good to have too, so you can add flat mana with Haku/Elreon.

@itaizilca: We simply have a very point-heavy passive tree investment since 2.0 already, and said lightning dmg nodes aren't as impactful as other nodes for this build. Sure, they do raise damage by a good amount, but you'd either have to drop even better damages nodes, crit or survivability to get them - and none of that is a good idea.
I prefer a well rounded build over a tooltip blender that can't survive in high maps, which is basically the message i want to transmit and let other people experience with this build.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Apologies for the delay in my response here. After two weeks of playing every evening and spamming maps toward the end, I finally caught up to my other character at level 86, but I had to take a couple days break from it all, haha.

Anyway, referring back to your last response to me, I think I understand the spell bonuses as they apply to converted damage better now. I suppose in effect they only apply once, but it does technically apply twice in the formula, so perhaps that confused me.

Also, thanks for the advice on Immortal Call and Increased Duration. I thought it worked like it did on most other spells and increase the total duration (along with the endurance charges' bonus) but if it only adds onto the endurance charge bonus, then I can leave it out and free up a gem slot for something else.

My biggest issue is reliably gaining the charges, as my Crit still feels very unreliable. At the same time, I've tried playing it a few times with my friends, and this issue is very much more apparent than when playing solo. As a group, I'm far less effective because we're competing for kills, and I need HoI to proc the curses, which is difficult to do when they're also killing the monsters, as well as having their own single curse-on-hit setups overwriting mine. (I believe our Marauder jumps in and has Vulnerability set up.) I'm also extremely slow without any movement bonuses, so they tend to beat me to most packs. (Our Ranger has like a 60% movement bonus, and our Marauder insists on leaping everywhere quickly.) I'm trying to work out how best to approach this conflict with them.

Having said that, I'll try to target about 5 casts per second, though it seems like it will eat a huge amount of mana. On this point, I want to ask if you know whether or not the "Casts per second" stat in the character info includes the "echo'd" cast or not. The number did not exactly double when I toggle Spell Echo on and off, so I'm having trouble understanding how to calculate my mana per second consumption. I don't know if it's as simple as taking that 'Casts per second' stat and multiplying it by the mana cost of Arc, or if there's some other math involved if that stat includes the 'free' second cast provided by Spell Echo.

Gear-wise, I'll try to look for no-resist Amulets with the crit stuff, with Mana Regeneration as a required affix.

For Wands or Scepters, though, is Crit Multi a required stat, or is it just fluff for filling out other affixes? I ask because of the ones I've looked at so far, the ones that come with Crit Multi all have fairly underwhelming stats for Cast Speed and Spell Damage (which I assume is more important here.) I mean, I could pick up two Scepters or something with a total of 65% Crit Multi, but Cast Speed and Spell Damage will be lackluster. On the other hand, the currently available weapons with good Cast Speed and Spell Damage come without any Crit Multi on them. I thought about mixing and matching them so that one would provide ~30% Crit Multi, with the other having high Cast Speed so they sort of average out to 30% Cast Speed, but I don't know.

For what it's worth, while I haven't specced into MoM yet, I'm temporarily using Wrath in place of HoT, which gives me roughly a 700 DPS boost (oddly, I still gain more DPS with Wrath even if I swap in the CotB.) I'll switch back whenever I get around to speccing into MoM, though, but my focus right now is to finish gearing her up properly. In either case, her base DPS right now is about 12.5k or so with Wrath up, though I haven't checked what her DPS looks like with 5 Power Charges and Vaal Haste. (Lucked out on the Vaal Haste; Had my friend buy me a Haste gem and managed to corrupt it with the first Vaal Orb.)

Reflect has also been very manageable on the single reflect rares. I think I've finally figured out how to differentiate between the Physical and Elemental Reflect auras, so that is helping out immensely.
First - sorry for my english, it's bad, i know this).

Playing on this build. 91 lv. Have a few questions about highend gear.

1. First i think to buy lighning coil as main boost to survivability, but later i cheked all details and ... how to make BBBBBR on STR\DEX base? It's consume tons of chromatics and no guarantees to success.

2. In this connection second question: Why not in the budget list analogous and INT base (for BBBBBR) Cloak of Flame?

Lightning coil: 40%(Leg) and 30% phys>lightning
Cloak of Flame : 20% phys>fire and real chance to get BBBBBR.

3. About guns :D Someone tried to use dual Void Batteries?

4. My leveling on this build was without wands. I used dual daggers. Maybe i have less spell damage (for this moment it's near 35k with 7 charges, rallying cry and promise), but crit chance is not bad to getting exp. What do you think about it? (60% and 40% crit based daggers ~100% spell crit, ~20% global mult, crafted ~35% sepll damage)

And now is not about gear. Power charge on critical. I'll trying to use Assassin's mark to getting charges and change PCoC to Increased Critical Damage. And here I say this: On single target this method are need to be advanced through 5l staff on swap (for example - lesser price pledge is 1 ex and 30 lv spell echo without gem). We get charges with use pledge (storm call+increased area of effect+power charge on critical+faster casting+less duration) then swap to main dual wands, use assassin's mark to increase chance and crit damage. Perhaps this method are give damage boost to build with single targets. Also i think the storm call is not bad to use as main damage spell in situations like Gorge boss killing, when arc are lost lot of his damage.
Последняя редакция: Inversoul. Время: 9 нояб. 2015 г., 19:24:54
@DarkRogue_3: No worries. I've optimized the build currently more for reliable solo play, i can't play in parties but i can see the issues you're running into. One thing you could do is replacing the CoH + Warlords/Poachers setup with selfcast Enduring Cry + Blood Rage during party play. Same colours, so you can easily switch the gems back when solo'ing. Prob gonna require more potting to sustain Blood Rage though.

Casts per sec in your char sheet includes the echoed cast, so for your spells mana cost/s simply divide by 2, then multiply with your arcs mana cost. Echo gives a 51-80% more multiplier, that's why it doesn't straight up double your casts/s. For the more multiplier to be effective, we need to stack lots of cast speed - one reason for why we dual wield wands, and also one reason why Pledge of Hands is not better than two good rolled (read: not mirror tier) wands.

Crit multi is good to have and really strong once you got your crits going, but your focus on wands should be on spell damage + cast speed + crit. Just a little hint, look for wands with good rolls on these stats and an open suffix, and add a useful amount of crit multi with tora.

@Inversoul: Hey there, don't worry i can understand your questions and i'm no native speaker either.

1. That is correct, that's why it's also in the high-end section. I will add a mention that you can use BBBBGR with coil aswell, which will be somewhat easier to get.

2. I do have Cloak of Flame mentioned in the first two sections, but not in high-end as it simply isn't a high-end chest. It's solid, but a rare Ar/ES chest with high armour, life and resistances will be better in the end. Note we are talking about high-end solutions here, such as a ~1k armour 100 life Saints Hauberk with optionally some mana and resistances.

3. I've used dual void batteries, but i simply don't like the low start up damage, or whenever you happen to run out of charges for whatever reason. With the addition of flat spell damage and the nerf to catarina leech (the build sustained before 2.0 with 2x catarina leech + atziri belt), rare wands can now outshine void batteries.

4. Daggers are ok, but you will miss the cast speed. A compromise would be 1x dagger (kris tier base) + 1x sceptre with 20%+ cast speed.

5. Call me stubborn, but i won't ever drop PCoC. It just adds so much consistency, you will really notice it missing if you've mapped a while with it and then drop it for 1-2 days.
The whole thing with weapon swapping to Pledge to build charges sounds very clunky too, not to mention you'll miss 12%+ flat crit chance and lots of cast speed (Lv30 Echo without cast speed from weapons is substantially worse than Lv20 Echo with 30%+ cast speed from weapons and another 20% from Dark Arts) so it won't be very effective. If you are fine with that though, nothing speaks against you using that method - but it's nothing i would include in a guide.


I do have lots of new ideas to further improve the current weak points of physical mitigation and single target damage of this build, which i'm going to test soon for effectiveness and consistency.
It will definitely require some respeccing and maybe gear changes, that's why i'll hold onto them and won't change the guide until next passive tree reset.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Hmm, thanks for the hint on Tora -- I just got her to level 8, but I never looked too much into her crafting bench. I know she did a couple things with Wands, but she was overwhelmingly Bow-oriented, so I didn't pay too much attention. It looks like she can add 22-27% Crit multi onto Wands, which is a little less than a good roll on that affix naturally, but I suppose it's close enough, especially if it gives me more choices for the other stats.

I was going to ask if, assuming you could get a matching set since I don't think they can be mixed, there was any difference between getting a Scepter or a Wand, since as far as I can tell, they can both contain every single one of the affixes you are suggesting to look for. However, it looks like Tora is only able to craft Wands and not Scepters?

I'm also surprised you don't like the Void Batteries. I can understand the "start-up" damage, but as long as you crit often (and quickly) wouldn't it ramp up fairly well? By the end, with 9 power charges, you'd be looking at a combined total of up to 330% spell damage, at least 200% crit chance, and 20-40% cast speed to boot. I'd imagine this would probably be when the Restless Ward would come in handy too, extending the duration of those 9 charges. I've been Chancing any Prophet Wand I've come across hoping to get lucky, but so far, nothing yet.

In either case, I'm not entirely sure how well Enduring Cry+Blood Rage would work; at the least, EC would mean I can't use Rallying Cry (not that I use it all that often to begin with) and along with Blood Rage, it seems like there would be a noticeable delay before I can begin casting, at which point it's very possible that all the monsters are dead by then due to the other two characters, leaving me with Blood Rage running and no source of Life Leech for healing. (As an aside, it seems like Rangers are seriously OP. It's extremely tough to compete with our Tornado Shot Ranger, what with the possibility of two six-links and still having all the extra affixes from the quiver. He's running a Tabula, but still exceeds my range and damage.)

I don't quite understand the comments about Catarina leech though (I basically started playing mid-way through Warbands, so any 'changes' before then are unknown to me) and the flat spell damage -- isn't the latter penalized due to damage effectiveness?

With regard to Spell Echo, I'll have to hop into the game some time later today and check the numbers again to be sure, but when I said it didn't double, I meant it didn't even make it past 2x - I think it went from something like 2 casts to 3 casts, which is only a 50% increase. Going off memory though, so I'll have to check in-game later for the actual numbers, but that is roughly what I feel I got last time.

I'm also thinking that the next tree reset shouldn't be too far off, if they are adding new poison damage nodes and mechanics. Would work out well for me, as I can then take my existing level 85 character (the one I replaced with this one) and respec her into something else without having to spend another 2 weeks rushing through the game. Would you have the guide updated when the tree reset happens, or would you need some time afterward first?

Okay, I just hopped into the game and looked it up.
When I remove Spell Echo from the Arc chain, my stats page says Arc fires off at 2.15 casts per second. Putting Spell Echo back on causes the stats page to update and say that Arc now fires 3.6 casts per second. It's not quite double, and if I take 3.6 and divide that by two, I end up with 1.8 'real' casts per second, which seems odd -- that's slower than without Spell Echo! How the heck do I interpret this?
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