[3.14] Flame Golem 101 - Complete Guide To Golemancy, ✔️All Bosses Down, ✔️Necro, ✔️Elementalist

sumfight написал:
Hey, just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a great league start!

lvl 40? You're a crazy guy :D We will see if golemancer is still playable next season ... what do you think?
is this build still good for end game? everyone is playing carrion golems these days...
Exxxiled665 написал:
is this build still good for end game? everyone is playing carrion golems these days...

Hello :)

Sorry for the long wait between posts. My job has been taking most of my time and I have been playing mostly other games than Poe recently.

I just checked the patchnotes and new skill-tree and there is literally no change from 3.13. This means that the build remains in it's current state.

Build fares very well up to t13 maps, but endgame is slow with current damage. Flame Golems are excellent at clearing maps, but are very slow at killing endgame bosses. This is combination of not buffing Flame Golems in god know how many leagues, buffing endgame bosses HP by 10x and Flame Golems still having buggy AI in boss fights, as they rush the boss and start casting weakest of their spells at melee range.

The build and it's variants have very nice and unique set of skills and gear for general mapping, farming and casual playing. However I can't recommend it for serious endgame content with it's current damage. Also Golemancer gear has been very expensive after Carrion Golems came popular.

I updated the skill-trees for 3.14 and will keep the build up to date in hope that someday GGG will rework the skill / buff them. I also want that curious player have even one guide they can follow if they become interested in Flame Golems. You can also PM me about invitations to Golemancer guild as it has remained active and has very friendly players in it. Non-flame golem Golemancers are also welcome, but I hope that you read the guide so that you understand what most players in the guild have played with :)

Have fun in league and lets hope that Flame Golems will become competitive once more!
[3.12] Flame Golem 101 - Complete Guide To Golemancy, All Bosses Down, Necro, Elementalist
Последняя редакция: mika2salo. Время: 15 апр. 2021 г., 14:00:24
Hey Mika,

TY for continuing to keep the guide updated.

I'm just at the beginning of starting to get my carrion golemancer for the league going. Only have the Anima stone & primordial might at the moment but those should be the most expensive bits anyway.

Glad to hear that you have been finding fun in other games.

Yeah, it definitely feels a bit weird for flame golemancers atm. I would be pretty happy at this point if GGG just removed aura stacking from the game. It just seems like such a difficult mechanic to balance round. If they did that then I feel carrion golems would be in a pretty good spot. They'll have lost most of their top end but would still be viable for clearing up to T16's. Then maybe GGG can bring up Summon Flame golems to around that level. That is what I would like to have happen but at this point I doubt it will.

Just as a heads up I did actually leave the guild a few days ago before the new season. This was in no way about being unhappy with anything, just that I felt I wasn't really wanting to interact much with (any form of) guild chat and so remaining in the guild felt a bit pointless. I would rather somebody who really wanted to chat with others about golems or the new league should get a chance.

I hope that we'll see flame golems get some amount of re-balancing in the future to make them a bit more competitive versus carrion and stone golems. Until then Mika I hope you keep well and have fun playing other things.

So if I get this right in 3.14 playing only flame golems is useless, since GGG made the damage and AI so bad? How about the ice + flame golem build, would this be more viable for being able to do all the content in the game? I am looking for a pure lazy golem build which doesn't need to stuck 100 auras or spamming 10 buttons :D
Последняя редакция: Afura_33. Время: 12 мая 2021 г., 13:59:55

well flame golems didnt get nerfed, its just the boss hp buff. i play chaos golems, but tried flame golems some weeks ago again.
you will need large clusters 3x with renewal and vicious bite, since the magmaball has a base crit chance of 5%. also a minion helmet with conc effect/minion damage/+3 minion gem/+3 cirt chance and victarios charity or spectres for power and frenzy charges. that will still work.

so here comes the problem: positioning! you have to use convocation properly, that the flame golems shoot magma balls, while stone/chaos golems go melee range. movementspeed for minions helps (primordial chain with victarios) i didnt test if second wind works with convocation, but it should.
i dont like this, because im lazy, so i didnt test it further and went back to my chaos golems.
but the damage is enough for shaper guardians.
(storm brand with curse on hit and ele equilibrium helps a lot)
Hey,any suggestion to how to improve it for end game?
Does anyone know how the new changes affect this build specifically? thanks
Последняя редакция: Utuchegal. Время: 21 июля 2021 г., 4:27:55
Utuchegal написал:
Does anyone know how the new changes affect this build specifically? thanks

Golem-stacking Elementalist loses ailment immunity, and some per-golem buffs, but the necromancer ascendency didn't get nerfed. You have a much higher mana cost for your skills, so might need some extra thought put into mana, or drop one of the curse auras. It's not using any cluster jewels, so it dodged those nerfs. The necromancer is using flasks for ailment immunity, so that's bad, but that's also an issue for most builds.

I might have missed something, but I think this build could work in 3.15, it's just a matter of getting the mana costs ironed out, and accepting a certain loss of power. It got nerfed, but in the same way most builds did, and this doesn't have casts-per-second to try to maintain mana for.
Will this Guide be updated for 3.15?
Would love to play my FlameGolemancer again.

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