[3.14] Flame Golem 101 - Complete Guide To Golemancy, ✔️All Bosses Down, ✔️Necro, ✔️Elementalist

Apok78 написал:
Will this Guide be updated for 3.15?
Would love to play my FlameGolemancer again.

I don't think Mika is very active in the thread nowadays. But sadly flame golems have been struggling for a while now. At least compared to phys golems like Carrion or Stone golems. Flame golem damage has been indirectly nerfed over the last 18 month or so through buffs to enemy and boss health as well as their resistances whilst flame golems haven't seen any buffs at all. They already had a bit of a damage issue even with moderate investment and I would think this latest round of nerfs will make them even less competitive. I ccould definitely see them struggling in even low red maps to clear some of the Expeditions and Maven boss encounters.

I'm sure if you really want to make them work and are willing to throw a bunch of currency at them you can probably get them clearing red maps ok. But investing that same currency in almost any other minion build will probably get you a better build overall.
Just hit level 87 last night with this build (Check my profile for gear)

My thoughts on this build in 3.15:

-Quite weaker than it used to be back before Carrion Golems existed
-Single target damage is not great, and a 6 link Specter helmet is almost mandatory
-Empowers price this league is about 110c for a level 1
-Cast While Channeling - Winter Orb - Desecrate - Bone Offering is not possible to do without committing to getting +mana on gear after you have an Enhance on your curses due to Bone Offering costing 30+ mana

-VERY cheap to get started. The correct colors for Skin of the Loyal is less than 20 chaos. It's hard to beat that for a 6 link item that also has +1 all socketed gems. I bought a 21/23 Flame Golem for 5 chaos.
-Amazing clear speed. Shield charge through packs nonstop, cast Convocation on cooldown, only turn back to grab item drops
-Great for the league mechanic. You can ignore everything except "immune to fire"
-Great mapper. You can ignore literally every single map mod. No regen is a bit annoying just because you need a mana flask to shield charge constantly, but otherwise nothing is bad to run.
-Very easy to gear. I know I said it's cheap, but it's also easy. Other than Clayshaper (1c), Victarios Charity (1c), Skin of the Loyal (20c max), and a Specter helmet (mine was 15c) you only care about defenses. No crit multi jewelry. No influenced mods needed, just ES, resists, and some STR/DEX.

Overall if you enjoy the playstyle it's definitely a nice way to build up your atlas, and if you really want to commit to putting a lot of money in gear you do have some high end gear potential to save up for, such as a 6/7 link +3 minions helmet for your specter.

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