[3.9] Pure Phys Skeletons & Friends Necromancer — Beginner/SSF/Budget Build

I plan to try this build, thanks for the work you did !

Tosman написал:
Hello, newbie here, thanks for the guide, it's realy helpful. Sorry if this sounds like a noob question but, I noticed that you said shield charge is optional, so can we switch to a 2h weapon for a 2nd 6L for zombies or carrion golem? And I couldn't see anything about From Dust Jewel, it seems like a good option to me.

Before, one reason to have a shield was to use the Necromantic Aegis Keystone. Now it's no longer the case, so we have more freedom in the choice of the shield. I don't know if it's a good choice to use a two hand weapon instead however.

For the jewels, keep in mind that it's the old equipment suggestion that is still listed here. There will probably be some changes here.
Ascendancy pick order will be a Mindless Agression > Unnatural Strength > Mistress of Sacrifice and Essence of Glutton? Actually love to see change lvlling trees into a 3.8 version in main post
what are the Ascendancies in order?
What do you guys think about picking Bone Barrier over Essence Gluttony? Or is the mana on Essence Gluttony too good since this is a MoM build?
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Hi, casual PoE player here who only played some Ranger and Cyclone in the past league.
I'm interested in playing a summoner this league and found your guide, so I'd like to ask some (stupid) questions:
1) You say clear speed is for example far below Tornado Shot. I played a Cyclone with 60k dps (according to the skill tooltip ingame) in the last league and speed for me was ok (not even near what I saw in YT videos with like screen filling cylcones). Will this build be at least this speed?

2) I read the 'Summon Skeleton' skill description, when I start the game do I have to summon all the skeletons each time for whatever time it takes until they are all there? Do I manually have to look at how many I have and recast them?

3) How do I survive? With Ranger and Cyclone I always had leech, but with skeletons I won't be doing any damage myself.
Последняя редакция: bejuts. Время: 5 сент. 2019 г., 8:54:48
Played your build two leagues ago and really liked it, will start with it without a doubt in blight.

My question would be why no "Grave Intentions"?
Iam really casual but 5 points for 30% extra phyical as chaos sounds extremly strong.

Really exited to level with skellys, will try it no doubt and will check ur oppinion on it, keep it up by far my favourite build.
Great build and really close to mine , yours is more focussed on HC

things i like that you dont have:
- Aligned spirits (it also has mana wich we benefit from)
- Grave intentions (30% of your physical damage is added as extra chaos damage sound nice enough to take it)

and i had these wich actually dont look that good.
-Indomitable Army (took it because i already went for aligned spirits) otherwise 8 nodes for both of them instead of 5 looked way better)
- Fearsome Force , realize its not good enough

wegeling написал:

things i like that you dont have:
- Aligned spirits (it also has mana wich we benefit from)
- Grave intentions (30% of your physical damage is added as extra chaos damage

I have also looked at both of those. Aligned Spirits is IMO not worth the travel, there is already enough mana on the tree. Grave Intentions, on the other, I would seriously consider including. Unholy might is great and so is the extra energy shield for minions. Question is what would you cut?
about grave intentions its a must i think since the energy shield also prevents minion stuns

now for the nodes, many possibilitys ,

take out life nodes is the easiest, but we dont like that.

now i found a way to safe 4 nodes! pretty clever way, but its (ofcourse) at a cost.

Intuitive leap to golem commander and mystic bulwark!!!
so you stil have 2 golems, their effect is a bit less effective. sadly it does not take deep tought (i hoped that) would have been huge haha

im not stating that this is a huge benefit and super optimal, but its a good way to save some points
Hi just here to ask if Queen's Escape is being considered for the build? If not why would you suggest against it? just so that I can learn thanks!
ign Nevur

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