[3.10] Spidermancer | Arakaali's Fang Necromancer | Everything dead in 3ex | Level 100 reached

how to put Redemption Sentry into POB again?
what items did you use in Animate Guardian?
I used bits of this build as inspiration and made a Chaos version using an Occultist and thought I would share with the community.

I have done all content A8 Sirius, Simulacrum Wave 20, Mastermind, Cortex etc. I still personally struggle with Sirius because I am bad but the rest have been deathless.

Here is a short video of Waves 18 through 20.


Note that wave 20 is probably the worst mods it can be for damage with +40 Chaos resist and 60% less curse effect

Notable interactions:

1) Spiders do about 10 million shaper DPS, and due to the Corpse explosions they respawn in maps. If it works out for some reason I don't have flasks, I can just desecrate a few times under a pact and a pop will respawn a full 20 spiders.
2) Skeletons are my single target damage and do about an additional 12 million Shaper DPS
3) Life from Death notable is key keeping specters alive as it heals my other minions as skeletons die. Also if I spam skellies, I can just use it as a way to heal 20% life to my specters and AG.
4) I went CI for defense because I have never done a CI build before. Stacking Energy from Naught and Stalwart Commander has got me to 10k ES, add in Occulist regen, I can play pretty badly and still not die.

Here is a link to the PoB.


Note that I created a unique gem to properly calculate 100% chaos conversion, the two renewal 10% double damage notables and 50% crit multiplier from AG Kings maker. The PoB does not include the extra 100% multiplier Skellies get from Vicious Bite notables. The gem is just south of the skill duration notables.

As for gear, I think my gear is getting close to being maxed out, maybe an upgrade on a belt and rings at some point. If folks want to try this, you do not need all the currency I dumped into my chest and skeleton support jewels. This will run fine with a Fenumus Shroud (which actually gives spiders some more DPS) and non-awakened gems. Watcher Eye is a nice quality of life but I cleared all content without it albeit with more occasional deaths.

Again credit to OP for the nice guide and good luck spider people!

what items did you use in Animate Guardian?
Antarctico написал:

what items did you use in Animate Guardian?

Animate Guardian runs:

Weap: Kingmaker
Helm: Hunter Rare Helm with -9 to Chaos Resists
Chest: Hunter Rare chest with high % life, regenerate 15% of life every 5 seconds. Crafted gain 10% of life as energy shield. This is also great with Vaal Discipline which makes AG unkillable even in the worse situations
Boots: Unique with regen 2% life if hit recently (forget which one at the moment but the enchant is great for survivability
Gloves: Southbound Gloves

Here is an updated POB which has my current gear and slightly different pathing as I have now hit level 97.

POB: https://pastebin.com/A63ps4gV
NecropK написал:
MrEasyMode написал:
The currency / price tags are not valid anymore. The core gems are much more + crafting mats. So the minimum currency you need to have atm to "fully" start the basic build imo is 10-20ex. To equip it fully for the "actual best" i would tag it on 20-50ex atm. Ofc if you will scan the market and wait for "best deals" you can do it cheaper, but its not worth the time. Atm i can faceroll any t16 map without "cant regen mana" on it, that is the only weaknes i found on this build. So i earn 1-2ex sleeping or drunk just randomly mapping. If you would use even a tiny bit ov investment or brain power easy 3+ex on just mapping. The hard part i found now is Sirius and other "bosses". Im even considering swapping the healing flask from sirius to a second summon spider one. ,

Should really only need to summon spiders once inbetween phases and maybe have to resummon once on last phase. Also I havent checked pricing really, but where are you getting 20-50ex?

Interested in trying your build NecropK.

6 warcry clusters 240c
3 9 passive minion clusters 540c
your armor 2-3 ex

Didn't factor in the rest of your gear. How much success have you had with your current set up?
Would a corrupted Arakaali's Fang Dagger with the corrupted implicit "culling strike" affect minions?
So I like the idea behind this build but ive heard this isn't as nearly viable as it used to be compared to other builds from a few people and im not sure if I want to try it. How does this compare to other builds in 3.10 Standard in price, DPS, and survivability for late endgame content? I don't really want to have to read thru 100+ pages of comments to find out lol.
MrFluflepigen написал:
So I like the idea behind this build but ive heard this isn't as nearly viable as it used to be compared to other builds from a few people and im not sure if I want to try it. How does this compare to other builds in 3.10 Standard in price, DPS, and survivability for late endgame content? I don't really want to have to read thru 100+ pages of comments to find out lol.

For 3ex it's still strong, but you're going to have difficulty with delirium. You can invest more with the warcry version of the build, but then you're spending more too, and putting you into the realm of other, better builds.

The build itself has only gotten stronger each patch, but has not kept up with power creep that well, so it feels weaker.
Последняя редакция: skyscan. Время: 17 мая 2020 г., 22:00:35
Hey everyone,

Ive put together a full cluster jewel version of the build and thought I'd share my results for those interested. First of all, here's the POB so you can take a look:


This is not very min-maxed and could definitely be improved upon. Overall I've spent about 9 ex on the build and for that rather low amount of currency it is performing astonishingly well. I have cleared all content (sim, 100% delirium t16, a8 sirus, Hall of Grandmasters etc) quite easily.

Let me go through a few ways I changed the build listed that I found worked better for me and may help you:

I've added in 2 endurance charge nodes which are easily accessible with the build path, as well as soul of steel. When combined with soul of solaris and soul of gruthkul (after a couple hits) and with basalt and rumi's up you hit 90% phys damage reduc nd 77 76 76 res.

Because of this level of protection, combined with over 60/30 block, it felt very comfortable to drop the cwdt guard skill, which I was able to replace with a summon holy relic - feeding frenzy - culling strike setup.

(initial minion choice was carrion golem for damage boost, but after dying to multiple bosses when my spiders despawned and the golem killed my writhing worms leaving me with no dps I found relic which attacks only AFTER you do, plus gives a nice healing buff and large aoe to easily proc feeding frenzy)

My fourth link is convocation which I set to my left mouse key, so it autocasts even while cycloning as long as you are holding left key down as well. The relic casts on cyclone hits around 2x per second grants a lot of extra life regen and feeding frenzy procs to give spiders a big damage boost!

Also, because the convocation was removed from the cyclone setup, I was able to put in life gain on hit gem, which gives 57 lgoh when levelled, combined with 18 lgoh I found on ring and 19 on claw every other hit. at 11 hits per second this gives around 900lgoh/s, which is a pretty huge buff. To make the lgoh consistent I specced into resolute technique along the way.

Last thing, I had to remove generosity from the build because I really didn't like that I didn't have enough mana to cast both my warcries in a row if I needed to. So, to do that I added in enlighten. if that doesn't bother you, you can get more damage from generosity. Also, I may also be willing to take the drop in damage from not having gravepact and instead anointing Battle Cry for the instant warcry casting QoL, but I haven't tried that yet so no advice for now.

Overall this is an insanely fun and strong build, and I hope my take on it helps some of you!
Последняя редакция: Codiak324. Время: 18 мая 2020 г., 6:31:32
Hey there. Just curious if i could ask, what do you think of the new changes to Rallying cry? if it makes it useless (since we barely have any damage on our weapons) what do we do? Do we just wait for it to come out, and maybe all that Warcry Effect will add up to a lot of flat damage and be fine? :P

Anyways, just curious about your opinion. Guess we need to wait right?

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