[3.9] Ice Golem Golemancer Build 7k -METAMORPH-BALANCED- ALL CONTENT -Everything Dies-Huge Damage

First of all Your build is good Super east uber elder
how do you do that hall of grandmaster
tried that scorcing setup did not work
Maybe i was doign wrong gem setup would you suggest what setup to use or some other method to clear hall of grandmasters
Build rocks
Headhunter ! :-) yes my friends we can use headhunter ! Our golems will get all "extra auras" makes this build even more funnier

how does this work? You have to kill those mobs NOT golems, somehting has changed?

edit: also at what point you can switch to golems for good clearspeed? how many jewells are necesery ans in what order to start playing with golems?
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how does ultra low start with this build look like? I play arc till 70, then switch to golemancer. Will jewels + tabula + life/res items be enough to deal with max t10 maps? will the speed be... enough?

Console player here...
Is it also viable for console?
And do you have a skill tree for arcwitch too? Is it possible to respec the skills complete then?
I have zero equipment, because I'm a new player ;)

I looked the videos and I'm really flashed but I'm also scared due to high requirements on equipment...

Thanks for response!

How i can craft the helmet or the armor?
Buy is not an option on ps4
Ps: i'm a newbye player
Thank you a lot for this build. I drop srs and charged dash for that one. ATM erase guardians as hillrock, but need some proper stuff to make it even more powerful. Btw using crap helmet, belly ;)
any tips on maxing chaos resistance?
Using a Ming's Heart but we have few rares to get resistances
menides написал:
any tips on maxing chaos resistance?
Using a Ming's Heart but we have few rares to get resistances

Same total HP bonus, but +20% free chaos res.
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Purchase Tabula first or get jewels first? out of the recommended items I have essence worm and clay shaper atm and I have enough for a tabula.
nice build,altough i would love to see a pob lvl three in pieces.


any possibility to do this?

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