3.14 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

Yeah, this build got hit hard.

My standard extremely min-maxed build, before I sold some of my cluster jewels, went down from 3.5m per zombie with 20 zombies and 46.000 Energy Shield to just 1.6m per zombie. Current build without those clusters went from 2.1m to 950k per zombie @ 20 zombies. At least I still have 35.000 Energy shield, so I wont die. But the damage loss is pretty huge. Glad I cashed in on selling the clusters before the nerf.

My guess is this is gonna be very slow in the new league without any legacy gear and all the RNG crafting.
So!!! THIS BUILD IS DEAD in 3.15?
gungirlz999 написал:
So!!! THIS BUILD IS DEAD in 3.15?

Still viable in standard maybe. Everything was nerfed without buffing any reward system. Buy your support pack now.
hey and thanks a lot.

i would like to follow the passive skill tree build but sadly i can't.
i tap the PoB link, it guides me to PasteBin site and nothing happens.
kindly help me out with that.

thank you in advance.
if you take out spectres
move zombies where spectres were
then add reaper where zombies was

wonder how that would work?
Последняя редакция: FredKrueger. Время: 24 июля 2021 г., 20:47:31
As a league starter for 3.15, I can confirm it was more difficult to go through Act I. I died in almost every area of Act I, while in previous leagues before 3.14 I could make it to level 40/50 plus deathless. However, I did kill Merveil solo and deathless. There is hope.
For those who still want to play this build, I make some updated PoB's. One with expensive items; skill gems can be normal versions - no awakened verions like in my PoB) - https://pastebin.com/aDcxNVNu
The 2nd version is for beginers, normal items(90% uniques); same for gems(no awakened version needed) - https://pastebin.com/ZukHm7DL
For those who want a perfect version, with an updated PoB - https://pastebin.com/2Wi4Nc2x - more auras, max dps, with clusters(no str stack) - expensive cost!!!
For those who want a perfect version, but with more defense/life/es - https://pastebin.com/WEUPBthh (this version can replace the armour piece that give more es with Saq Armour for +1 aura), I prefer the build that I made.
I hope that someone still enjoy the build, its still ok. Not super-extra-mega dps but still..can do at least Shaper/Uber Elder/Mastermind/Conquerors/Guardians all AW8, all Delve bosses/Heist bosses, 10 boss fight invitation, and some of the special ones. I dont try yet Maiven/Sirus. Good luck!
Последняя редакция: Diaboliks. Время: 25 июля 2021 г., 19:13:11
It's totally viable in 3.15. Don't really feel the damage nerf from Support Gems so far (numbers looks scary in PoB, but in game it fine). Everything else is pretty much unchanged (except maybe flasks, byt yeah, everyone is getting nerf on that so)
Последняя редакция: bigtoaster64. Время: 25 июля 2021 г., 20:07:24

Copy the pastebin link, don't open it. Then go in PoB (make sure it's community fork), go to Import/Export > Import From Website> Paste de link > Click Import
Последняя редакция: bigtoaster64. Время: 25 июля 2021 г., 20:08:15
Diaboliks написал:
Viable ? In my opinion, no! Today after the PoB was updated, the build(with best in slots items) goes down from 1.8 Million dps per zombie(13 - no str stacking) to 890k dps per zombie. And from 3.6 Million dps per zombie(20 - str stacking) to 1.5 Million dps per zombie(this build its a perfect mirror tier build - 90% from items are hard to make them with those Harvest changes). I play this build since 3.5(Blight League I guess) and every league was nerfed till they hit it to the ground. Also every league I manage to make some changes to it to survive.. but now.. with +50/60% damage loss I dont think I can do something to it.. Sad. But like every op build we know that comes a time when the build can die. This is his time. If someone need info about the build, can ask me here or in game(MonsterInMyPocket).
Edit: I forgot to mention that The Baron helmet was nerfed(-40 str and instead at 300 str +1 zombie now its at 500 str). On a non str stacker build like this, maximum number of zombies on 1000 str is 11. Also the build relies on an expensive weapon (bow or two handed weapon with fortify +1 to gems and anvian craft + 3 open slots for +2 support and attack minion speed - this weapon its + 18 ex at least entire league - I confirm this for last 4 leagues where this weapon was at 17 ex max cost). The single plus of this build is the one that it relies on 80%+ unique items. Rings and weapon must be rares. The rest things can be unique(able to achive 1000 str).
Edit 2: About viability.. For a player who search in a build that can help him finish entire storyline(Act 10), to play maps safe till t10 I think and after that to change the build into something else, the build its ok. If in the past 9 leagues I recommend this build for all content...with huge nerfs in 3.15 the -60% damage and -25% life on the minions its a big hit in my opinion. To be able at least to do entire content I think you need at least 20ex for weapon, 1 ex for each ring with t1 str and some life and res, boots 30-40c unique ones with %atr at max roll, the gloves and belt will be hard to aquire in first week of the league because with those huge nerfs the players who can get in day 1 or 2 to Shaper etc will be hard in this new league to do the same..and you need the belt and the gloves that are drop only from Shaper. Also the belt need to have %atr max roll. Those can be +1 ex each at least this league in first 1 month, amulet can also be expensive, the one with +90 attributes its over 1 ex at league start, chest can be few ex(for offensive build and more auras) or near 1 ex for the defensive one(with increased es), weapon(100% you will play at least 2 weekes with the unique one that its at least 1 ex without 6/6 sockets/links - in ultimatum was 1ex till week 3 of the league, x2 24 str jewel can be 20-30c in first week each, for qol the jewel that drop from Sirus will be a pain to get it..will cost you near 2 ex with good stats. Other rare jewels with str minion damage max life near 1 ex at least. Total cost: 30-35 ex. Those to be able to do Mastermind, Shaper, Elder, Uber Elder, Sirus, Delve Bosses, 10 battles invitation, some of the special invitation. But also you need knowledge of those boss fights. In this I dont include the nerfs from flasks...dont know the impact of them on the build but as I read 3 from the unique flask that this build need was nerfed at half stats from previous leagues. And here I dont put cluster jewels...that are very expensive. The large ones are +4 ex. The medium ones +1.5ex.. Also the damage..that in 3.14 was at least 700k withput clusters and including all items that I mention in this comment. Now with the nerfs and without cluster you can achive near 500k max damage per zombies..so dont know if its enought to beat entire content like in previous leagues..

I stopped now... no more league since then.....
Path of nerf, I do tired.......
keep nerf the fun from game...

I wait for Diablo 2 open beta in August and release in Sept then :)

Long goodbye to POE

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