3.14 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

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Viable ? In my opinion, no! Today after the PoB was updated, the build(with best in slots items) goes down from 1.8 Million dps per zombie(13 - no str stacking) to 890k dps per zombie. And from 3.6 Million dps per zombie(20 - str stacking) to 1.5 Million dps per zombie(this build its a perfect mirror tier build - 90% from items are hard to make them with those Harvest changes). I play this build since 3.5(Blight League I guess) and every league was nerfed till they hit it to the ground. Also every league I manage to make some changes to it to survive.. but now.. with +50/60% damage loss I dont think I can do something to it..
Edit: I forgot to mention that The Baron helmet was nerfed(-40 str and instead at 300 str +1 zombie now its at 500 str). On a non str stacker build like this, maximum number of zombies on 1000 str is 11. Also the build relies on an expensive weapon (bow or two handed weapon with fortify +1 to gems and anvian craft + 3 open slots for +2 support and attack minion speed - this weapon its + 18 ex at least entire league - I confirm this for last 4 leagues where this weapon was at 17 ex max cost). The single plus of this build is the one that it relies on 80%+ unique items. Rings and weapon must be rares. The rest things can be unique(able to achive 1000 str).

Well considering some of the builds was killed in one go (herald stacker, aurastacker etc) then minions wasn't hit that hard. Plus real nerf started after blight ended (3.10 delirium league). And even with nerfs now it still better then melee builds this league.
I see my friend play this build ? I think viable
For those wondering, the build is very viable in 3.15 (btw played it in Blight, Metamorph and Delirium league also). League started with it and it's really easy to get going. Early mapping is really easy aswell.

Early gear (from Act 1 to Tier 10) (with price at that time):
- Tabula (~20c)
- Perfect Alberon Warpath (1c)
- Astramentis (16c)
- The Baron (1c) (There was a couple 1-2ex zombie damage enchant ones, so pretty cheap)
- An Act 1 Wand with Screaming Essence of Fear slammed on it for % minion damage
- 2x Efficient Training (1c each)
- 2x Brawn (1c each)
- Bunch of 1c rares for resistances, life and strength

Total: ~50c

Resistances easily capped, good enough damage and ~5k life.

After that, I kept upgrading stuff one piece at a time to finally end up with this hybrid version: https://pastebin.com/JDLpy6T9 that cost ~18ex (including AG gears), but most of the cost is coming from the weapon and like seen above, it is not required for the build to work properly in it's early stages, unlike others saying that the build only rely on it to work and that it cost the price of my whole build lol.

~9.8k Life/ES, pretty good damage (don't get fooled by the numbers in PoB, in game it feels good. Can even replace FF in zombie link with Signal Prey for big damage, but I like to AFK blight so I use FF) and pretty tanky overall (watch for high chaos damage tho). But, damage is not "insane" like before vs big bosses (thanks to support gems nerfs from GGG).

And, I finally made a transition to CI to be even tankier and get chaos immunity: https://pastebin.com/vGQwgQgK

On top of the cost for life-based version, add about 4ex. Small cluster jewels are far from being perfect, need to work on those. Also, I need to replace the 9 passives Large Cluster jewel with an 8 passives one. And, get more strength (the goal is 2000) (lethal pride is bad right now, need to reroll it) and damage from gems (lvl 21 gems, woke gems, lvl 4 empower, lvl4 enlighten, etc).

Current gear:

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using legacy items.... DPS dropped over 50% for sure :(
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I have again the old 3.12 gear and just respect for have ore mana.

lose a lot of dps but i have at moment 13 zombies with more then 400k dps.

When will there be an update to this build, a lot of people say it has been nerfed in 3.15, so what should I change, keep
The OP probably isn't playing this build anymore, so probably not updating it. The build lost about 50% dps as others have been saying, but still viable. The changes pushed me to further tweak the build, and I had to sacrifice ES but I'm pushing 900,000 dps per zombie still and it feels pretty good. That is with only level 3 empower, no enlighten and no awakened gems. I still have a few more levels to get more passive points too.

Giving up ES allows you to use victario's influence and rare gloves with life and resists instead of shaper's touch and geofri's sanctuary. Allows me to stack more auras and drop purity of elements. So I can run precision and skitterbots. Increased crit damage got buffed and I am using that instead of melee physical damage. Cluster jewels are cheaper this league which somewhat makes up for empower and enlighten being more expensive. I'll probably try to squeeze in haste when I get my enlighten leveled up, but the build is socket starved, so I might have to drop meat shield on my AG.


The build is definitely viable. I am still using the tanky setup. However, after reaching 24 challenges completed, I stopped progressing my atlas and saving my Sirus A5 as the last dance before the league ends. So with the spare league time, I decided to try using a set cluster jewels once again just to fool around with the build. They are cheap in this league. The resulting downside is that my eHP went from 8k down to 6k, but my minion life modifier went up to 313%. I also don't have a single enlighten support gem but can run 3 auras using the sovereignty passives. If I use my 6L minion bow, I can still run my usual 4 auras (aspect of avian, discipline, dread banner, flesh and stone - blood stance) and will be left with 79 mana. I am only using an empower 3, since 4 is just way too expensive in this league at 8 EXA. Most of the time, I am just using a 5-link Kulemak staff that has only minion damage and +3 to sockets, which I got early in the league for 50c. I also might fool around with changing some of the tanky setup gear just to get my eHP higher, maybe will try a saqawal for the chest instead of a geofri.
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my necro. boom boom
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my necro. boom boom


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