3.13 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

Switched back to geofris for Sirus at awakening 8. Would have pbrly worked iwth victarious too but I just like having 12k hp/es xD. Again no zombie died and I got another sword rofl. How are they going for 35 ex they drop every other kill for me^^. Got an awakaner orb too.
brunowa написал:
ok guys so I just recorded a video about this build and various options etc...

I hope it's useful.

It's uploading to YouTube now and will be ready in about 2:15am Sydney time. I'm going to bed now.

When it's uploaded it will be available here:


Video goes for one hour...


I was just recording this live testing things for you and my mind was just blown.

Just check the description of the YouTube video and you will know what it's about.

HAHAHHAHA, so crazy... but I hope you guys get some value from the video.

If you have any questions on it let me know.

There are lots of things I forgot to mention but it was my first time and I just winged it streamer style so if there is anything else let me know and I may do another.

Enjoy :)

Awesome video Brunowa, you actually made me feel sorry for selling my 6l Victario.

Watch out ,if you keep breaking their game like this, GGG might send a hit man to take you out
you can update pastebin? please!
Does Victarios even need to be 6l? I thought 6 socket is all we need to support all with the built-in generosity support.
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Hi brunowa, I come from Diablo 3.
I thought I just equip all the legendaries(Uniques) and then I will just slay T16, oh how so wrong I was.

I have to load up PoB and tune my own setup accordingly.

Thanks for the guide, also u did the marketing and support well, so that's why its very popular.
Also can you tell me what's my next upgrade path or what I can switch for more dps. Thanks!

is the 130% minion damage weapon crafted with aetheric + bound fossil combo or other one?

when i test it in pob the 130% minion damage weapon is ahead of the supported but lvl 1 fortify
I joined the “my AG died in ...” this morning. Acid caverns T15. Yes he had Kingmaker, Es crafted chest and MotsD. Been with me all through 3.8 but 3.9 is a different nasty place not safe for your children now 😀 I could rebuild it but I think I’ll give PoE a rest. The latest release is a bust imho. Atlas bugged (can’t get conquerors to spawn anymore), major boss bugged, map conversion bugged, GGG response is pretty demotivating as well. Maybe when they fix some crap I’ll be back, maybe not. At least there’s a video to watch in the meantime. Thanks Brunowa !
hiho. just got one question, since we have generocity lv30 in chest we are not affected by our haste aura boost, its 100% sure thats still best possible aura for this amount of mana reserv. ?
Skimmed through the video, and Victario's is very strong for speed clearing indeed. Can work with a 5l even and they're very cheap. So this build can be pretty damn cheap and melt t16.

BUT, I switched back to Geofri's because it has much more EHP, I died too frequently with Victarios (I'm not the best player). And the damage is still extremely strong and you rush t16 with better EHP but requires more expensive gear.

Jerks88 написал:
Hi guys,

my minions always die when there are enemys with huge aoe effects... What should i do... I did a t4 map and i die instantly on a aoe pack with all of my minions on full life even if i use the portal to the map...

Your character is set to private so can't be specific with help. Do your minions have life leech? I would get that on a jewel, helps a lot.

IGN : Futons

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