[3.11] ShakCentral's Vortex For Dummies

That is good information to know :)

It looks like Wintertide is replacing Vortex?

So the two main skills are Cold Span and Wintertide or Vortex?

At the moment Vortex feels more powerful, and the instant cast is really nice, but hard to say what they will be like when the tree is fully flushed out and you add in cluster jewlery, and gear.

I might stick to vortex for a bit until I hear more back from the WinterTide group.
Definitely picking up the Wintertide leveling tree and going from there. Maybe an Arcanist Brand /w Vortex could still make things interesting.
It looks like Wintertide is replacing Vortex?

No. I believe the intent was to boost single target by adding WT into the mix. Which gets the 6L needs some experimentation. EDIT: See below for more from OP.
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Quick update from OP in Discord. Best to go there for most up to date info. Here's the link: https://discord.gg/tkzCFtN

@everyone Here is an update on everything: Harvest League, The guide, the Discord server, etc.

Harvest League 3.11 - The league is really good.The crafts are nuts, the game play is fun, and the launch was the most stable I've been a part of. I'll be playing this one for a long time. It's pretty fantastic.

Wintertide Brand - WT has been pretty much exactly what I thought it would be. It's an excellent single target DoT that shouldn't be used for clearing. I still plan on trying it out in a 5/6 link helmet, with Vortex / Cold Snap sharing 4 supports in the chest.

Discord - The server went from 23 people and 1 text and voice channel to 850 people in two days. I'm working with the mod team to get it as stable and user-friendly as possible, but all of this is happening very very fast. We're hoping to have an intro screen that will help give new users some direction up ASAP.

Vortex for Dummies and leveling - I know that there are differences between the guide trees, PoB, gem setups, etc. This is why I typically don't start leagues with new skills, but Wintertide had to be tested. I will be updating the guide as soon as possible, which will likely be during the weekdays M-F. For now, stick to the old tree with Orb of Storm + Herald of Ice, or try out the new tree with Winterbrand and use Ele Focus and Controlled Destruction.

Streaming - The launch stream was awesome and I had an absolute blast. I am planning to keep streaming whenever I can if there is support for it. I'll see you all live soon!
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Kim_Aislinn написал:
Deep_o написал:
is there any advice wich Cluster Jewels Notes i should use ? :) Because i had no clue for wich i should looking for..

I'm planning to use these

Large 8 passive Cold Damage cluster jewel with
Deep Chill
Disorienting Display (Huge Blind Aura)
Prismatic Heart or Vengeful Commander if I get a Prism Guardian and start using Hatred
2 Jewel Sockets

Medium 4-5 passive DoT jewel with
Brush with Death
Vile Reinvigoration, Exposure Therapy is also good
Jewel Socket

Medium 4-5 passive Curse Effect jewel with
Master of Fear (Unnerve for 10% more damage)
Wish for Death (Culling Strike)
Jewel Socket

Two Small 2 passive ES jewels with Energy from Naught, Str/Dex, resists

I'm sure there are some other Notables that could be as good or even slightly better depending on your setup but these are the ones that work for me.

Just note that the probabilities to roll specific cluster jewel mods changed significantly with 3.11, so while it's still possible to get those combinations, it will be much more difficult. https://www.craftofexile.com/ can be used for some simulations.
They've really nerfed cluster jewels. No way to get two dot multi's on one medium jewel now. Way too rare. Do you still think they're worth it? Or save money for even better gear instead?
Everyone, guide updates are coming and a notice has been added to the front page.

I'm spending Harvest Launch and Father's Day weekend playing the league and spending time with my family. The update work will begin tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for your patience!
Vortex For Dummies: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661120
For those who want (to craft) a cluster jewel:

Don't even try out of your garden.

Some specific mods can be targeted by seeds (T2 mainly), it helps tremendously.

For another build a specific jewel would cost 380 chaos in average to get in Delirium, the same jewel in Harvest would cost 67000 chaos.
hello peeps,

i feel a little lost in this - mostly well written - guide.

i have several questions:

1. when i reach mapping, it is stated that i should get my own gear farmin blood aqueduct. transmuting white into blue ... and then? dont regal them into rare?

2. when i'm about to switch to vortex, i dont know which build i should be using when following this https://poe.technology/poebuddy/Zewc8PAr
- none of trees i can choose from refer to the "phases" he is taking about?!

can somebody help me?

edit: wow i think i understand it now ... it is SO much to respec. i thought this was a league starter? :D the currency i need for this takes so long to obtain!
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Read the gearing guide. Look for those mods on items. Make them rares who cares, its your character. Rares aren't hard to get.

Use the harvest crafts for more fine-tuning.

Use path of building. The tree isn't even updated on that site. The wintertide/life pathing tree is wonky. It strays way too far from the build you eventually go. 60ish! passives that need to be regretted total when you switch.
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