[3.14] Bosskiller Brand - Tank T16 Ultimatums, up to 10.5k tHP + Fortify + Block, 10-35m sDPS!

(Standard player)
Hey, I've been meaning to try this build out since last league, even managed to snag some ele pen Shimmerons and an Acuity, only for that version of the build to get nerfed :(

I didn't have access to a six-link Duskdawn, but in PoB legacy Martyr gave more orb damage anyway.

Can someone check if I missed something major in the build? The damage is there, but I feel really squishy, like close to glass cannon assassin level of squishy. I think it's the lack of physical damage mitigation, but I can't figure out how to get more.

I know some gems aren't level 20 yet (discipline for example), but I feel even an extra 1k ES wouldn't change that much.

Character is BothBabiesAreAsleep
My resists are capped via the corrupted passives from Glorious Vanity
Is the build still viable for 3.15? Will there be an update before league start? The build sounds kinda cool and I wanted to give it a try it in 3.15:)
Heya, I've totally not done any research, but I'll updatae as soon as I have information.

With other builds getting hit so hard this one may even rise up the ladder as one of the most viable endgame/bossing builds!
Sup Man, im really interesting for your build, still viable for 3.15?
I'm giving this a try as my league start. I did armageddon brand until 3rd ascend. Just switched to arcanist brand last night and am working out the kinks. The biggest issue is that arcanist brand counts as a 'trigger' for your other spell so those now cost mana. When the chain gets rolling my mana drains incredibly fast on a 5 link.

I've got a + mana on spell hit ring and enduring mana flask which seems to help a lot, but I think mana management will be tricky.

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