[3.13] Aura Stacking Minions (20-30+ Mil DPS, ~87% resistances, Beginner Friendly, League Starter)

I must say that this is one of the best builds I've played (been playing since betreyal). Easy to start with skeletons build, then transition into spectres.. Only thing I've got to say is that cold version of spectres doesn't work for me...

I've got uber helm

And got Awakened Hextouch but doesn't feel as smooth as impale version... I'm using following wand

so... sticking with slightly modified version of imaple. I did all content easy: shaper, elder, UE, all guardians, all conquerors, Sirus A9, all Maven invitation with excepion of those with Uber Atziri.

My a bit modified pob is (got def to 7k ES):

You'll be fine :)
Yo, what about 3.14 ? Amazing build btw played its last league
3.14 please!
"All that fancy sword swinging when all you need is one good stab."
Hey, thx for nice guide. Hope you will update it for 3.14 :-)
xtoaad написал:
Yo, what about 3.14 ? Amazing build btw played its last league

trialmaster mobs will melted the most of minions if they dont have hp recovery/block stats

best is use medium cluster with Life from death, auto cast summon zombie with combo cyclone->desecrate->zombie->offering so you minions are full hp in most of time
Hello can someone help me to improve my dmg pls ?
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I have been running this build for 3.14. A few notes:

Flesh and Stone increased from 25% to 35% and Blood Magic was replaced with Arrogance (a nerf). This caused some reservation issues when using Midnight Bargain. I solved this by switching to a +2 wand to keep 4 spectres (and higher life/dmg), putting Vitality on the boots with Arrogance, and moving Precision to mana. Altogether, I'm still running all the same auras.

The build is still excellent. I'm not a super hardcore player, but Sirus A5 is down, along with several Shaper and Elder guardians. Taskmaster is down (T14 map IIRC). Mastermind down. T16 maps are easy. I have managed to complete every boss I have attempted without issue, so I have no doubt the build can go further. Minions definitely can die with some content. I lost my AG on Sirus, which was no fun. Zombies are usually the first to go, so just keep an eye on them to indicate trouble. Ultimatums are usually fine even on T16 maps, but sometimes I've noticed survival with significant damage mods are an issue. Generally, this is solved by continually repositioning your minions to give them time to regenerate. I don't even bother with stand-in-the-circle ults, too annoying.

Here's my PoB: https://pastebin.com/HaKi1Y6U
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Heya. How you guys deal with Chimera guardian invisible/smoke phase? I do T16 just fine, but yesterday with chimera it was almost insta death for me. If I was able to guess the right smoke clouds, it was ok, minions are strong – but if I was not able to guess it right, I couldnt do a thing and I just died…

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