[3.15] Holy Relics Necromancer [All Content? Maybe | League Starter? Yes!] Lets taste this nerfs.

AVtime1 написал:
im not doing this build but that art on the main page is T0. gg

Thanks, I spent a whole 10 minutes making it. Do not steal.

Alright, league almost over, time to list some changes and tweaks that I've made in current league due to changes that happened in game.

List of changes and tweaks


Casual reminder - always upgrade your gods.

Brine King - this remains unchanged.

1) Prevents us from being stun locked.
2) When your are initially stunned, you are stunned for less - that's like w/e you can skip it.
3) Prevents us from being chain frozen.
4) Self exlanatory - 50% less chill effect. Combined with further mechanics you can reach 100% reduction.

Abberath - changed from Gruthkul

1) Unaffected by burning ground. TL;DR - burning ground = bad. There are a lot of burning grounds that look different, are not obvious that they are burning grounds. They stop your energy shield from regenerating and do massive degen damage. Degen one of the things that kills this build. Removing one source of degen is a LOT.

2) 50% reduced ignite duration. Get it to 100% and you won't get ignited - another form of degen that often kills this build.

Why are this gods important? Followed up by
Harvest Crafted Jewels and Anointed Flesh passive ring

With harvest being in game as is, you can craft implicits on the jewels. And we use a fair amount of jewels.

What you are looking for is "reduced effect of X_Ailment"
The jewels I currently have done

The jewels that still can be upgraded

As you can see I have 50% reduced effect of shock just from jewels alone.

Moving on to the Anointed Flesh
This passive combined with the first node you take to path towards it grants 20% reduced effect and duration of elemental ailments.

And then you can choose to path through one of the following - 30% reduced effect of shock, 30% reduced effect of chill, or 30% reduced ignite duration.

In combination with jewels and Pantheons from before you can easily get to 100% reduced effect of shock (Meaning you won't take extra damage when you are shocked)
100% reduced effect of chill (Meaning chilling ground and other chill effects won't slow you down)
And about 70%+ reduced duration of the ignite - meaning it will be removed from you before it even ticks for damage.

Essentially making you elemental ailment immune.

TL;DR - Harvest craft the jewels, take this gods, and you will be elemental ailment 'unaffected'. Not immune, you still will be socked, chilled and ignited, but it will have no effect on you.


Due to recent introduction of tainted oils, its super easy to get the amulet corruption now.

I went with Pride Aura one - it gives about 5% MORE DPS. That's a lot. That's more than a passive point in a good node.

Mind that iLVL of amulet as at lvl 50 there are lot of trash mods in the pool.

You also can try and double corrupt it, if you don't want to sell your temples.

Things to consider when corrupting:
You can apply an additional Curse
(4–5)% Chance to Block Attack Damage
(4–5)% Chance to Block Spell Damage
+(14–16)% to all Elemental Resistances elemental resistance
(8–10)% increased Movement Speed
Zealotry has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect

TL;DR - Collects stones of Lazhwar as you go then corrupt it. It costs nothing. You might roll something good. Then slap anoint on top of it. Or just buy corrupted one for cheap, and anoint it for a decent upgrade.


Current set up.

AntiFreeze flask removed (We still attack even when frozen, and have freeze duration massively reduced). Bleed flask added. Bleeds killed me a lot. Be it from vulnerability or just natural bleeds, you need to remove them. Just corrupted blood immunity from the jewel is not enough.

TL;DR - freeze flask removed, bleed flask added. Bleeds are scary, yo!

Few words about curses and weapon utility setup

Your weapon can trigger 3 skills. 2 of those will always be Desecrate and Bone offering to ensure 100% uptime of the block.

The third skill is optional.
The options

Vulnerability - an obvious choice. Translates to 10% more DPS.

Punishment - a less obvious choice. Since this league "low life" counts as anything below 50% HP.

Initially this curse doesn't do anything. At 50% life it gives 2x value of Vulnerability. I personally think it's a better option, because bosses gets more dangerous the lower HP they are. So having extra DPS boost at last phase is better than having consistent DPS boost.

And then there is also a sweet bonus of "Cursed Enemies are Debilitated for 2 Seconds when they Hit" that reduces ALL enemy damage (including degen zones they spawn) when they hit you, even if you block the hit.

Unearth - ensures the 100% uptime of Plaguebringer. Thats what I use.

Frost Bomb - I was using it to reduce Maven's healnig on bosses. I don't think its worth keeping it, but if you strugle with healing - sure.

Idealy, in the very endgame you want gloves corrupted with Vulnerability curse and a)Unearth b) Amulet with extra curse corruption + Punishment.

Another thing to mention, if you are a fan of Asenath's Gentle Touch like I am, Implisit curse ovverieds usless temportal chains.

Gloves like this will always curse enemy with vulnerability.

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Welp.... shall we begin

I'm gonna start with TL;DR section first and fill up detailes later (If I wont get lazy)


The Bad

We got gutted in damage department pretty heavily. About 50% less DPS going down form 6.6mill to 2.8 mills.

30% less dmg just from 2 gems, so idk what Chris was about saying it will be up to 40% on a 6 link with pure damage supports.

Manacost went up by a lot, meaning we prolly gonna put 1 passive into mana reserved instead of life to be able to ressumon dead relics. Its not that big of a deal though.

Forbidden taste was obliderated, it will kill you if you use it pretty much. Not sure how good it will be with capped chaos res. My guess is - not good. Back to Blood of the Karui we go.

Holly Relics didn't get any ramp up in damage of the base skill like many other skills, so we have nothing to compensate for damage loss.

No more free onslaught from jewel. Not a huge deal, just take Phasing now, its close to being as good.

The Good

Meat Shield Support somehow got untouched and will be a great option to replace nerfed support gems. And it makes Relics taunt - extra defense for you.

We are still as tanky as we were. Ailment immune, max block, decent phys reduction, fortify, etc.

We still gonna be zooming once we get Trigger craft. And we don't care that it consumes mana, we don't use mana anyway unless summoning relics.

Flasks nerfs does not affect us that much, as we already were not relying on them. The new orbs are questionable, I have zero ideas how to use them for now.

Nerf to crafting doesn't affect us as well, since we power up from unique items for the most part. The key mods - reduced mana cost, reduced reflect, shock when focus - are still there.

Well here is my update on things. I, like many other people have no clue how build will work or feel after the damage nerfs. The tree and items didn't change. But I don't expect to be able to do Feared, and maybe even Maven.

Things worth mentioning - Summon Phantasm Support seems like a good damage boosting option. For both clear and bosses. I'll update the build as I play. Yes I'm gonna start with it. So you might sneak peek on my character progression if you want.

Meat Shield - most likely not worth. Still use it if you don't have better gems. Or if relics die too much.

And for the love of all that is holy, do not link Summon Raging Spirit with Minion Damage.

And try to have fun this league. Watching how house burns can be fun too.

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