[3.15] Aziire's Soulwrest Summon Reaper / Phantasm Necromancer! | Expedition League Starter

i dont think soulwrest is good for reaper.
You want pick that +2 minion gem ascendancy, but it won't affect phantasms.
Better use skeletons. They can even use bloodlust support in this case.
XanTheInsane написал:
How is this a "league starter" when Soulwrest prices were ~2 exalt because of rarity and popular builds with it?

It's what I league started with. Soulwrest was 46c in Heist and Ultimatum day 1, and 17c in Harvest. At its worst 90c in Ritual. It peaked at 210c this League start due to popularity. With 19 new skills I underestimated the popularity other streamers etc would make Soulwrest.

androsh написал:
Looks great!

Question: At what point should I get Volatile Dead? It's listed in the final gem setup, but nowhere else. Thanks!

Start using it when you can properly get EE proc. I wouldn't start using it personally until Phantasms are somewhat automated. I was running Cyclone CwC SRS before I stopped.

minamo99 написал:
love it so far!

however in a week im starting on xbox and theres a whole bunch of buttons in this build. Is there any way to streamline/minimize this a bit to 3-4 buttons? controller and all. Cheers!

It is very button heavy, way more than I was expecting. Once things get automated with Soulwrest, Queens Hunger, Corpsewalker etc then it becomes very manageable but until then it is spammy. Maybe if you want Reaper to work on xbox then have it as a second character so those items aren't as difficult to get.

Omnisic написал:
enjoying it so far and lol @ fireball volatile dead spam

looking forward to whether you go bleed with it or not
enjoying it so far at like 47

I've sadly tapped out. I loved it for levelling, realised I don't like Minions when I hit maps. Bleed is probably the better play early as the gear I planned to use ended up being more gated behind currency than I was hoping.

Eag1e написал:
piano build? or relaxed & easy?

Relaxed and easy as a second build. Come back and play Reaper as a second character when Soulwrest is significantly cheaper. Reaper was amazing to level with but doesn't become relaxed until Phantasms do their job.

yovalord написал:
I just dont think your link setup can be the right play for reaper, it feels like an incredible waste to have meat shield and feeding frenzy on it, even minion damage might be questionable over like pulverize or just straight melee damage.

Yova pog, remember you from Twitch chat. Minion damage with the life loss is probably not worth it anymore. Melee supports are 100% gonna be better here.

Scarborough написал:
Leaguestarted with Reaper and enjoying it so far. Wasn't familiar with Soulwrest or Corpsewalker and will definitely not missing casting desecrate myself once I get them. I'm leaning into physical damage + bleed/impale though, not following this guide.

Bleed is a super good way to scale it and probably superior to be honest. I wanted to try going something I was comfortable with so I wanted to use Elemental conversion however it ended up being more gear gated than I wanted.

ericchongws написал:
Some interesting interaction that I found is that if you socket another reaper gem linked with second wind, you can cast the "new" reaper skill to trigger the dash twice while using your main reaper.

This is actually super interesting, a lot of mechanics to be discovered with Reaper. Reaper is sadly pretty awkward though D:

Equalizer41 написал:
You should know the maker stopped playing this build at lvl 70.

Yep yep, making a video update to clarify my stance etc now as well as replying to all these forum comments.

karisak написал:
Oh, would be nice to know what made the maker of the build stop playing it, so things can be corrected in time, currently leveling and using this build so would suck to start over. Anyone got tips on how to play a form of this build then?

Making an update video discussing my reasons and easy options for people to keep playing Reaper / a generic minion build.
No pressure, but do you think you're going to come back to this build or a variation later? I feel like the core concept is really solid and just needs some tweaking.
Nice build, can you put the clusters skills pls?
Wish they buff it in the future, kinda falls behind the other minion builds :/
Tested the Reaper on my SSF standard character with skeletons as buffers/support and reaper on gem level 25.

Here's my summary of the new gem on some T14+ bosses on page 6 of this GD thread which includes some boss kill clips.

TLDR. Base stats underwhelming and only cooldown nuke deals noticable damage. Also AI is buggy.

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yeah the currency gating is something I expect for anything new and cool at a league start I've got everything I need but a bone helmet with lab chant, neck anoint and the staff and chest so I'll keep going and see if I can get some strong bleed going and if knockback is viable to increase bleed

I want to use phantasm or skeles or animate weapons to smoke trash
then use reaper as a shotgun on elites and bosses
this still works perfect if you just keep summon skeletons instead of reaper fyi.


My build

I can destroy t13 map
Oznek написал:

My build

I can destroy t13 map

No offence but you're doing it wrong. You dont need to link supports in Soulwrest, so 5S 5L Soulwrest is really silly. Also pathing to and through Deep Wisdom is a waste of like 3 passive points.
The chest is questionable too, you should use Victario's Influence.
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