[3.15] Aziire's Soulwrest Summon Reaper / Phantasm Necromancer! | Expedition League Starter

Giving my two cents quickly here but I've seen people struggling with the Reaper in term of survivability and lacking damage in some streams, since she's physical based + bleed why aren't more people considering the Baron to go with that gem and complement the good old zombies build ?
And yes I know it got nerfed over a few leagues.
How do we sustain both wrath and hatred when we dont take much mana reduction? I'm on SSF so impresence is not an option
minamo99 написал:
How do we sustain both wrath and hatred when we dont take much mana reduction? I'm on SSF so impresence is not an option

Victario's Influence armor gives 30% reduced reservation and you can add enlighten to lower it further.
Could work.
can someone explain to me why these gems are being used?

Vaal Haste > Withering Step > Phase Run > Dash

I understand the vaal haste and dash but why withering step or phase run? From my understanding those two are just more movement skills so why have 3 movement skills?

Thanks for the answers.
hello i want to ask you about the build you made for some reason m daying alot of time i go show you my stuff and need some aprovement to the build with gems

i make some change with the gem in glove enhanche + grace + withering step + dash i go to remove withering and add second wind

my stuff

Скрытый текст

can you help me to make the build better ty
Run Exile Run xD
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Until Aziire replies, I can see that all your sockets in Triad Grip are green, which reduces the synergy with EE, and one of the Ghastly Eyes isn't too shiny, but that shouldn't be terrible... What level/tier are you dying on? How are your resistances?

Equally confused about the bunch of movement skills. I'm only using one and it works so far, though maybe I'll add Vaal Grace when I get all the sockets.
i think the green gems are just being used for the sake of having something in there, id say nearly any green could go in there dash/second wind/vhaste/ice golem for example.

im not seeing the problem with EE, the minions do cold, we cast VD wich is fire making enemy's vulnerable to cold and lightning.
How does build performs when it comes to being somewhat reasonably tanky guys?
The build never worked and is dead
Just hit 68 with this build. I have most of the uniques for the build. One thing to note since we have so much ES from chest/helm/gloves/boots I've started using Mind of Matter on the skill tree. Feels MUCH tankier.

Good luck everyone.

Edit : 78, still no issues. Plow through everything so far. Shall see how tough 15's are soon. Have gotten lucky with currency drops this league so i've been able to afford some pretty decent gear.
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