Race Season Three Details

First Descent Race and I will be at work, sad times.
PoE 2 is actually happening :D
5 Hour cutthroat.. XD.
primo: My main league is anarchy and i dont see myself replaying standard... so this is unappealing

secundo: This is more personnal but dont find these rewards appealing. The only one that could worth getting is the Iron ring but iron rings are broken since their base value never scale so it makes then pretty much useless at 50+ levels
ZiggyD is the Labyrinth of streamers, some like it, some dont, but GGG will make sure to push it down ur throat to make you like it
knac84 написал:
IMO you haven't gone far enough.

Only the 'competitive' & descent races (descent point reward should probably higher if they turn to be how they are, although I don't know for sure because the 'you keep position even if you die' thing) should give points for the ladder position.

This should give competitive players enough perception of a competitiveness environment instead of a grinding environment, still far away of perfect but better than S1/2.
I'm inclined to agree with this.


So here's the breakdown for overall offerings:

Competitive Party (18):
1 One-week race
1 Eight-hour race
6 Three-hour races: 2 plain, 2 turbo, 1 famine, 1 TF rogue
1 150-minute TF
1 135-minute Fixed
1 Two-hour
4 90-minute: 2 plain, 1 fixed, 1 TF rogue
3 One-hour: 1 plain, 1 fixed, 1 turbo

Competitive Solo (33):
5 Three-hour: 2 plain, 1 fixed, 1 TA, 1 TF rogue
5 150-minute: 1 plain, 1 turbo, 1 fixed turbo, 1 famine, 1 rogue
2 135-minute: 1 plain, 1 fixed
6 Two-hour: 1 fixed, 1 turbo, 1 famine, 1 ancestral, 1 RT fixed, 1 rogue turbo
5 90-minute: 2 turbo, 1 fixed turbo, 1 AF, 1 TA
10 60-minute: 3 plain, 1 fixed, 2 turbo, 1 famine, 1 FT fixed, 1 TA fixed, 1 famine turbo

Fun Party (31):
1 Five-hour cutthroat
4 Three-hour: 1 ancestral, 1 no-proj, 1 immolation, 1 TI
1 150-minute AI
1 135-minute immolation
6 Two-hour: 1 turbo, 1 cutthroat, 2 BLAMT, 1 Rogue, 1 TI no-proj
1 90-minute TA
12 One-hour: 1 plain, 1 turbo, 2 cutthroat, 3 BLAMT, 1 BM, 1 fixed immolation, 1 no-proj, 1 MF, 1 AI rogue
2 45-minute: 1 plain, 1 immolation
2 30-minute: 1 lethal, 1 TI

Fun Solo (18):
1 135-minute lethal rogue
1 Two-hour AI
1 90-minute immolation
8 One-hour: 1 turbo, 1 cutthroat, 3 BLAMT, 1 BM, 1 BM famine, 1 turbo rogue
1 30-minute TA
2 24-minute turbo
4 12-minute turbo

Fun To-Be-Announced (11)

Descent: 60 minutes, solo (50)


Looking at the race breakdown, I'm really surprised by how many races are effectively one-hour solos: 68/161 of the events fit that exact description, and 83/161 events last exactly one hour, which is over half. Keeping Descent races uniform makes sense, but I'm a little surprised GGG didn't play a little more with near-60 times like 45 minutes and 75 minutes. I can see racers very often coming to the same point in character development near the end of many, many races this season.
A shining light in a sea of stagnant bong water.

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if we can not decide to which league we want to receive rewards, then it's biggest downside.

Current system worked so far but now when we have new legues it's no longer working.

"Season Two event density was too high"

Maybe, but people are playing from diffrent time zones, and I hope GGG is aware of that. I think GGG should use signature events for most races so they can run multiple time per day. For example if we have first race "1 Hour No Proj F001" then the same race could be on 8:00 16:00 and 24:00 and after day all ranks could be calculated from all 3 events.
Последняя редакция: Dinsdale. Время: 27 июня 2013 г., 3:56:17
Hm, and I thought the higher density of events was to accomodate for more times, modes and sometimes to either run a long race or two shorter ones. Okay, 8 hour races seemed a bit long, but 2 and 3 hours are really fun.

The most exciting races were BLAMT and LATIF in season 2, because they provided a whole different atmosphere and playstyle - a shame they are scarcly in this season.

And: What again is the problem with 20 players reaching the 1000 season point threshold?! That's like what? Less than 0.2% of players, who participated in events.
I really do like the Fact Racing is getting a little bit harder & is seperated from the new Ladders, as they are real Stand-Alone-Areas and should be that Way.

fbattaglia написал:
Half of the prizes are junk items wich wont even sell , who cares where they go?
And all of the higher prizes are only for the race addicted without a life / work .
Is this game all about race and new leagues ? Where's the beef ?

They are Prizes (= Trophy) for one Part of this Game. If You don't like these Prizes or in general this Part of the Game, just don't play this Part of the Game. NoOne is forced to do Races ...

Bhaya написал:
I am a casual player and I like to play races if there is an incentive to do so.

You should play Races if You like Racing, not because of the Prizes or some Kind of Incentive ...

Keep calm, play PoE, drink Tea & listen to Prog!

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Последняя редакция: Ezekiel_. Время: 27 июня 2013 г., 4:18:25
For crying out loud, there's nothing wrong with the density in Season 2, it is to accommodate as many people as possible. Remember that not only we are from different parts around the world, some of us have other responsibilities too.

It's darn selfish of those who complained about the density.
Race prizes need to be defaulted to Anarchy/Onslaught, they are the current leagues. These temp leagues are the PoE equivalent to D2 ladder resets, which means the majority of the community wants to play the current ladders. As a consequence, this means not many want to play the outdated leagues and the race prizes are now worthless to me as I'll never, ever use them. Just saying. Almost every streamer is on Onslaught. What worth are the prizes to them? I would reconsider this decision for the future of races..

I don't play Anarchy/Onslaught because they are temporary. Plus Chris explained in the post that he already promised that the temporary leagues won't have characters and items coming from elsewhere.

Descent sounds awesome. And I want that Staff. :)
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Последняя редакция: billyoatmeal. Время: 27 июня 2013 г., 4:49:53
Too many events had complex sets of mods like BLAMT that not everyone enjoyed

Not going to lie, these are my most favorite, kill or be killed. Rather then run, run as fast as you can have luck and RNG on your side. Normal races with no mods are good, but definatly not fun or great.

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