Path of Exile: Synthesis Patch Notes

All I see is nerf nerf nerf lol. Removed crit strike minimum cap, does that mean Controlled Destruction is not usable anymore? Also rip Hatred.
I Believe I Can Fly ~~~~

COC Bow will be next league top shit, my rough guess,

COCBOW -> Barrage / Scourge Arrow / Toxic Rain / Caustic Arrow + Chaos Damage DOT Spell
Quiver -> Rain of Arrows

You got all in one...

Multicraft that double damage proc, chaos extra, cannot evade spell damage...
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IamtheAxeMan написал:
I really didn't want to play a new league this round (was planning on playing in standard due to a lack of play time) and I really don't want to spend the time rediscovering the Atlas in standard again... 150 maps takes a little time you know. Looks like I am out for now. I really like this game but just too many stupid changes every couple of months that reset progress for a casual player. And the stupid legacy nerfs wtf??

Sounds like your out forever, as they reset Atlas EVERY league, it's a feature.

I've been playing off and on since Beta (for over 6 years now) and these Atlas/Map changes are something new. I think this is the 6th time they change the maps in over 6 years. Now it's becoming every 3 months. I think this is their way of selling more map tabs or pushing players into the leagues.... maybe they should just do away with Standard and Hardcore leagues? I don't have time to start new every 3 month. I didn't have enough time to finish the last 2 leagues.
SaDiCu написал:
Great stuff

1. Atlas nerf
2. Both my viable caracters nerfed , aka Slayer cyclone and Witch Brand storm.

After you spend a lot of time getting the right uniques or rares to make a decent caracter to do Shaper and other bosses, this Game stuff decides to nerf a lot of skills, and enforce others.
What is the purpose of this?

Let me tell you, a lot of players don`t like getting their caracters nerfed and to be obligated to start other caracters because the STAFF decided to lower your caracter so you won`t be able to have a decent damage in game.




**Autistic screeching intensifies***
Madix написал:
Why does the core game philosophy continue to enforce 1 shots? Why not just lower sustainability (leech, life regen, etc) and nerf overall monster damage? I honestly don't get it. I keep thinking they will move away from this philosophy but this patch there are nerfs to defensive curses? Why nerf loreweave? Why do you want us to die in the most frustrating ways possible? Do you want everyone to play totem/brand/auto cast builds? Why do we have to limit ourselves to enemies that aren't challenging at all just to prevent ourselves from being 1 shot? Why do defensive nodes even exist if we have to get all of them just so that we can get 1 shot less often?

I love the game but there are serious design issues with it and these issues are always either never addressed or are made worse with each patch. Trash mobs die way too fast and the power creep only makes this worse. As time goes on, our damage to enemies goes up disproportionately to our damage taken- the net result is we're forced to play the same easy content that gets easier with every patch while the hard content still 1 shots us as much as it did before. Why can't we power creep/scale up difficulty more evenly so that we have some challenge and mobs don't die instantly?

-I also think these enforced glass cannon philosophies ruin the multiplayer experience and need for CC. In Diablo 2 I never liked partying with people when they wiped the whole screen of enemies before I could even land a blow, it's like that with every build in this game though. Why group with others or specialize in freezing/stunning if everything on the screen dies instantly?

That has been my major issue since I don’t know when. The game got into a state where every char is so strong that they had to make bosses 1 shot you. It’s silly and unhealthy.
What will be a good Uber Elder killer build in the new patch that doesn't cost tons of ex, up to 10 maybe?
Mana Cost at gem level 1 is now 12 (was 13).
Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 23 (was 26).
Now has a cast time of 0.7 seconds (from 0.75).
Now deals 34 to 102 Lightning damage at gem level 1 (from 26 to 79) and 371 to 1114 Lightning damage at gem level 20 (from 275 to 825).
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 120% (from 60%).

Good lord almighty!
magica up
reep slayer, you will be missed
I'm glad I gave up playing PoE a week ago or so. The same old policy has appararently become stable for GGG -nerf any playable uniques to a point there are no playable uniques really besides a few exceptions or 'chase items'. Meaning headhunter and some others which a normal player is never gonna drop themselves.

But what is there to chase? Crafted rares already were usually better with myriad new crafting options. A SSF player won't see meaningful uniques anyhow, killing poet's pen just killed a functional item to be utter trash. Like seriously, how many usable uniques there are left in the game? Half a dozen? Compared to trash pool of, what, 300? I won't even bother to check. They aren't gonna unnerf them or make them usable anyway, just keep on pouring more new uniques to trash them retroactively before the next league.

The talk about not respecting players' time investment is very much accurate. There was so much good in PoE that I truly hoped for something other than business as usual from GGGs part. It's a shame they aren't really doing any balancing nerfs but their intention is to destroy items they themselves put into the game, diluting item pool more to enforce player trading.

Well, I'm not going to trade anyhow. Others say it's pointless to play an arpg with only what you drop, I say it's vice versa and has always been to me. If GGG wants to develop their game based on those elements, it's up to them. I'm not going to support such endeavour further because for me having interesting, useful unique drop is what arpgs are very much about. If GGG had any straightness behind guiding their decissions they instead removed those unique items from the game altogether and compensated players for it.

Also, forcing the meta instead of trying to balance their own game is pretty hopeless.

To be fair, I do think their QoL improvements are absolutely terrific. Showing locked crafting options and fixing the stat tiers on items is pretty much what I have been asking for, and seeing those done makes me feel GGG actually does listen to their players. So great job on that one, GGG. Of course I can't make time investment to start from zero every time GGG decides to 'shake the meta' by retroactively trashing any uniques left on standard (not to mention how map tab thing is being handles straight out disrespectfully), so these changes aren't bringing me back. If anything, they are reaffirming my gut feeling of them not respecting players' investment was right.

Have fun playing trade league metas, that's the only way playing PoE is approved by the devs.
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