{3.10} Speaker for the Dead | The Mass Minion Summoner | League Starter, Leveling Guide 💀

Just wanted again to thank you for this masterpiece of guide and your continuous work.

Just a tip for all new herders: don't wait too long to implement cyclone while leveling. It's just awesome fun to zoom zoom into packs while your friends follow and obliterate everything around you.
Is it still worth to keep HOA in this build? even with cyclone and gmp i have around 20 stacks max/ but most the time is less than 10? If yes should i also drop ring with curse on hit(projectile weakness) or its stll good for frost sentinels?

And it super hard to fit everything, especially for new players where everyone posting here got own variation. No idea whats the best solutaion.
Regarding performance im personally having quite a bit of issues on yellow map blights with a buttload of monsters coming out, it especially gets bad when cycloning to the point of crashing the map completely.

Perhaps something to do with the new mechanic and victario's giving out charges at a huge rate with ball lightning since the amount of monsters in higher blight encounter is ridiculous.

I will try to swap phantasms to spell echo for now to hopefully alleviate the issue.

As a sidenote, feeding frenzy on frost sentinels seems to make them target even further away than normal, useful on blight encounters.
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PoB is updated.

Anointed and uniques still to come but skill gems should be there.

Not sure how accurate the calculations are. Will find out after work.

So much fun and power... I can't beleive it.

Thanks for all your time can't wait to see the official post gets it's revemp with all the new data/mods!

Awesome work!
Can I know what skill would you put on the amulet with the New Oils feature in this Blight League.

Thank you. I'm using your build now and it's already very Strong and OP.
First off I am a huge Necromancer/Summoner fan like yourself. I dont post much but have been playing PoE since closed beta (and necroing since then too) lol

The guide is a masterpiece, from the artwork to the descriptions to the explanations... everything! I cant stress enough how many builds ive tried to follow over the years only to get lost in the convoluted nonsense about mid way through, or some kind of savant with knowledge of the code assuming his reader shares the same level of expertise.

Some of us just like to kill mobs and get loot :P

In any case I have to share a little discovery I made while running a slight gem variant of this.

I am running Cyclone>CwC>Summon Raging Spirit>Spirit Offering.

This is proccing spirit offering every other second or so, and with the Wicked Ward notable taken, I am regenerating energy shield for myself and giant death ball of minions at an insane rate.

Up to higher tier maps and I rarely see my ES dip at all and if it does I just hit Bone Armor and keep steamrolling through with the death ball.

For bosses a few desecrates tossed down here and there keeps the chain going, and if they survive the 100+ Minions (Vaal Summon Skeletons thanks you) they usually dont live long after that.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, and I look forward to discovering the nuances of all the new gems together.

And I do agree with you.... Feeding Frenzy feels supremely overpowered, and I doubt once the greater populous realizes this that GGG will let it stand.

Now if I could only use Cyclone with a wand.....

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Aligned Spirits (x2 Sepia x1 Violet) gives you 20% minion damage while saving up 2 points. Alacrity (or any dex node) gives you 30 dex while saving up 1-2 points. There are probably better options though.
I would like to play with the new wands, what would you say is another good way to procc EE on a 4link instead of cyclone (because you cant cyclone with wands sadly)?

Thanks in advance
Max_zero написал:

PoB is updated.

Anointed and uniques still to come but skill gems should be there.

Not sure how accurate the calculations are. Will find out after work.

Okay so far it seems SkitterBot auras and Mine auras have not yet been implemented.

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