UNKILLABLE 21k Energy Shield / 3.8mil Shaper DPS / 2 minute Uber kill / Celestial Bob Agony Crawler

Do you think this build is dead af? Or nerfed but doable? :(
ES on occultist nerfed, Crawler dmg nerfed, es on gear nerfed. Sooo...
Is this viable to start 3.10? I mean I dont mind to much about nerfs unless it make this so bad since I saw now bob do less dmg by 3% per stack.
IGN:Avlorena,Amoridan,Gernil im usualy on in any of these characters
I made this build in 3.6 as far as I remember.
I was trying to recreate this build in 3.11 and I think I managed it! :D I spent about 30-35 ex for gear, clearing is quite good, Elder and Shaper deathless, uber elder with one death (cause ping, probably streaming is not the best idea...), but still cannot beat Sirus - I think I do not know his skills and the way of fighting with him (first part was easy ;) )

I will be still experimenting with this. but I think it still still alive in 2020!

Good luck and have fun, exiles!

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