They made minions permanent! Weeee
But they took off the raise specter's corpse targeting in ps4?!?
Последняя редакция: AndreF-kk. Время: 24 сент. 2020 г., 23:51:33
Currently planning this build on Heist SSF HC.
I got the Baron, Brawn and a few nice rares with strenght so according to PoB hitting the 1k wont be a big deal when i'm 90.

But now i'm a bit curious about the defenses:

What do you think of using belt of the deceiver in combination with the Sanctum of Thoughts passive skill meaning 50% reduced crit damage in total. Is that worth it to sacrifice a bit life (and getting the intimidate effect as a nice bonus)? I'm gonna hit like 8.2k HP with the current gear which is pretty decend in regard of lifereg and lifeleech but i'm still afraid of crit oneshots, especially in High Heists.

Im also using 4 Spectres for Support - 2 carnage Chieftains for frenzy charges, but since the +1 curse Wheel on the passive tree got moved to Shadow area i cant go for two curses, means i cant use Diabolist for Enfeeble or i would have to remove Vulnerability. What other two spectres you would recommend for support? I prefer playing a bit on the safe side, so something like reducing enemies damage would be fine. I use Skitterbots for Chill and Shock effect, but i'm open for different suggestions - or skip Vulnerability and use Diabolists instead?
I'm not farming Sirus or Shaper, just mapping to hit lvl100 (last league i died at 98 on a high crit phys rare oneshot).
Currently Mana Setup is Pride + Skitterbots + Banner + low lvl vitality

Another point is that in my op Mistress is not worth picking anymore since the 50% offering effect won't bring us much benefit in regard of the block chance - but did you test that already? With the nerf to Glancing Blows i'm not sure if going for block is the right way to get some extra defences. But if not, we dont have any Spell avoidance ..

Looking forward to hear your ops!

Последняя редакция: Pupalaka. Время: 25 сент. 2020 г., 7:52:29
is this build still viable? asking beacause OP didn't update it for 3.12
It should be fine, but some things have changed so you should take into account the changes and make adjustments, PEPEGALORD update for the rest of the ppl!
I'm 86 and doing T7/8 maps comfortably with a 6L Femur, Empower 3, and Astramentis.

Getting 1k strength while maxing resists out is still going to be a PITA, but no different than last league. Either a bunch of really good rares (about 50C or more each when I looked last night) in every slot, or take Commander of Darkness for your 4th ascendency until you can get a bow and use a quiver for stats/resists. If you go that route I'm not sure if Bone Barrier is still the one to give up after Mistress of Sacrifice and Glancing Blows both got nerfed hard last patch. Especially since you'd get 5 passives back by speccing out of GB.
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Последняя редакция: Summoner. Время: 27 сент. 2020 г., 14:21:05
well the build work just as always i did the awakener a8 but need some gear tried use the phantasmal raise zombie gem sometimes they die to poisons in the floor etc but is working

i really need craft a boots heist require run too much and 20% is not enough i was thinking about do a new char with a build faster someone know a good build?

my gear so far
@Mokurp since you are using melee weapon you may consider Cyclone + Cast While Channeling + Desecrate + Offering. Nice QoL.

I switched to Commander of Darkness instead of Mistress of Sacrifice and abandoned whole block thing using Flesh Offering. Survivability is decent and DPS is through the roof. Because of extra res I run Skitterbots instead of Purity. I consider switching back to Purity if I actually go for max chaos res, but until then it is worthless.
So, how much do you think the Cluster Jewel build would cost, realistically?

Those jewels are fucking nuts.
~ Seph
sephrinx написал:
So, how much do you think the Cluster Jewel build would cost, realistically?

Those jewels are fucking nuts.

large 30 ex https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/Go2BdW3ib

medium 2-3ex https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Heist/2drkMK0Uk

none small with fettle for sell

i am using 2 large with renewal + rotten claws is really hard hit the vicious bite as a sufix(0.244%) https://www.craftofexile.com/?b=177&ob=both&v=d&a=e&l=a&lg=4&bp=y&as=1&bld={}&ggt=|&ccp={}

too bad can use a critical essence in the jewels and dont exist a fossil for do that missing harvest


Avg. spending per success

51 035 Chaos Orbs Tries

Confidence : 63.212%
Последняя редакция: Mokurp. Время: 30 сент. 2020 г., 20:22:47
Ceranoa написал:
Hey, does anyone know if the alternate quality gem Anomalous Melee Physical Damage Support works on Zombies?

It gives +2 to melee strike range, that would much better than a measly 10% increased phys dmg

I did some testing and confirmed this works
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