3.14 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

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So I'm doing the tanky build and I need to be more tanky apparently. I'm fine in most maps but every so often something will just one shot me. Typically this is some delirium monster or something in a vaal side area. In any case what is the best way to get more survivability? Life or Armor or ES? Does anyone see any obvious upgrades? I was going to buy a 21/20 zombie gem but if I can get something which lets me take hits better I'd rather do that.

https://pastebin.com/d25NVn5N Hopefully I did that correctly I'm kind of new to POB.

Do you really need a Mana Flask? Especially since you're already using that Hybrid Flask? Not sure what your resistances are at but I'm assuming the +50% from that Flask isn't active too often. If your resists are fine I would replace the mama Flask with a basalt Flask of heat, and if your resists aren't fine I would also replace the hybrid Flask with a Bismuth Flask of warding.
Also if your chaos res is super low, grabbing a Watcher's Eye with +chaos res while affected by Purity of Elements would help a lot.

I can't check your PoB right now as I'm on my phone, but I'm betting you'd have just as much Life/ES and a lot more DPS by filling out your cluster jewels with Renewal/xxxx mediums and Wall of Muscle smalls. Your skill tree would need some major adjustment though. Also a Lethal Pride would be a good investment.

Aside from that, I think pretty much everybody still gets 1-shot every now and then. Been a while for myself, but the last time was a Vaal Side area with a group of caster-mobs, and the time before that was a big delirium explosion when I stopped for a second to portal for a trade.

Also might be worth picking up an Unset ring to give Frostblink a try. Having a movement skill is nice, especially when you get slowed. I was using Flame Dash up until a couple days ago but am much happier since making the switch. I've got Frostblink bound to Q and Convocation bound to E with Cyclone on Right-click. So I just hold down right click, point the cursor to a pack of mobs and roll over Q & E to instantly blow up the pack without ever having to stop cycloning.

Thank you so much for the detailed info! I greatly appreciate it!

Flasks are good upgrades. Mana flask is just for being lazy when I'm summoning 11 zombies. The divination flask is for +50 rare find but I will probably live better without it.

I don't follow you on the cluster jewels. Are you saying grab wall of muscle notables? Wait... You can stack notables with cluster jewels?

Lethal pride comes from the emblem fights in the map device? How tough are those? I could probably buy some of those. I have been looking at watcher's eyes but I need something to get another jewel slot or get one of my jewels with corrupted blood on it.

I was using frostblink until I ran out of room for it. I can't get a good uncut ring for cheap. I'll make that my next purchase.
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Quick question.
Why take lv1 fortify mod on weapon when your already have kingmaker's nearby allies have fortify from AG?
Is Redeemer suffix, "Auras from your skills grant % increased damage to you and your allies." worth looking into as a double influence base on the 2-handed mace set-up?
is this build viable for uber atziri? ,sirus is no problem, my damage is kinda ok, but uber atziri melt my zombies in 1second even when i have 80% increased minion life and some lifesteal. my total zombie level is 30.
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Hi I have a question.
Which gem whould you suggest swapping for boss fights (Sirus or Elder/Shaper etc)?
Raize zombie, multistrike, melee physical damage and empower are no swap.
Minion speed I can swap for minion damage - I thing should be better that way.
Last gem is impale - I have white socket in that slot so can put any gem in there.
Any suggestion what could be the best option ?

Can't use brutality as it would disable my spirit offering (extra chaos damage - I think) so maybe deathmark or summon skeletons or anything else you would suggest ??

Thanks in advance for any replay.
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I do boots swap in game depends on map mods and for different type of boss

Offensive: Scourging arrow + cast while channeling + flesh offering + desecrate
Defensive: Vaal molten shell + cast when dmg taken + bone offering + desecrate
Elemental Defensive with chaos dmg: Vaal molten shell + cast when dmg taken + spirit offering + desecrate

I will always have another pair of boot in the inventory to swap in when need.
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Quick question.
Why take lv1 fortify mod on weapon when your already have kingmaker's nearby allies have fortify from AG?

Because a lvl 1 Fortify support gem has a 20% more damage modifier.
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how can i approve my zombiedamage?
Stuck at tier 15-16 maps, tried sirus once, get him till i guess 40% then it was over. Tips to improve my build? Have 1 ex and around 350 c


wow that pPoB is a big mess, I don't even know what are you using in your build lol. There's a bunch of things everywhere... I guess the 6L zombies is the one ur using..

But, well here is some tips based on what I see in that pob:

- Get a 6L for your zombies
- Level up/quality your gems
- Get rid of Melee Splash on your zombie, it's unecessary and actually it's cutting down your damage
- Get multistrike, melee phys, empower lvl 3-4 for your zombie link
- Get rid of minion speed for Brutality/Minion Damage
- Get a crafted fortify weapon
- Can try Saqawal Nest body armour with Aspect of the Avian Skill, it's a big damage and clear speed boost
- Try Elegant Hubris with 160-320%+ minion damage
- Use Pride
- Your are missing more then half of the Minion nodes on your skill tree....

https://pastebin.com/0myNj6Mf cleaned up my build
-i have a 6L for my zombies
-gems are almost top lvl
-i use melee phys damage supp (better seeable after clean up)
-i use Get multistrike, melee phys, empower lvl 2 (no lvl 3 yet)
-Get a crafted fortify weapon: a bit expensive to buy at the moment
- this build i follow on this threat says that i must use minion speed so i am confused
- dunno wich numer i need for the 240 damage, spend a lot of chaos to get the right number, if anyone know a good number, let me know
-my mana is near zero so pride is not an option atm (i use hast, elements and dread banner) and i'm oom. my enlighten is lvl 2 atm so i takes a while to get to 3
- Your are missing more then half of the Minion nodes on your skill tree.... i check

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Quick question.
Why take lv1 fortify mod on weapon when your already have kingmaker's nearby allies have fortify from AG?

Because a lvl 1 Fortify support gem has a 20% more damage modifier.

Thanks for the clarification, so I guess 90~100% minion damage roll is much better than lv1 fortify since kingmaker already has fortify aura.
I read above, the Kingmaker Fortify is NOT the same as from our 6L Weapon.

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