3.12 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombies & Skeletons & Spectres on STEROIDS! | League-Start to End-Game

brunowa написал:
Don't be afraid to pick up resistance in the tree if need be. You can easily sacrifice some life nodes to pick up resistances which are far more important.

By trading an Efficient Training up by +5 strength (from 16 to 21), I managed to get to 1001 strength with this \o/

Still got 4EX left... Not enough for crafting an uber mace, but is going from a L3 to a L4 Empower worth it?
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Yep Empower 4 is worth it.

Also, vendor your gems for 20% quality on them all. You're missing out on some great juice!
trung12368 написал:
I just spam chaos and get maim and +1 level socketed gem around every 15chaos, i failed the annul 3 times and got it on 4th try

Wow lucky haha.
Helanra написал:
Aldora_the_Summoner написал:
Helanra написал:
Can you look at my Profile, and give me some Feedback please. Because i die when i am Frozen or Onehit sometimes. Please look at my Gear and Gem Setup.

Your characters are currently hidden (it's the default for everyone's profile). You'll need to unhide them and then we can help :)

No it is open;)
I mean Now....

Thanks for that :) Just a couple of quick confirming questions:

1. Is your strength over 1000 so you can take advantage of Zombie leech? I'm assuming with your gear that this is good.

2. Are your resists capped? By which I mean, are they capped without the 21% extra you get from Spirit Offering? It's possible in some battles you won't have that up and if you're not cold resist capped then you're going to experience some major damage increases.

Overall I can see two opportunities to improve your survivability here, and one opportunity for damage improvement.

1. You shouldn't need two life flasks. Swap the second one out with a Quartz flask of heat or a Basalt flask of heat. You can keep these up constantly which will give you both an increased defensive capability plus chill and freeze immunity.

2. Consider respecing 6 skill points and taking Soul of Steel instead. The extra +1% to all resists may not seem a lot, but it is. Plus 5% additional Phys damage reduction is a nice added bonus.

3. You have Brutality in your Zombie set up and then Spirit Offering in Cyclone. This means when you trigger your Offering, your Zombies do not get the 29% extra Chaos damage. If you change your set up to 3R and 3B you can swap Brutality for Minion Damage, which is 10% less damage but you will then get the 29% Chaos bonus which is overall more damage. Additionally, 20% quality will net you 15% increased phys damage compared to 10% from Brutality.

That's about all I can offer, everything else looks pretty solid.
Wow thx a lot, for your Feedback! I have Problems with the 3b, 3r on my weapon. But i try...
I'm having problems with physical reflect, I assume I need the minion leech to overcome this?
Fakevox написал:
I'm having problems with physical reflect, I assume I need the minion leech to overcome this?

This cost around 10 ex... If you are rich you can get one. Or buy 500 normal ones and try gambling with vaals.

Overall it's way cheaper just reroll phys reflect.
"There's no thing like random one-shots in this game. You only die because you take 353,456,237 hits in 0.2 seconds. If your build can't survive that or a lag spike it's because you suck, period. Post your PoB so the PoE experts can analyse and help improve your build."
Yup gonna be rerolling methinks, cheers for the info!
brunowa написал:
Helmet: Raise Spectre, Meat Shield, Animate Guardian, Blood Magic

Weapon: Raise Zombie, Feeding Frenzy, Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, Multistrike, Empower

Chest: Vaal Summon Skeletons, Minion Damage, Feeding Frenzy, Melee Physical Damage, Melee Splash... and Dread Banner in off socket

Gloves: Enlighten, Vaal Haste, Blasphemy and your choice of curse. Use either Enfeeble (defensive) or Vulnerability (offensive).

Flame Dash, Phase Run, and your choice of any other 2 skills such as Flesh Offering, Convocation, Desecrete, or Vaal Molten Shell.

Ring: Summon Chaos Golem

You got errors in Skills/Gems section: Feeding Frenzy in weapon and chest, why?

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