[3.15] ShakCentral's Cold DoT For Everyone

I never played Vortex before, so I'm gonna try this for a league start.
Awesome guide with tons of information, I wish more guides were that in-depth.

I was thinking about going RF before I found this. I assume RF has a better clear speed but Vortex is better on bosses?
juyst one question - i thought we dont have multimod anymore,arent we? but in build PoB creafter weapon has multimod
Melanholic7 написал:
juyst one question - i thought we dont have multimod anymore,arent we? but in build PoB creafter weapon has multimod

The "endgame CI" weapon has two mods + multimod, that is fine, the "low life" weapon has one additional, so probably just think the increased cold damage mod away.
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The Storm Brand is cast on its own; you don't cast it yourself. It's pretty vital to triggering Elemental Equilibrium because it constantly procs and refreshes the -cold res.


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It's not terrible to level with Vortex and CS. I put in the leveling guide that it's not recommended simply because it's slower. If you want to level with it, go ahead!


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I haven't played RF in a long time, but I don't believe RF is currently better than really anything in Vortex other than regen. Vortex is like RF with another castable AoE in Cold Snap. RF also doesn't freeze and chill and provide the same level of defense.


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We are losing some of the multimod power. I have been answering questions nonstop for almost two days both here and on reddit, and haven't been able to update the PoB as much yet.
Vortex For Dummies: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661120
I've got a big work event coming up before I can head home for league start, and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has given feedback on the guide. From reddit comments and messages, to people on my Discord, to the comments here, y'all are helping immensely in my effort to make this the best Vortex guide possible.

Upcoming plans: I'll be updating more things in the PoB as soon as I can. My characters are public, so you can always import my 3.9 character by searching for the ShakCentral account.

I'm planning to update the crafting section with any changes that are affected by the multimod nerf.

Again, the leveling section is largely unaffected by the nerfs to leveling skills. OOS is still going to be used to kill one mob and start the (unnerfed) Herald of Ice chain. Using Stormblast Mine inside of OOS radius will still proc bolts at the previous rate. For the most part, you will spend less than 3 seconds between packs, so keeping up Onslaught will still happen. The Lightning Spire Trap and Stormblast Mine nerfs will mostly only slow your boss kills slightly.

Can't wait to league start with you all. Have fun, and stay hydrated exiles!
Vortex For Dummies: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2661120
Quick question.

Some of the trees on POB are 3.8 version but I believe most of it haven't change for 3.9 right?
Level 50 right now in SSFHC. Breezing thorugh the content with OoS and WoC.

Be careful with bosses though, they hit like a truck. Gonna get some sleep and keep running tomorrow.
Yeah, bosses are a huge pain now. Right now I'm leveling up with arc, following what I can of this and other guides to make it through to maps.

I wouldn't mind switching over to Vortex, but I also feel like I'd lack too much dps, particularly with those damage sponge bosses that now plague the land.

It makes me worried that I won't be able to reach enough of a potential with a build like this to make it through, but I suppose there's still plenty of league time to get it off the ground...
Hi Shak! First of all thx for the amazing build! I really love it! I wanna ask you about the Zizarian version of this build came out yesterday, and what about the different nodes in the tree, in particular about why he goes in the extreme left to pick "Faith and Stee"l and not picking nodes you picked up like "Coldheart Calculation", "Lethal Assault" and "Resourcefulness" in the right part.

Thx a lot!
pushed to maps first night. OoS and WoC feels pretty smooth for clearing packs. Bosses and league mechanic atm are extremely difficult to down. Lightning spire traps feels almost useless but that may just be me. did find a +2 cold scepter with open slot for cast spell mod so looking forward to being able to use that when I make the swap to Vortex, question now is when should I make that change? Will continue to update as I go. Look at my shitty gear so far:

edit: well shit just went and did my einhar crafts and got a tabula.. guess im goinge xtra squish and swapping to vortex now? :D

edit2: Vortex swap feels niiiiceeeee
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