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@ilLL3at I found a really really strong interaction earlier today, that I just have to share, for the penultimate EE-spreading skill: stormblast mine.

Each stormblast mine emits an aura that causes enemies to take 3% increased damage. These bonuses stack with each other. With minefield support, you can have up to 19 mines at once, which gives a total of 57% increased damage taken. Since these aura mines are aura's, they scale with aura effect. With breakpoints of 34% and 67% increased aura effect, you can push the effect of each individual mine to 4% and 5% respectively, with the total aura effect going up to 76% and 95% increased damage taken, respectively. There is also a helmet enchant which gives 40% increased stormblast mine aura effect. With this, it is just barely possible to reach 101% stormblast mine aura effect, for 104% increased damage taken by enemies.

The skitterbots pop the mines without you having to activate them and then re-arm them, maintaining the aura effect. Since you don't have to detonate them yourself, the skill auto-applies EE while maintaining the mine effect in full. With a CoH ring and/or EW from gloves corrupt, the mine applies those too. Since it is a mine, reflected damage doesn't hurt you, so you can effectively scale level and damage if you want to, and you probably will want to.

The mine itself can be used to spread ailments. Skitterbots already spreads its own ailments with shock and chill. However, since those effects originate from the minion, they are not impacted by the new keystone Secrets of Suffering. As a result, you can have chill AND shock AND freeze from your minions AND an alternative elemental ailment of your choice. By leaving it, you get sap for reduced damage from enemies as an additional layer of defense. With Avatar of Fire you can get scorch for reduced elemental resistances (which I still think doesn't work). Finally, with the Three dragons you can (hopefully) make your lightning damage inflict brittle. Slap an elemental proliferation on there and you spread your ailment like wildfire.

There is a node on the passive tree just by Necromantic Aegis which increases mine duration from 5 to 7 seconds, gives increased mine laying speed, and also causes mines to emit a damage reduction aura (to 10% reduced damage dealt by enemies). The mana reservation will reach approx. 140 with all mines out at max level, which is comparable to a level 14-15 precision aura. In exchange, you get a skill with a crazy strong damage aura which automatically applies EE and curses and possibly an extra layer of defense.
Hello iLL3aT, I have one question, what about the spirit offering, after the nerf it will continue to be occupied? pd: sorry me english, im from Argentina
will the aura on the mines persist once u detonate them tho?
Home now, so I'll work on updating the guide to 3.10

@sKillmaTic - yeah I saw that jewel. Works well, though you do lose 2 4% life nodes - not a big deal. I think it will depend which one has better glorious vanity nodes. The endgame will be cluster jewel stuff though.

Never been a fan of shield charge personally, though I've seen those with low latencies go really fast with it. - minions could never keep up so you had to re summon anyways. This one is a personal choice though.

@SamSmitty - Yep, that's the goal! I've sort of come up with a shell tree but am not quite happy with it yet. I think this will have to be a two week in project once we all get off the ground. Long story short though - no major changes until we know more about jewels and their prices.

@Vulgarny - that's true! I wonder if the carrion golem enchant will become the best in slot, as it was only ~2% worse than flesh offering and roughly equal to skellie damage. The lower the level of skellies, the more effect carrion golem has. I never valued flat dmg on jewels much.

@wazzupdj - bloody brilliant! I love this. Minions plus mines...how much will GGG hate us...? :)

I tried it out in the blood aquaducts just now - definitely great for EE. It looks like the goal is to place and keep as many up as possible so minefield is awesome. The issue here is sockets (lose carrion golem (to an unset ring) and meat shield, spectres to helmet?) - when do we get PoE 2's multiple six sockets??

Since we do not scale mine damage though, I don't think the ailment stacking will work, since we will not do enough damage to bosses to affect them. I've heard the threshold for Shaper tier bosses is 25 million, with a lower threshold on the three new elemental ailments. This will have to be a science project for later. I think I would just run a level 1 mine personally - 57 mana reserved with 19 down.

Since generosity does not affect mines (same logic as it with Pride), where are you getting the increased aura effect? It's a pretty rare stat on the tree, and most of the aura stuff I have on my character is hatred only. Helm enchant is another cool idea though.

Not sure about the one necromantic aegis node either - it's eight points. Icicle mine might be an idea too (10% increased crit chance per mine). At 19, that's 9.5% actual crit chance which with enough multi, may be good.

@drklrd - Thanks! Haha

@MagnusCore - Greetings from Canada! I'm thinking of replacing spirit offering with flesh offering, and dropping triple offering. The life as ES was the best part even without the instant regen of ES.

@macsdf - I've tried it out but am not quite sure. When I hit a monster with the mine, there's a nice electric effect on them before they detonate (cold with icicle mine). No science, but from counting, it seems to last about five seconds. After detonating, there is a new instance of the effect, so it looks like it goes away after mine detonation.
3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965
Will this be updated before 3.10 hits? thinking about going this but not sure if it's going to change majorly by then.

EDIT: Also any tips on getting the 4 green triad grip early in league?
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Sorry if I am missing something, but how are your skeletons freezing? Your POB shows elemental focus gem.

Can someone please explain to me exactly how we are proccing EE with this?

I don't quite understand the interaction between EE + Avatar of Fire + Frost Bomb. Please explain?

Doesn't Avatar of Fire mean we deal no cold damage?

And I'm assuming that EE is only enabled when we cast Frost bomb on bosses? So it's not active during mapping?
@Cpfuzzy - writing it as we speak. Up to the gems section now.

@agates911 - I only use elemental focus on bosses that cannot be frozen (aka Shaper/Sirus). Against mobs/lesser bosses (guardians, conquerors), I just keep feeding frenzy in. Deathmark is another option.

@killingmasheen - EE is from frost bomb only since it deals fire damage with avatar of fire. We deal no cold damage - this makes it that we do not ruin EE. Frost bomb gives cold exposure regardless of whether we deal fire or cold damage since the exposure effect comes before the damage is done (from the pulses).

EE is usually not active while mapping, though you can use frost bomb on rares. Map monster do not have a lot of health.
3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965
thx for this build

It might help
trip for "PoE Off Color Socket" by l0czkinS

Hi All, the 3.10 update is now live with a new color scheme (why did I use red for a cold build)! Let me know if there are any issues (3.9 stuff I did not update)! See you all in Delirium!

Thanks Lokkich - That one is a little newer than the one I added to the Triad Grips section and a good video.
3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965

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