[3.15] LL VD Spellslinger | 10k ES | 75%Block/75% Spell Block | GOD TIER T19 100% AL9 [Videos]

despite its my 3rd VD char the last leagues iam maybe not a pro BUT i think with 20-30 ex budget the hardest content is not doable in any way.

To reach somehow an ES which is at least above 8k ( you want 9-10k ) you need invest a lot and maintain a minimum of damage.

With 60 ex budget it could come close to a solid char BUT there needs to be some crafting done for helm,wand, belt, boots.
I swapped to LL VD when I had lvl 21 aura gems, 6L shavs, cdr helmet, prism, good anguish rings, chayula, 2 decent large clusters, 3 medium clusters, 5-6 gems with max es as well as 2 crit multi mods,and a hubris circlet with 10% ss reservation, cinderswallow, rumis, and 2 multi dmg mods. I then harvest crafted decent ES/res gear for other slots. I started accumulating these items on day 2 and the prices are probably very different now but back then this was about 20-25 ex. I think this is about bare minimum what you need to do to map high reds and do bosses.
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If anyone wants these on Standard for the build just hit me up, cheapest prices.
Последняя редакция: firenovix. Время: 1 февр. 2021 г., 20:06:39
Do you have a guide for crafting the wand?
If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go real limp, because maybe you'll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy.
Hello everyone))) That man can make really incredible and powerfull builds, and Witch LL VD + DD one of them!! I am buy his mirror service of wand, helmet and belt! And i have plan to buy his mir serv gloves and boots also!! It is fantastic items!!
P.S. Sorry for my bad english :)
Juiced this build to hell and back in Ritual, what an amazing build.

Probably going to swap builds soon, nothing left to upgrade without 100+x, rather dump it into a new build :( if anyone on ritual needs tips / gear just hit me up.
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Forgive me such stupid questions, but i just noticed that my frenzy has 0.67 attack speed, and cooldown for VD is 0.37. Does it mean that i do only half of possible DPS?

The grind is over.
Just need to rem/add def and get some more white sockets.
RRoyalMarine написал:

The grind is over.
Just need to rem/add def and get some more white sockets.

PM me as soon as you are done i will link for sercice in my thread.

I just modified PoB to check and i must say WOW 10% TOTAL maximum DPS more for Volatile Dead. Going from 3 mil to 3.3 mil.

What beautiful Harvest crafted helm GG mate.

So basically together with the CDR% upgrade to 82% in 3.13 this build's DPS net gain was 20% more dps than before with additional utility like Flask charges on crit from the new belt.
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4 more ES if I keep re-rolling for 100% increased ES.
is it worth it?

edit: 3 white now. I think it's done!
Последняя редакция: RRoyalMarine. Время: 2 февр. 2021 г., 8:49:13

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