[3.15] LL VD Spellslinger | 10k ES | 75%Block/75% Spell Block | GOD TIER T19 100% AL9 [Videos]

Etralis написал:
Got a alot of items for this build for sale in STANDARD

Then post them for sale in the Selling Thread, as opposed to hijacking this one.

Most of your stuff...well...GL.
-Time to be funny. The world needs funny right now! Warning: "Might" get you muted.

25 Exalts...oh God my stupidity has stuck around!
Bonerfleximus написал:
I've been stuck on step 3 of wand crafting for 24 sets of jagged/corroded/shuddering/metallic. CraftOfExile says it should be 50%, do we know if something maybe changed? Seems like I'm always rolling only suffixes and maybe 1 extra prefix, which is never +1 spells... costing me a ton.

I did start with Essence of Anger fracture flat fire damage instead of %fire damage, does that matter? I used this method in Harvest and figured it would still work =/

I've rolled a TON of wands for +1 skill gems this league, both for this build and minions wands, and its definitely not 50%, not sure why COE is calculating it like that too. But it's also not far off - I usually hit the +1 gems within 4-5 tries, so it works for sure if you're doing it right, probably just unlucky.
Have you done it with a fractured base that doesn't have fractured fire%/spell% ?

Reason I ask is because other than +1 spells the only other mod group that can roll with those fossiles is "WeaponCasterDamagePercentage", so if you already have that mod on there your fossil only needs to hit 2 prefix to land +1 spell

Wondering if by my wand not having one of the two mod groups that can roll with this fossil combo, it's acting strangely (like maybe it needs 3 prefixes to land, but can only hit 2 because only 2 possible).

Just rolled 7 more tries still nothing but +% spell damage prefixes..there goes my last few hours of farming. Sunk about 40ex in so far, considering selling the base and just saving for one of the pre-rolled ones for 100ex at this point...

EDIT: Okay yes, I just did some research and because only two prefixes are possible with this fossil combo - it only has 50% chance to roll +1 spells if the fractured mod is either [% Fire Damage] or [% Caster Damage] because they belong to the other mod group available.

If you have anything besides that, fossil craft will roll for 2 prefixes but one is already taken. So then it will roll the second one with either spell % or +1 spells, and +1 spells' weighting is miniscule compared to spell %.

Hopefully this saves someone else some Exalts before they get clever thinking fracturing Essence of Anger then 50/50 rolling +1 spells would be cheaper than the other way around. I assumed it would ignore the fractured mod, and allow for up to 2 ADDITIONAL prefixes like any other rare item allows...then because only 2 are available it would hit +1 spells (it doesn't work like that). Would be sweet if resonators gave a warning that fewer than the maximum number of affixes will be rolled because of the pool of available modifiers. That doesn't seem very intuitive to me, just based on the verbiage of the fossiles and fractured modifiers it should just roll up to the max prefixes allowed.
Последняя редакция: Bonerfleximus. Время: 20 февр. 2021 г., 22:57:08
it's good option for surviving?
GGG, сделайте уже торговлю автоматизированной-хватит лениться.Блевать тянет с торговли.Скоро кто-нибудь переплюнет выпуск реюзабельного контента каждые 3 месяца/на 2 недели игры.
Последняя редакция: GaikotsuSova. Время: 20 февр. 2021 г., 23:51:46
Ok I will first say that I am still kinda new (3rd league) but I have spend the most currency and time ever in this build and it still feels insanely mediocre. Ripping a lot by random 1shots and single target dps feels also not fantastic.

I have identified a few things that could definatly be improved but its very hard for me to prioritise what should be the biggest upgrade in terms of defence or offensive. Could someone either quickly inspect me and give me tips or tell me what I should focus on out of the following: (Budget 10-12ex)

- Trying to get +1 skill gems on weapon

- Get get awakaned spell cascade gems or the hextouch ones

- Get the 66% cdr cap ( So focus on improving that on boots and belt)

- Get better cluster jewels (Only got 1 good 1 atm)

- Get better regular Gems (Got a few decent ones, but no watchers eye)

- Get the Hypo / Conc effect on helm (Current one:

I think these are the most important things to improve? With the limited money I can only maybe do 1 or 2 and I hope it makes me being able to do all content. Because I currently cannot do the 10 maven challenges, or Awakening 8 sirus.

Thanks in regards for reading and helping :)
Последняя редакция: Naccer. Время: 20 февр. 2021 г., 23:06:26
Naccer написал:

- Trying to get +1 skill gems on weapon

Make sure to use a 1.5 aps wand. I can see rips happening from just being too slow aside from too low ES values.
Последняя редакция: zzang. Время: 21 февр. 2021 г., 4:23:36
Just got this one. Looks familier doesnt it? :D

JensLynild написал:
Just got this one. Looks familier doesnt it? :D

But why no 30% qual xD? Especially considering how much you spent to get t1 flat fire, I suppose. I personally have spent around 200-250 ex and half of my nerves to get t1 flat fire.
Didn't realize that you're on std, so nvm.
Последняя редакция: dtx1212. Время: 21 февр. 2021 г., 5:17:05
Naccer написал:

- Get the Hypo / Conc effect on helm (Current one:

I think these are the most important things to improve? With the limited money I can only maybe do 1 or 2 and I hope it makes me being able to do all content. Because I currently cannot do the 10 maven challenges, or Awakening 8 sirus.

Thanks in regards for reading and helping :)

Swap your VD/DD to torso and Frenzy to helmet and get Crown of the Inward Eye with 15% spellslinger enchant (costs ~10ex if you use live search). After you manage to craft the helmet (costs way more), sell the Crown and swap gems back.

Gem setup for Crown:

DD, VD, ele focus, spell cascade, conc, spellslinger

Frenzy, barrage, power charge on crit, combustion

Your hextouch setup does nothing since you can only apply one curse, so currently 6-link is wasted.

Get cheap Watcher's Eye. Pop all mods into trade site and "count: 2". Costs 15-100c, depending what mods you prefer.

Sidenote: 10 bosses on Maven's arena is way easier than Sirus A8.
Someone please have a look at my character and suggest the next upgrading steps.

Lacking some resistances too, so looking for a solution?

Thank you in advance!

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