[3.11] LL VD+DD Spellslinger|10k ES |75%Block/75% Spell Block | GOD TIER T19 100% Delirious [Videos]

Jerle написал:
Hi can I check why do we use conjured wall when we don’t cast our spells? Also why use thaumorphage when there seems to be a lot of other leech options available? Also, might fire dmg large cluster have better notables?


Dash is a spell we constantly use it. Thaumophage basically is the easiest Spell leech. Fire large cluster have no benefits over spell as we need block + leech.

Since Cluster jewels are currently harder to craft, what do you suggest as a skill tree while we have a lot of free points? :)
i just changed my tree a little bit and fit an unnatural instinct in it . And my dps went higher than before i get 7 skill points when using the unnatural instinct
yo zzz
any suggestion for me? <3

Just finished this, don't know if it's a mirror tier item, but if someone interested - contact me, gonna do that for free.
not mirror tier but rly rly big. How did u craft it?
reggie_gakil написал:
not mirror tier but rly rly big. How did u craft it?

Well, the hardest part is getting t1 fire dmg prefix, since it's very rare. I alt spammed it and fractured later, then just spammed scorched fossils. So it was just a bit of luck.
Acardipane написал:
PainOfDead написал:
any can help me ? my damage su ck :c

Imagine playin LL with Tabula Rasa :D

and now ??
just sniped this for 30ex.

mirror service worth?

What can I use for an amulet if I don't have a presence of chayula and for rings if I don't have those specs? And lastly, your cluster jewel is going to be hard to get, where can I put those points elsewhere?

PS: Your PoB has 129/121 for some reason?
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