[3.12] Odif's Newbie League Starter, Electric Spectre-(Zombie or Skeleton) Necromancer, low cost.

My friend, what do you think of Queens escape or a staff in the place of a wand?

mirage2k640 написал:
I see that we can raise spectres from Heist areas now, I wonder if there are any good spectres that can compare with the SD's ?

I wonder that too.
I am not the experimenting type, I await somebody better than me, to discover that.
My friend, what do you think of Queens escape or a staff in the place of a wand?

It does give an extra spectre and zombie, which is huge, and the move speed is nice...but...

The +1 all skill gems on two wands gives +2 gem level to spectres, zombies, golems, auras, offering. Thats a LOT.

And there is no wealth progression on a Queen's Escape, but with wands you can buy em with +1 all skill gems, +1 all minion skill gems, + minion damage, + minion attack/cast speed, and craft "trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill"

But, that being said, if you get a cheap Queen's Escape and want to use it, go for it. It's good. I just think wands are better.

Also, the guide tries to minimize needed uniques.
Dude, Can we use Baranite Thaumaturge? it also lightning damage.
edillsonzhin написал:
Dude, Can we use Baranite Thaumaturge? it also lightning damage.

Yes absolutely.
They are a fine choice for upgrading away from Slave Drivers, if your Slave Drivers start dying. (If your Slave Drivers are not dying, stick with them, they are the best dps lightning spectre, just squishy.)

I recommended Scinteel Synthete in the guide because I think they are slightly better, because Baranite Thaumatureges highest damage ability has a 3 second delay from cast to damage, so bosses can move out of its effect, and it's on a 12 sec cooldown.

That being said, they do more damage than Scinteel Synthete, IF the mobs don't move out of the range, so they are a perfectly viable alternative.

Also BT's are easier to get than Scinteel Synthetes.

In my opinion, the pros and cons between the two balance out, and you can choose whichever you prefer.
I just did a few tweaks to the guide, small things, mostly about skeletons, because I think the skeleton version is better at Heist Choke Points (DOORS OF DEATH), so I cleaned that section up.
Последняя редакция: Odif. Время: 25 сент. 2020 г., 21:31:52
i see we use 2x Predator,but isnt 1 enough? doesnt 1 work for all our minions?
pluke89 написал:
i see we use 2x Predator,but isnt 1 enough? doesnt 1 work for all our minions?

Only minions who have the gem socketed will lock on to the marked enemy.

If you go skels instead of zombies, you only need predator on the spectres, because skels lock on enemies all on their own.
In past leagues tried necro builds (mostly Speaker for the Dead, King of all summoners and last league Stress free POE - Slow Mo Zombies build) and now started the league with this one.

Have to say that it is a great build and have one shotted only a few times. Although started mapping a few days as I have a slow playing style and don't like rushing all the time. I hope that the build can bring me to the end game as far as I can upgrade my items and my gems. I wonder whether this time I can reach lvl100 first time or not :)
https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/dbius/characters Witcher_Heist_dbius is my league character right now.

atm lvl 78, missing uber lab trials, trying to grab them from global 820.

These are my actual items:


Trying to grab a Rumi's Concoction flask and maybe a Blood of the Karui life potion

Thank you Odif for sharing your build and keep up the good work mate!

I think a few video would be great to see in the OP!
Последняя редакция: dbius. Время: 26 сент. 2020 г., 6:43:25
I won't be doing any videos, I don't have the computer that can handle that.

dbius, I have two suggestions for you.

Neither of your wands have +1 all skill gem levels.
This is HUGE, its how you get to level 25 spectres for an extra spectre.
Its how you get your bone offering high enough for block chance and higher block on hit.
Its how you get higher level zombies, so they SURVIVE.
It buffs wrath level for more damage.
It's just really really important.

You have a mana flask.
You should never be short of mana.

Otherwise, it looks GREAT.
Glad you are enjoying the build.

Not sure you can take it to 100, as that requires doing hundreds of high level maps with NO deaths. It's a tanky build, but maybe not tanky enough.

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