[3.14] Gryph's Burning Witch - CoC Volatile Dead Necromancer - Burn Yourself Through the Atlas

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3.15 Updates

I know people are going to ask so I'm going to put my initial thoughts here regarding the triggered spell mana costs.


It's not going to feel as good as before but I'm pretty sure that was the point!

The main concern is mana costs of triggered skills. There are a couple of ways around this but I think the cleanest way is to just use Eldritch Battery+Mind Over Matter

This would replace the Glorious Vanity+Corrupted Soul setup as well.

That said if you want to maintain the current setup you can use Essence Glutton for mana recovery+Inspiration Support for reduced mana costs+Replica Conqueror's Efficiency/other sources of -mana cost, and %Damage taken Recouped as mana mods to sustain mana.

CoC VD loses about 25-30% of its damage from support gem nerfs. Less than other builds.

Rep Duskdawn looks better than ever to make sure we can be attack crit capped for cyclone.

Assassin's Mark ring is likely better to use than having it on CWDT now that we need the crit right away.

Honestly it's all fine. :)

Hello everyone!
I'd like to introduce you to my league starter from 3.13:
This is a Cast on Critical Strike + Volatile Dead Self Igniting CWDT Necromancer.

I started this build about two weeks before Ritual and had an absolute blast tweaking, tinkering, and evolving her in preparation for 3.13 Ritual. She's fast, she's tanky, she obliterates bosses, and she's LITERALLY ON FIRE!

Path of Building
If you do not have it, you will want the Path of Building Community Fork
Link to it here
Please note that this, and future, POBs should not be viewed as guides but rather reference points to look at:


3.14 Changes

Corrupted Soul
Now causes you to Gain 15% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield (previously 20%).

Small numerical nerf to our ES pool. About 400-500es at end game. Not a big deal.

Now grants 16 to 23 additional Fire Damage to Spells at gem level 1 (previously 15 to 21) and 109 to 155 additional Fire Damage to Spells at gem level 20 (previously 99 to 140). This makes the additional Fire Damage apply to Attacks and Spells by the same amount.

Anger got a decent little damage boost. Probably makes it situationally stronger than Zealotry. Depends on multiple factors, but worth noting!

Wave of Conviction
Exposure now applies -15% to Elemental Resistance matching highest Damage taken (previously -25%).

Small damage nerf. Makes other exposure options (such as Cluster jewel Master of Fire) more attractive. Can potentially be dropped to save a socket in this regard.

Explodey chests are still good for us but also not really needed either. Will be cheaper to make a chest with Dual Crit mods on a Hunter base with harvest(yes, even in its current form). Will want to use Cremator on medium cluster jewel for consistent corpse removal.

Build is totally fine post nerfs. Barely got touched.


-Fast Clearspeed
-10M+DPS easily
-VERY Tanky with a high effective life pool (8k+), 75/50+ block/spell block, and excellent recovery mechanics
-1 FPS Gameplay is the best kind of gameplay. KEKW
-Scales very well from league start to end game gear
-Stun Immune
-Can run No Regen maps thanks to 0 mana cost cyclone
-One button playstyle #spin2win
-Red tier mapper on even extreme budget gear/League start viable
-Can also be played as Detonate Dead with minimal changes
-Suuuper fun and lazy playstyle :D

-Due to the nature of ignites and VD spamming, this build gets very laggy in zones with extreme pack density. If you've layered your defenses properly this won't be too much of an issue as far as dying is concerned (I've had some pretty epic 1 fps gameplay :P)
-You will be squishy and die a lot prior to getting the end game gear setup (Watcher's Eye and Glorious Vanity in particular)
-Requires a small amount of "ramp up" time to get max DPS due to the nature of Corpse Pact ascendancy. This may take 1-2 seconds against a single boss (Sirus, Shaper, Elder)
-Somewhat susceptible to elemental ailments as we cannot make use of 100% ailment avoidance. Freeze+Chill immunity is easily obtained however.

The Concept

Gonna put this here because some people are LAZY! (me :P)

We ignite others, we ignite ourselves, we proc ALL THE SPELLS! #onebuttonplaystyle

Cast on Crit VD is not a new idea. One of my biggest issues with it has always been that I am lazy and like my buffs from utility spells. The biggest and most impactful, one being Bone Offering for the massive Attack and Spell Block chance and the life recovery gained when you block buffs. CoC VD/DD builds do not typically have a way to automate this reliably(if at all) and that is not appealing to me.

And so, inspired by my love of Scold's Bridle and inflicting damage on myself, I am utilizing Eye of Innocence for self damage to trigger my spells while I spin and spin and spin.
Just Keep Spinning Exile

*Disclaimer: when you are doing maps with very high pack density you will lag the server. It's okay I promise just do as Dory does and you'll be fine thanks to our multiple layers of defenses.

For realz, don't stop!

Mechanics, The Rundown

Every time we ignite an enemy, we take 100 fire damage. This is reduced by our fire resistance and other reduced/less damage taken effects. In practice, that means with 75% Fire resistance and Fortify Buff you will take 20 damage per ignite inflicted on an enemy. This may not sound like a lot but...consider the following:
Скрытый текст
15 attacks per second on a single target=300 damage per second from Cyclone
7.5 procs of VD casts with an average of 9-11 balls per proc (we'll say 10)=1,500 fire damage taken per second.
This is not counting the fact that these are AOE spells, or that we have spells proccing off of the self damage that will also ignite.

it is a lot of damage and it works wonderfully.
We DO need to mitigate this damage of course. Easiest way to do that is to use:

We ignite, we take 20 and recover up to 30(roll dependent)

The next trick in the hat is to take this fire damage we inflict and allow it to ignite us for the juicy bonuses we can have from that:
The perks to burning the witch

Eye of Innocence alone gives:
2% of Fire Damage Leeched as Life while ignited
50-70% increased damage while ignited
From there we use the Medium Cluster Notable Wrapped in Flame to gain immunity to chill as well as the ability to cover enemies in ash (a huge damage boost)

There are other items that give bonuses for being ignited, but these are the important ones.

There are two main ways to add chance to ignite to ourselves. The best way is to use

This increases our chance to be ignited by 10%. This is plenty.
Alternatively use these boots

That's all there really is to the Self-Ignite+CWDT shennanigans.


What we have for defenses (and why I love this build!)
-8k+ Combined Life and ES pool is very doable at end game and can reach 9k if you're commited.
-75% Chance to Block Attacks with no flasks
-50%+ Spell Block depending on cluster jewels, number of spell block nodes taken, and offering effect on chest. Can also use Rumi's for another 10%
For reference, I have 62% spell block (no Rumi's)
-300-450 life on block
-30 life when we ignite an enemy
-Life Leech
-32-40% Physical Damage reduction before any armour scaling.
-ES on hit from Watcher's Eye
-ES leech
-And the best of them: DPS! because mobs can't kill you if they're dead!


For bandits I recommend Helping Alira for the resists+crit multiplier
Kill all for +2 Passives. This is best if you can cover your resistances effectively.


You may choose to take Commander of Darkness third rather than first if you don't need the resistances while leveling.


Major Pantheon:

Minor Pantheon:

Upgrade these at your leisure of course. You can also use Arakaali and/or Shakari for a buffer against chaos damage.
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My Gear

3.13 Ritual Gear

3.12 Heist Gear

Leveling the Build/League Start

This build will be able to run maps very easily with just a tabula and rare staff. I ran a character through story and into the first few maps just to post it here and show you. :P

Example of a SSF level 74 character: https://pastebin.com/ZMY4vfK5
SSF'd Gear

I personally enjoy leveling the build with Stormblast Mines Orb of Storms until 24 at which point I use Spellslinger from 24 onward.

Leveling trees POB:
This should give you an idea on how to progress the tree while leveling as spellslinger.
General Idea

For spellslinger you can start at 24 after the Tolman quest. Make sure you have alts to buy gems:

Spellslinger - Volatile Dead - Spell Cascade - Conc effect (4th Link)
Spellslinger - Desecrate - Spell Cascade

For wand attack you need to get a barrage from another player or after library quest.

Barrage - Faster Attacks

For extra damage:
Cremation - Combustion - Culling Strike
Spell Totem - Wave of Conviction

Make sure to have 2x level 20 wands from the vendor recipe. Ideally on Carved Wand bases (for higher attack speed, makes attacking smoother)

You need:
1x magic carved wand
1x orb of alteration
1x RARE Ruby Ring (make sure to pick up early essences to make a rare ring if no alchs available)

Make two of these, aug+regal if given the opportunity and then you can bench craft spell damage when that craft becomes available.

That should be pretty smooth sailing after that.
Socket Colors+Links to look for

B-B-B-G For VD
B-B-G For Desecrate
G-B for Cremation
R-B for Spell Totem + WOC
G-G-B for Smoke Mine+Flame Dash+Second Wind

If you're dying a lot, read this

Getting asked this a lot and the solutions tend to be the same/similar across the board.

Transitioning this build can be a little tricky, especially if you haven't been keeping up with the thread discussion or finding me on twitch to ask me for guidance while I'm streaming.

So to help: here's some advice,

Use Flesh and Stone. You're not using Discipline yet, so take advantage of the blind while in sand stance. You will get hit much less.

Use a Granite and/or Basalt flask to mitigate incoming physical hits.

Buy and equip a Ngamahu's Sign for the insane recovery it provides naturally. It's also cheap.

Diamond Flask is your friend

Specc out of Elemental Overload, don't be a dunce like me and kill your first 4 conquerors with 1/4 your expected DPS. KEKW

Make sure you have accuracy on gear to get as close to 100% hit chance as possible.

Zealotry is likely better than Anger. Use it instead and just level Anger. It gives consecrated ground which is good for another 100% increased crit chance.

Don't use Eclipse staff, get a Martyr staff, they're 20c. You want chance to block. Between the blind, block, and flasks, you avoid and mitigate a ton of incoming damage.

If stuns are STILL an issue, farm merc lab for boot enchant. (65% avoidance) Cruel lab for 50% is also viable if you have longer labs. Get 10% avoidance on an abyssal jewel then.

Keep flasks up at all times while mapping :P

That should more or less cover things. Can always ask me for guidance on stream:


Colors in items listed are not necessarily correctly colored. Be sure to check the "Gems and Links" section for correct setups.
Required Items
There are 3 uniques that you need to make the self-ignite portion of this build work (and thus the automation of CWDT skills).

This is what deals damage to us to trigger CWDT spells

This keeps us alive by fully mitigating the fire damage we take when we ignite an enemy by recovering that much+ at the same time. Look for 25+ life recovery roll.

You need one of these two items to allow the fire damage from Eye of Innocence to apply ignite on us. The jewel is preferable, but the boots may be used until it is acquired as the Replica Reckless Defense is a Heist only drop.

When looking at rare gear to buy, here are some stats you will want to prioritize:

-Dexterity, we don't need a TON of it but we also get almost none from the tree (Literally 20 dex from the tree), you need 100 Dex for level 21 Volatile Dead and 119 Dex for level 20 Precision. This means you will need another 66 Dexterity for Volatile Dead (incidentally this is how much you get from a max T1 Dex roll on a ring with catalysts) or 85 for level 20 Precision.
A non-corrupted Eye of Innocence will give you 24(28 w/ catalysts) Dex as well. So factor that in when buying/crafting gear.

-Accuracy. Get lots of it. Ring, Helmet, and Gloves all can roll Accuracy. need to get to 100% hit chance.

-Resists. Obviously get yourself res capped and get AS MUCH chaos resistance as you can afford. We are a little weak to chaos damage as we are a hybrid build.

-Life. Duh. :P


The Best in slot item here is Replica Duskdawn. With it's massive bonuses to damage and HUUUGE base crit this staff outshines all the rest by a large margin. Its 10% base crit chance will allow us to drop the Increased Crit Gem from our 6L for another damage support (Energy leech or Hypothermia) This is a heist only item and typically quite expensive. Definitely endgame.

Martyr of Innocence would be my next choice as it simply provides massive damage, block, and freeze immunity.

Regular Duskdawn is similar in damage to its replica counterpart, only lacking in attack crit. Also spell damage does not scale elemental explosions from an Explosion Chest/Inpulsa or our corpse explosions. It tends to be more expensive than Martyr and is not quite as good in my opinion, but still very usable if you happen to have one.

Disintigrator is another excellent choice but makes you susceptible to physical reflect and adds another degen
*Note: this degen does NOT trigger CWDT as it is not a "hit"

Lastly, a decent rare will go a long long way. look for one with:
Spell Damage
+level to all spells/fire spells
Crit Multiplier
Crit Chance or open suffix for crafted crit chance


Of note: this build pretty much NEEDS a 6L, so at bare minimum I would say: use a tabula or corrupted rare.

Beyond that, the next step would be an Inpulsa for the explosions (Shock everything thanks to Corpse Pact Ascendancy), damage, and modest life that it provides.

For endgame you'll want a Hunter Chest with iLvl 84+
You can Harvest craft one to get dual crit fairly easily via the "reforge a rare with a crit modifier, crit modifiers are more common" craft.

You then need an open prefix to craft "Suffixes cannot be changed" for 2ex. If you don't have a free prefix, then you need to use Harvest craft "Reforge a rare, keeping all suffixes" until you have one.

Once you have a suffixes cannot be changed craft you can use the Harvest craft:
"reforge a rare with caster modifier" and this will guarantee Extra Curse prefix and 0-2 other prefixes.
big money chest craft

This is for the following type of stats:

P:Crafted Life as Extra ES
P:Extra Curse
P:kinda random.
S:Elevated Increased Effect of offerings
S:Elevated/regular Attack OR Spell Crit. Your choice you only get 1.
S:Also random

The steps for this process are the same as above but are more expensive to start.

You will use an Awakener's Orb to combine an Offering Effect chest and a crit chest to have those two suffixes.

From there do the above steps.

Suffixes cannot be changed.
Harvest Craft: Reforge a Rare with a caster modifier to get Extra Curse

Repeat that process until happy with 2nd prefix.
Use Harvest craft "Reforge a rare, keeping all suffixes" as needed to free a prefix for "Suffixes Cannot be Changed" craft


A generic rare with:
Life, Resists, and an open Suffix for Stun Avoidance Craft (if you need it)

Other great stats to look for:
Warlord Influence mods:
Crit Multi
-9% to nearby enemy fire resistance
Increased Elemental Damage
+1 Maximum Power Charges
Hunter/Elder Influence Modifier:
Adds Fire Damage to Spells

This one is fairly cheap and has a very unique set of stats that synergize very well with the build.

10-20% of damage taken from hits is recouped(recovered) as life over 4 seconds. AKA: A nice chunk of life recovery to help against pesky DOTs and the like.

Unaffected By Poison: This is a nice bonus.

Helmet Enchant
Try to get "Volatile Dead Consumes up to 1 Additional Corpse"
This improves our ramp up time and DPS by a fair amount. It's not as impactful as you might think though since we DO have a 12 corpse limit on desecrate.

Other useful Enchants:
40% increased Volatile Dead Damage
Consecrated Ground from Purifying Flame applies 9% increased Damage taken to Enemies
30% increased Assassin's Mark Curse Effect
Smoke Mine grants additional 30% increased Movement Speed
Wave of Conviction's Exposure applies -6% Elemental Resistance
150% increased Effect of the Buff granted by your Ice Golems
Any Mana Reserve Enchant for Anger, Discipline, Precision, Herald of Ash, or Zealotry.


Rare gloves with Life and useful stats.

There are a number of very useful stats that can be used here.
The two temple mods for Fire and Cold resistance for example:

Gloves can also roll a substantial amount of accuracy rating and dexterity.
If you want to save a socket in CWDT you can go for Walordlord Culling Strike Gloves or Hunter Unnerve gloves.

And lastly, you will want to have an open suffix for 25% Stun avoidance craft if you don't have 100% already.

One alternative to rares would be Asenath's Gentle Touch for the physical explosions and blind. These require that you have a 3rd curse or drop flammability. They are very strong, however keep in mind that you will need to make up res+dex+accuracy somewhere else if you choose these.


If you do not have Replica Reckless Defense you will need to use Sunspite for the chance to be ignited.

Rare boots with Tailwind + Life + resistances + an open prefix for cannot be frozen craft(can ignore that stat with Martyr staff). I would consider this the ideal. If you can't afford tailwind don't worry about it too much, it's better to have boots with good stats than bad tailwind boots as TW doesn't even give attack speed to channeled skills.

I like +1 Endurance Charge Synthesized rare boota.

The Stampedes are solid for the constant 50% movement speed while cycloning. I personally find them slow but some people like them. Big upside is the second anoint and travel skill cooldown.

Boot Enchants

I would suggest NOT getting attack and cast speed enchant (I know mine have it) We surpass the 15.14 CoC attack speed breakpoint with only 15% increased attack speed.

I would instead go for:
"65-80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently"

This provides an easy means of Stun Immunity while mapping. Highly recommend.

Do not use any of the enchants that are disabled if you haven't been hit recently (10% MS I'm looking at you). They are useless since we hit ourselves.

If you decide to use The Stampedes, you won't enchant them since you get an anoint :P


Скрытый текст
You will need one of these. Try to get 25+ on the recovery. Life and ES on hit effects works pretty well to mitigate the damage you self inflict. That said I can speak from experience that it's not always enough in maps where you have massive pack density. I have "committed suicide" a few times like this. With the life gain on ignite you recover the damage you take when you ignite at the same time with no delay. No killing ourselves this way. :P

The ONLY Exception to this is if you get a Watcher's Eye with the Vitality life on hit modifier as it applies to ALL our hits and not just spells or attacks. This includes explosions, corpse explosions, cyclone, CWDT spells, etc...

For the other ring, a rare with Life+Resists+Dex+Str and/or whatever you need. If you have extra curse you can get flammability on hit here.


Mandatory for late game setup.
We are constantly Channeling AND hitting ourselves, so I like Charging Offensive for free Frenzy+Endurance charges. It's also fairly affordable requiring only Teal-Violet-Silver oils


Life+Resists+Whatever else you need.
You need a belt with 13% or more CDR% if you do not have a level 3+ Awakened CoC Support.

HH is fantastic on this build if you can afford it. It even comes with a TON of Dex.


You want to make sure that you have Bleed (Corrupted Blood Specifically)+Freeze Immunity somewhere on your gear. If you don't have it, get it on a flask.

Quicksilver of Adrenaline. The mandatory flask for speed.

This is a good damage boost, but mainly will make mapping so SOO smooth by granting onslaught and ES+Life on kill.


These should be pretty self-explanitory. Rumi's is only for the Spell Block as we are easily attack block capped. Probably don't need it but I'll list it here anyway.


Replica Reckless Defense

Best way to get chance to self-ignite. Spell Block is the more important stat as we should be attack block capped anyway.

Watcher's Eye

Because we can use either Anger OR Zealotry you can choose between those two auras for watcher's eye mods.

ES on hit with Discipline is an expensive BUT VERY POWERFUL mod to recover our ES more or less instantly. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR TOP PRIORITY BIG PURCHASE

Seriously, it's night and day difference.

Otherwise look for 1-2 damage mods across our auras:
Zealotry OR Anger

If you get one like this (Vitality+Discipline) then you can safely drop Ngamahu's Sign Ring.

Glorious Vanity

Look for "Doryani" for the Corrupted Soul Keystone. THis is a HUGE buff to our eHP and allows us to take advantage of ES and Life recovery simultaneously.

Thread of Hope

This is another very big upgrade as it allows us to shave off a lot of passives to then invest into a proper cluster tree at high levels.

Cluster Jewels

Any one of the three suffix notables will place both of these at the front for some decent damage and a whopping 10% Spell Block. There are plenty of other options for a Large Cluster jewel if you don't care as much about block chance, but you can do the research for those if you want to here. :P

This one is a HUUUUGE damage buff and I would use this jewel for Wrapped in Flames notable alone.

This is superb if you are not using an explosion chest. Corpse Removal=Good Stuff. If you have explodey chest pick one of the other damage notables. Smoking Remains and Cooked Alive are both good.

This is the best way to get the Overlord notable. Try to get at least one other good/useful notable with it. This is an end game piece for permanent fortify.

Excellent life boost and a good way to get some chaos res, dex, or other needed resists. This jewel socket can also be used for a generic rare instead.

Gems and Links

6L Main, NOTE: Desecrate should be placed FIRST in the gem link sequence so that it triggers before VD.
(Divergent) Cyclone - (Awakened) Cast on Critical Strike Support - Desecrate - (Divergent/Anomalous)Volatile Dead - (Awakened) Spell Cascade - Increased Critical Strikes Support/Hypothermia

Regarding Awakened Cast on Critical Strike Support:
If you have this of at least level 3 you will not need CDR on any other gear.
6L Notes
For your sixth you will want to use Inc. Crit Support until your Cyclone has high enough crit chance without it. Typically this will be after you get Replica Duskdawn or a high crit rare staff. An Attack crit chest would also help.

Hypothermia is a solid DPS support as we always chill nearby enemies via Corpse Pact Ascendancy.

Anger/Zealotry - Herald of Ash - Discipline - Enlighten 4
Precision(Max Level) in open socket (Unset ring for example)

Additional Notes on Auras
If you do not have an ES on Hit Watcher's eye, you can drop Discipline and do not need enlighten. If you can afford the Watcher's Eye you can probably afford the level 4 Enlighten. :P

You should be able to fit another 25% aura in place of Discipline. I like Flesh and Stone for the blind+mitigation. Can also use Aspect of The Spider in conjunction with Fenumus Spinnerets for cheaper ES on hit.

CWDT 5-6L, utility spells: Keep all spells at required level 38 or less.
Cast When Damage Taken Support (lvl 1) - Wave of Conviction - Combustion - Blade Blast - Culling Strike - Ball Lightning
Gems Explained

-Wave of Conviction for -25% Enemy Fire Resistance Exposure
-Combustion support to apply up to -20% Fire Resistance at gem level 21
-Blade Blast Unnerves Enemies for 4 seconds on hit causing them to take 10% increased spell damage. You can get gloves that Unnerve on hit which will allow you to drop this.
-Culling Strike: Self Explanatory :P

CWDT 4L, Max Level. Match linked spells' required level to the CWDT support.
Cast When Damage Taken Level 20-21 - Ice Golem - Assassin's Mark - Bone Offering

Movement+Utility 4L-5L:
Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Second Wind - Immortal Call - Smoke Mine
Note for movement
I like the Smoke Mine+Flame Dash movement skill combo. It's particularly good here as the Smoke Mine movement speed bonus is very nice for Cyclone. It's not to everyone's taste though so use whatever skill(s) you like. (Dash+Anomalous Second Wind is popular) Can also do something with Leap Slam+Fortify if you feel the need.

Advanced Setup

This setup is for those who have invested into gear that allows you to drop gems from sockets, thus opening up more utility. With Unnerve Gloves, Culling Strike from 2nd Cluster Tree, and/or Arcane Surge from Watcher's Eye, we can Add just a little more with our sockets:

Raise Specter

Specters can be used to add specific monsters to our desecrate pool. High life monsters add an insurmountable amount of damage to the explosions of Detonate Dead and Volatile Dead. Stoneskin Flayer and Lithomancer are the specters of choice. They have 800% increased life. These do not require links and will (mostly) never die. However if they do it's not a big deal as once you've entered an instance they stay in the desecrate pool of that instance. Simply resummon from map or hideout afterward and move on with your life. Make a specter bank to conveniently get them back if lost completely.

Ball Lightning

This is a surprisingly powerful spell to stick into your low level CWDT setup. Arguably better even to use over things like culling strike and blade blast for its defensive applications.

basically how it works is while you are taking damage it will shoot out and hit many enemies multiple times, igniting them (for more self damage) and providing massive recovery from ES on hit Watcher's Eye and the Recovery on Ignite. It will also apply any curse on hit, blind, and/or combustion debuffs to those enemies.

Cast on Critical Strike, things to know
First of all, here's a great post explaining Cast on Crit Attack Speed and Cooldown Recovery breakpoints in detail
Reddit Post

The short version:
We get more than 12.12 aps because of Corpse Pact and so need at least 14% Cooldown recovery rate somewhere on our gear. The "easiest" (albeit expensive) way is to use an Awakened CoC Support of at least level 3.

Alternatively, you can get it on boots or belt slot.

I find that a 1.25aps staff (Replica Duskdawn :P) with onslaught will leave us with only a little wiggle room for extra increased attack speed before breaking the 15.14aps limit. So try to avoid getting too much or your true DPS will suffer.

Getting Stun Immunity
Wasn't exactly sure where to include this bit of information so it's getting its own brief section.

In 3.11 cyclone was nerfed to no longer provide stun immunity while channeling. While this was a fair nerf it means we definitely want to make sure we get immunity somehow.

The easiest way to do this is to farm lab for the enchant. Merciless lab variant is perfectly acceptable

Alternative Stun Immunity: PICTURE EDITION

40% from Lucidity notable that we also use for the -3 mana cost.
With Harvest you can craft implicits on jewels. One of which is 10% chance to avoid stuns. These can be crafted onto all jewel types including timeless and cluster jewels!

Gloves and Helmets can have 21-25% Stun avoidance crafted as a suffix

Elder boots can roll up to 35% with a T1 roll and up to 50% Elevated.

Abyssal Jewels can roll up to 20% to fill out any missing.

Of course, if you're okay with somewhat conditional Stun Immunity you can farm Merciless lab for the "65% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently" Enchantment. This is probably the easiest way to do it for most people and situations.

Worthy of note: Phantasmal Cyclone does NOT contribute to stun avoidance. It only gives a chance to avoid interruptions from stuns.


What items should I prioritize first after I have the essential pieces?
-Get a watcher's eye with ES on hit and a Glorious Vanity (Doryani). +/- 10ex investment and will make a WORLD of difference. Then go for a splodey chest.
When should I make the transition from Spellslinger VD/leveling setup to CoC VD?
-You should be able to reasonably make this transition around level 70 after completing Merciless Lab (for Corpse Pact) and after a 6L is available (tabula or corrupted rare).

How do you generate power charges?
-I have 20% chance to gain a power charge on block from Whirling Barrier notable and Assassin's Mark provides power charges on hit (5%) and on kill (100%)

Can I use XXXXX item?
-Probably. it might not be BIS but probably. :P

Can Blade Blast unnerve enemies if there are no lingering blades to explode?
-Yes. Blade Blast has its own singular aoe explosion not tied to exploding any lingering blades.

Is it possible to go CI/LL with this build?
-Yes, you can technically do this, but you will *need* ES on hit Watcher's eye to make it work and even then you may end up killing yourself to the Eye of Innocence in the hardest possible content (thinking 100% delirious juiced maps). It's also about half the damage output if you choose to use a shield, but if you like CI, here's a POB for a CI build that i_louis and I put together to such an end: https://pastebin.com/AD02EJj0

Other than block, high eHP, Fortify, 32-40% phys damage reduction and chaos resistance...how do I avoid dying?
Скрытый текст

Petrified Blood and Low Life Variant

So, the new skill Petrified Blood allows for some neat options on this build. We can now go Low Life!

There are, of course, pros and cons to this, so let's get right into that.
- Low Life means we can benefit from Pain Attunement for 30% more spell damage.
- Mechanics of Petrified Blood allow us to have a form of Slayer Overleech.
- Lower actual life pool means life on block is 2x as effective to overall recovery
- It looks cool :P
- Reserving Precision on Arrogance gives a bunch of aura effect and thus accuracy.

- This is technically a loss of effective life. Anomalous Petrified Blood prevents 45% of damage from hits to life below half meaning that your unreserved life is worth about 90% of your max life.
- More susceptible to damage over time from ground effects as Petrified Blood doesn't prevent that damage. In combat this is not an issue due to overleech.
- we deal massive damage to ourselves which translates to taking damage from petrified blood. This gets mitigated by life leech, but you are also pretty much forced to use Maw of Conquest for the 20% of damage taken from hit recouped as life. This pretty much fully mitigates the life loss from petrified blood's debuff.
- Losing gem sockets

Petrified Blood + Low Life Mechanics

Huge shoutout to sergeantminor for putting together these super helpful videos explaining how Petrified Blood works:
Part 1
Part 2

For our purposes this is what you need to know:

We gain "Slayer leech" and any Low Life bonuses that we can abuse. The most obvious being Pain Attunement for 30% more spell damage.

At the cost of effectively 10-17% life. More on all that below:
Effective Life Pool
So, losing half your life looks really scary, but as long as you can sustain the damage over time you take from Petrified Blood hit mitigation you're not losing all that much eHP.

For example, if you have 4,000 maximum life, you'll be at 2,000 life while on low life and convert 40% of hit damage to your life into life loss over 4 seconds at 75% of its original value.

So, for math nerds you're effective life to 1-shots looks like this:

(50% of Max life x 100)/60 = Effective Max Life

In my example with 4,000 max life it would look like this:

(2000 x 100)/60 = 3,333

I would have 3,333 effective life. 767 less than my actual maximum.

If you use Anomalous Petrified Blood, you will prevent 45% of damage from hits, making your life look more like this:

(2000 x 100)/55 = 3636

with this, you're only losing 363 life which is about 9% of your life total. Not a bad trade off.

Life Leech
Petrified Blood effectively sets you at low life (50% life pool) by preventing any non-flask recovery from going above 50%. This includes things like life regen, life gained on block, life on kill, and

Life Leech

"Gryph, why is life leech bolded and made to look all important and stuff?"


So the way life leech works is it STOPS recovering life and all instances of life leech when you reach your unreserved maximum life.

Well, petrified blood stops leech recovery at 50% of our maximum life and since this is not our unreserved maximum life, all instances of life leech continue to persist effectively giving us the coveted "slayer leech."

This also means we can reserve up to 49.9% of our life.

Final note on leech: you must reserve less than 50% of your life or it won't work.

My Gear, Gems, and Links
This is the gear I am using and the gem setup I would suggest for this version of the build:

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!
Последняя редакция: Gryphenprey. Время: 21 июля 2021 г., 18:16:42
Last bumped on 1 авг. 2021 г., 18:48:24
This build is going to be big ^^
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Yepp, New leage hype :)
How on earth are you generating charges? There is no way Whirling Barrier is consistent enough. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

Also considering you have Corpse Pact, wouldn't elemental focus be better than woke fire pen? On that same link of thinking, I wonder if there is a better spot for the Glorious Vanity so that EE could be utilised, that would be huge.

I loved you're previous spin to win build, I'll be eagerly following this along.
Последняя редакция: Scarecrow1990. Время: 6 янв. 2021 г., 1:53:18
Scarecrow1990 написал:
How on earth are you generating charges? There is no way Whirling Barrier is consistent enough. I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

Also considering you have Corpse Pact, wouldn't elemental focus be better than woke fire pen? On that same link of thinking, I wonder if there is a better spot for the Glorious Vanity so that EE could be utilised, that would be huge.

I loved you're previous spin to win build, I'll be eagerly following this along.

I have Assassin's Mark on a level 20 CWDT which will generate power charges on hit(5%) and on kill. I also have a total of 40% chance to gain a power charge on block from Whirling Barrier and Mage Hunter (Large Cluster)

Also, I cannot use Ele Focus because we want to ignite with the Volatiles and Cyclone for Eye of Innocence procs. That is an excellent question though! I will make a point to mention that as I update the guide.

As for EE, there's no real way to make use of it unfortunately.
Your new build looks great! Thanks for all the work and testing. :)

I cant wait to test it out in the new league, but there is one thing that worries me.

The cost!

Duskdawn is expensive (even the non 6 link).
An awakened spell cascade gem is very expensive.
Armour which let you have an additional curse you cant even buy atm.
Is an expensive 5 off color armour needed?

Will the build still be good in endgame without the expensive stuff?
Without an awakened spell cascade gem you only generate half the amount of VD's.
Will it be enough?

Sorry for being critical but ive seen so many builds which looked great on first sight but
got extremly expensive (way too expensive for me) to be any useful in endgame.

I hope you have a budget version in mind, which still works great in endgame.

Xirce написал:
Your new build looks great! Thanks for all the work and testing. :)

I cant wait to test it out in the new league, but there is one thing that worries me.

The cost!

Duskdawn is expensive (even the non 6 link).
An awakened spell cascade gem is very expensive.
Armour which let you have an additional curse you cant even buy atm.
Is an expensive 5 off color armour needed?

Will the build still be good in endgame without the expensive stuff?
Without an awakened spell cascade gem you only generate half the amount of VD's.
Will it be enough?

Sorry for being critical but ive seen so many builds which looked great on first sight but
got extremly expensive (way too expensive for me) to be any useful in endgame.

I hope you have a budget version in mind, which still works great in endgame.

All excellent questions! I haven't had a chance to talk about league start yet in the guide (I will, I promise!) but what I CAN say is:

You can use any of the "lesser uniques" or even a pretty mediocre rare.

The extra curse chest is an end game piece that adds about 14-15% more damage to trash mobs and roughly 7% to uniques while also boosting ignite chance via Flammability curse on a curse on hit ring. And while I'd say it's pretty important to have it's not *vital*

Regarding Awakened spell cascade:
For VD it's not doubling our ball output. It adds maybe 1-3 balls per proc because of the desecrate corpse limit. It's MUCH more important if you're going for Detonate Dead where you have an abundance of corpses left to consume. It's still a pretty big upgrade but not very high on my priority list.

For the armour, you do not need to use an astral plate. I did because I could and I own the base to split for crafting purposes. It was just easier for me to do it that way.

I would say the best early-late game GOOD chest would be an inpulsas. It's still expensive early in league but very doable and adds a lot for clearing, damage, and aesthetics (blue pops!). Otherwise a Tabula or generic rare will suffice for a while.

So yes, I think the build will be plenty end game viable without all the expensive stuff. You might not be farming T16 tropical island delirium mirrors for 100+ splinters per map on a 5ex budget but your typical atlas grind and early conquerors should be a breeze.

A really strong start would be a 6L chest with the appropriate colors, a Martyr of Innocence (usually 1-2ex on the first few days) and using an Increased Crit Strikes Support gem instead of fire pen/energy leech.

A good an and reasonable start (and how I plan to start) is to just get a staff with useful stats and a tabula/6L and just go from there. The nice thing about this setup is that the build will operate fine in maps while you are getting uber lab trials together (no bone offering yet) which will give time for the amulets to appear on the market. We don't need to self ignite to function early on at all.

Also, leveling with spellslinger can take you into maps for a while as you cash in chaos recipes n such to build up some currency for any initial investments that you feel comfortable with.

I'm rambling I think at this point.

If I didn't think the build would be league start viable I wouldn't suggest it. You can start doing CoC Cyclone+VD as soon as you have enough crit chance for cyclone to proc reliably (crit gem works wonders, don't sleep on it), a 6L (tabula), and have Corpse Pact from Lab allocated. I am also going to write up something a little more comprehensive to help people do so if that's what they want to do.

You can start at 38 if you just go with Cast While Channeling until you've funnelled enough points into crit to go CoC. I'm currently testing it, and it felt really nice. Literally just Flame Wall > Holy Totem > CWC VD. Really smooth transition.
Последняя редакция: Scarecrow1990. Время: 6 янв. 2021 г., 10:33:05

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