[3.11] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster


Does anyone know if 30% increased damage while leeching on gloves is better than 20% increased minion damage ?
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tgstudio написал:
2ex;) There is only one left on entire league when i last checked:) Probably it's worth a little more now;)

Just managed to negotiate with a guy to get one for 1.7ex
cant wait to finish lvling up my lightnign spire supports, shame ill lose out on the qual ive got on them but worth i think

Just as information, I bought one 50c at the beginning of the league. it sound like it was a good deal, seeing actual price...
DEagleEye007 написал:
tgstudio написал:
2ex;) There is only one left on entire league when i last checked:) Probably it's worth a little more now;)

Just managed to negotiate with a guy to get one for 1.7ex
cant wait to finish lvling up my lightnign spire supports, shame ill lose out on the qual ive got on them but worth i think

Yes it's worth thank's to freeing slots for cwdt+cold snap or something else:)
This is way too dependant on your total setup to give a definitive answer, best is to just import your char and the items into PoB so you can compare. Keep in mind Arc has 80% damage effectiveness, so you only get 80% of any listed flat damage values while % based modifiers have full effect.

Minion Damage Support in an Unset Ring would do nothing, as it doesn't support anything and Spiritual Aid also only explicitely applies "Minion deal #% increased/reduced damage" to us, any other minion DPS modifiers including More/Less don't apply. I see you've already changed to just one Unset Ring now, could probably use Vaal Grace or an unlinked Storm Brand there, or Blind so your golems can apply it.

As for your gear, your amulet and the Rift Sever dagger have the biggest upgrade potential. I'd also recommend a Lv21 Arc and different benchcraft on your gloves. The Armageddon Joy jewel is not that great, could replace it with Transcendent Mind and put that into the socket near Alchemist. Last but not least, you can easily reroll the body armour to get some Life out of it aswell.

Thanks for replying and helping people like me!

OOPS! Totally forgot about that jewel. Basically the first one i got...
Does Transcendent Mind actually do a lot? 3% shield regen/s doesnt seem amazing at all

I have since linked minion damage support to both golems / and obtained an inpulsa.

Currently looking for better weapons. But they are pricey...

Spiritual Aid says "increase/decrease to minion damage also affect us"
so with minion damage support adding damage... Does it affect us too?


And also for those with "TOO LITTLE KEYBINDS"

You can swap weapon sets and bind auras / golems there (As long as the gem is not on your weapons!

So set 1: Normal attack skills (Arc, whirling etc)
set 2: Support / auras (golems auras etc
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Just got one for 1c

With Controlled Destruction, Elemental Focus and Advanced Traps which 4th support gem is better to add for 5L Lightning Spire Trap setup?
Последняя редакция: NiDerLander. Время: 25 марта 2019 г., 17:32:11
This is what POB tells me after switching from Shroud to Inpulsa, is there something I don-t understand or it seems like a bad choice...

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Yeah there's a downside to Cerberus vs. Daggers other than the movement - their DPS is equal/worse to daggers that you can find for as low as 1 chaos in Synthesis (+ a few chaos for benchcraft). If you compare it to the basic daggers provided in my PoB, it takes two 100% perfect Cerberus Limb to get the same DPS.

Does this count to standard? Cuz every single dagger i see on poe.trade lowers my dps in pob

edit: obviously i'm using 2 cerberus i bought for 15 and 25c, and i'm looking for daggers using the method posted in the guide
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GamerDad410 написал:
I'm having trouble understanding how penetration is better than adding elemental damage. I understand the concept, but when I try to input the items/data into POB I get conflicting results. It seems in most cases it is better to use add damage rather than penetration. I don't know if I am setting up POB wrong or what? I have adjusted all gems to level 20, and in configuration I have changed to the boss options and even manually adjusted the enemy lightning resistance. It seems that right around 65-68 resistance is the break even point where they both do about the same damage. Less than 65 adding damage is better, and above 65 penetration is better. Same goes for when you adjust for a boss and lower the additional resistance until the boss caps at the max of 75. The break even point is around 65-70 there.

Am I not setting POB up correctly or what? I have tested this with the provided completed POB pastebin and with my imported currently level 40 character and I get roughly the same results.

Has this changed in the most recent patch and adding is better now?

Enki91 написал:

This depends what specifically you compared Lightning Penetration with. Controlled Destruction for example lowers our crit chance with Arc, which means you need to proc Elemental Overload with a different skill or else it will be a huge damage loss at bosses. If you compared it with Elemental Focus, that one is even worse as it completely prevents your Arc from applying any elemental status ailments, which renders half of our Ascendancy, many passives and Hypothermia useless.

In the Leveling Guide - Act 3 you state to replace Added Lighting Damage and Controlled Destruction with Lighting Penetration and Energy Leech.

If I take your end build and make a new socket set copying your Arc skill set and get rid of penetration and leech and put added dmg and controlled destruction back in, and leave everything else the same, then I can switch back and forth between the two skills sets. Doing so I still get higher damage in PoB with added dmg and controlled destruction. I even see that the Inc Crit Chance has dropped dramatically, but according to the number crunching in PoB penetration/leech does less DPS than added dmg/controlled destruction.

Again unless I'm doing something wrong in PoB or not reading it right. Even if I turn Elemental Overload off, I get higher DPS with added dmg/controlled compared to penetration/leech with Elemental Overload on.

Again all I changed was to create a new socket set copying your Arc set and swapping out the two gems.

Thank you for your time and build. I am having a lot of fun with it so far. I'm level 43 now and I enjoy this much more than my previous Toxic Rain Ranger. I also like how you wrote this up from a new leveling perspective, that helps a lot. I appreciate your time and effort. I'm not trying to be argumentative I'm just not understanding if PoB is not calculating this right or if it is a hidden stat that isn't calculated in PoB or if I'm doing something wrong. Just trying to understand the numbers is all. Thanks again.

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