[3.12] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

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[...] Command of the Pits issue is their really low ES, and if you also use Devouring Diadem, this means you'll be limited to a 4L LS Trap or use yet another resistance-less unique for a 5L LS Trap. I'd rather use Zealotry + the Watcher's Eye mod for Arcane Surge and get other gloves. [...]

Thank you for your reply.
Concerning CotP gloves. Even if I get 2 jewels like this?
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Should be 100 life, 6% life, ~115 es, 10% cast speed, perma arcane surge, some flat lightning dmg or pen or resistances or whatever I can get or need to get.
To address resistance issue. I'm planning to use "Ash, frost and storm" node as it provides 40 ele dmg and 12% all res. For just 3 passives.
Also planning to use +1 minimum endu charge ring crafts for 8% phys mitigation and another 8% all res in alva temple rings for more life:
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I know I'm limiting myself to one less 4L. I'm OK with that.
Planning on crafting two ilvl85 shaper daggers with Aetheric+Metallic+Prismatic fossils which should yield some great results for Arc.

I find whirling blades unreliable as they require too much attack speed stacking on gear/jewels/tree to feel remotely good. Trying to work out a "Phase Run" variation with "Quicksilver of Adrenaline" for delving side rooms with ease.
Thinking of "Dark Arts" node cluster to make Flame Dash a more reliable movement skill and it will also benefit Phase Run greatly. It should provide tons of cast speed (27%), cdr for movement skills (30% for both phase run and flamedash), mana regen (30%) and 10 dex+int.
Do you think phase run setup could ba a viable option if I plan to delve alot?

edit: Also since we stack ES a lot now. Is skin of the loyal an option for 100% increased defences, which in my understanding theoreticaly should double our ES from gear? Skins +1 socketed gems and empo4 would allow to reach lvl 26 Arc with 21 lvl gem. Would almost double Arcs minimum base dmg and add 50% more max base dmg. Comparing lvl 21 (145 to 824) to 26 (224 to 1271). On top of that lvl 26 is another breakpoint for additional chain which is another 15% more multiplier. Additional level on supp gems should yield another 5% more multiplier. Guess could achieve the same in corrupted +1 Inpulsa. Am I going somewhere with this idea or am I totally off the target? ;)

edit2: The Eternity Shroud viable?
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Hey guys can someone take a look at my gear/tree and tell me what I can improve? Currency not a problem atm.
In the static blows circle taking the damage and crit strike side shows higher dps in PoB then the shock chance side. Is it more effective this way? I have enemy is shocked clicked in configuration. thanks
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2ex;) There is only one left on entire league when i last checked:) Probably it's worth a little more now;)

Just managed to negotiate with a guy to get one for 1.7ex
cant wait to finish lvling up my lightnign spire supports, shame ill lose out on the qual ive got on them but worth i think

Just as information, I bought one 50c at the beginning of the league. it sound like it was a good deal, seeing actual price...

Ye things inflate as league goes on, I didnt even know an elder version was possible or I wldve looked for it earlier, 50c one hell of a bargain

NiDerLander написал:

Just got one for 1c

With Controlled Destruction, Elemental Focus and Advanced Traps which 4th support gem is better to add for 5L Lightning Spire Trap setup?

Mine and trap damage I reckon

Or you can throw in 4 supports for storm brand and make a 5L stormbrand, also works
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Zeratul_PL, I have been playing a week and out of that I have spent maybe 15-20 hours reading up on all sorts of stuff and watching youtube videos while trying to progress.. Sorry if I didn't read ALL of the guide as I was reading up on how to get materials and items and everything else about this incredibly indepth game. The fact you think I am lazy about reading up and stuff is just coming from a really bad place in you. Maybe you read this whole thing and have been playing for ages but I am literally just learning the game. Maybe chill out a bit on a brand new player or are you the type that just tries to drive away new people? Its attitudes like this that make it hard for anyone new to play any game. I haven't had the benefit of reading this guide from the start and reading every update etc. Literally I started this guide 3 days ago while learning lots of other things about the game and working full time.

I have spent countless hours helping people in games since 1993 when I first started online. Patience and understanding is what it takes and just bashing someone right off the bat and making assumptions that I understand EVERYTHING I'm reading here as I learn the terminology and people speak in acronyms and whatnot makes the process very time consuming. Sorry I want to play the game some of the time too.

Hope you can find some sort of peace in your life as this must make you miserable to have such a crap attitude.

Oh boy... You've spent 15-20h reading and watching? And wasn't able to read the guide you've decided to play? Seems like some wasted time...
You don't get the point - you were looking for information, some support, advises etc, right? Enki spent at least 7 hours only UPDATING this build and all sections to patch 3.6 from 3.5. I can't even imagine, how long he was testing and calculating everything... and then, after around a week, he added a lot of improvement. So i assume, he spend 15-20h or even more just to update the guide, not to create it. He pointed out EVERYTHING, except some very detailed and "deeper" stuff, that have no meaning for new players like you, and i admit, me as well (played very long ago only Bestiary league, came back in the middle of Betrayal) .

I'm just really upset, when i see constantly the same questions on this threat, when it's even written in BOLD most of the time in the guide.

Not only you are learning this game, not only you have family, work etc - same situation here. I've just printed the guide, and was reading it in tram during my way back home from work - to let my eyes rest from sitting 8h in front of the screen. Also, you probably have similar time to play as me - around 3h per day (sometimes hour more or less), as new player you are not speed runing etc - so you need let's say - 1 day per 1 act. In such case, you have to read just few sentence daily, to follow the guide and be constantly aware what you should expect later on. I'm frustrated when someone is using HUGE amount of time to provide support (and a lot of feedback every few days), and the other guys is not even reading it.

I've also started playing PoE with this build. Even more - now i've got 4th character - all 4 based on this amazing guide. So i'm very inexperience, whole the time looking for some info (how the hell make currency to buy crafting components and get some crazy stuff by myself), but when i'm makeing a decision to follow someone's idea - no matter if it's according to build, some crafting tools, delve farming etc - i'm reading it from A to Z, to understand, what/ why/ when. I'm not reading like from A to C - ok, seems nice, let's jump straigth to R and Z...

In adult life (when you need to work, have family etc), planing your time to use it efficient is even more crucial than planing you time playing PoE :) Don't waste it to just "take a look and ignore details". here are some advice:
1) Take a deeper look into the guide. Most of cases are there, depends on section. If you can't find something which isn't clear iin the guide - then feel free to ask - i'm 100% sure that Enki, other users and even me will try our best to point out what and why is usefull or useless
2) Don't rush yourself. PoE, especially now with some HUGE league mechanics added to core game, is terribly complex. And this game have 1 pretty large "mental" difference - there are a lot of "end game contest", but not for all. What i mean is - long ago, my top achivment was when i finnaly killed Atziri (special boss, lvl 70). Previous league, i was able to face Shaper and Elder 1st time in my life (both are pretty stronger than atziri) and i've even deafeted both of them (uber elder was too much). But that's the point - you need to learn, practise etc before you will be able to do some really creazy stuff. Don't force yourself if you won't be able to do something this league - next league you probably will be able to :)
3) Making currecy - In Enki's guide, there are mentioned 2 programs - TradeMacro and MercuryTrade. Take a closer look on those, same a for Item Filter. Those 3 should really help you out to not wasting time picking garbage from map + getting at least some small amount of currecy.
4) Try to find a guild. I'm inexperience in this mater, but i've heard that playing with a guild is even more funny than stand alone + much more experienced players will be glad to support you with their knowledge.
Does the labyrinth enchantment +25% fire golem damage increase our damage because of spiritual aid?
Sorry, noob question.
How important is chaos resistance in the economy of this build? The goal is to reach 0%? I see that this affix appears just in 1 slot in the guide. Is it related to DPS or clearing speed?

To be honest - chaose resistance is only a minor help. There are some mobs/ bosses which are using pure chaos dmg - that's why it's worthy to have some ress. But those are pretty rare or they are still abelt o pretty "one shot" you with such skill - that's why having some chaos ress is usefull, but it's not necessary.

It's not related to our DPS, nor clearing speed at all. Just a little more chance to not die instantly if you make a mistake during hard fight.
sanaluffy написал:
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Hey, well yeah as i tough with this build which is around 20ex worth right now, it's impossible to kill Elder in red map, so im not even going to try uber elder.

Perfect example of spending multiple ex in the opposite direction of what you are trying to achieve. Your rant is totally out of place. Endgame fights are the ultimate proving grounds in this game. Those are not for bobs in copy-paste clearspeed versions of builds.
sanaluffy написал:

You litterally get ONE SHOT by the spear, one shot by the tentacles, the dps is not high enough to quick pass the phase 1 and 2.

First of all, you got onslaught supp in your main link. Are you realy trying to phase Elder on a 5L?
Further rant in spoiler.
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Second, get good daggers, your daggers are mediocre, no single more multiplier there in form of penetration or elemental as extra chaos. Shaped amulet with pen or elder amulet with non-chaos as chaos should help aswell.
If you want to farm uber elder then you need to build around Cold/Phys dmg mitigation and huge ehp pool.
Take Purity of Ice instead of Blasphemy-Enfeeble to mitigate cold dmg, lvl 23 would be perfect if u can figure out a way. With some aura effectiveness nodes on the tree you can achieve 7% extra max res with ease.
Optimized Wise Oak cold<fire<lightning res should further help with that by reducing cold dmg taken by 10% while still maintaining 15% pen for your lightning dmg.
Drop Blasphemy-Enfeeble for Storm Brand-CoH-Enfeeble. You dont want facetank elder to keep him enfeebled with this build so blasphemy is totally useless here.
Get more survi body armor. Xplosions wont help you kill the boss.
Get alva rings with one mod flat+% life, mana and ES. Boost your ehp pool as much as you can so you dont get one shot.
+1 minimum endu charge crafts in rings will mitigate 8% phys which is a huge deal.
Phys taken converted to element should further help with that.
Phys mitigation flasks aswell. (basalt, taste of hate)
Chaos golem instead of flame golem. Flame golem provides 20% 'increased' modifier which is total garbage. Chaos lvl 22 another 5% phys mitigation. If cant figure out a way to get it to 22 then lvl 20 will still be 4%.

sanaluffy написал:

I did endless runs on uber elder with my previous builds, but i can confirm that with this build, it's impossible unless you're a robot :D
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Not mechanic or gameplay invole, since you cannot escape every single ice spear or tentacles every single time, and if you get hit, you die instantly.

So it's been fun but i'm a little bit dissapointed for having spent 20ex on a build that can't handle a single normal Elder on a red map to complete the quest.

There is no point for me to keep going and wasting my time on this build, ill simply wait the next league, too lazy to make another char...

You can't confirm anything since you've built the build totaly wrong for the encounter you were trying to defeat. I wonder how did you get your 'endless uber elder runner' certificate without basic knowledge about this specific encounter mechanics?
sanaluffy написал:

but the build is still fun for map clearing tho ! with inpulsa, seing the packs of mobs explode is quite hilarious. But for single target or big boss waoh, i have no idea how you got your 17 or so uber elder run as you said Enki ^^

No rage but it's disapointing to spend 20 ex on a build that can only do map clear :s

Like you said Inpulsa is great for speed farming maps but not for boss fighting. So if you want to farm endgame bosses why do you spend 10ex, which is half of your budget, on a 6L Inpulsa that doesnt help you achieve what you want. Moreover you further hadicap yourself by making it a 5L with a poor gem choice.
edit: acctually, that empo3 probably makes it a four and a half link.
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Is it possible to add the best lab enchantments to your guide? or have i overlooked something? Would appreciate it. Thank you for your effort on this very detailed guide,

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