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this is my current passivetree

hey again!
thank you for the answers .. figured out how to post my items, hopefully you can take a moment again to check what i should upgrade next since im not sure, if a lightning coil would give that much progress cause the situations where melee damage was a problem were pretty rare and next to the melee reduction its "just" a bit more hp ..
i trust more in your experience than my little knowledge about the game, i would love to know what the next 2 or 3 items to aim for are (started right before christmas with path of exile so please forgive me, still learn so much about the game every day)

edit: isnt Surgeon's Granite Flask of Iron Skin better than Taste of Hate? It provides me 38% reduction compared to 22.5% reduction from Taste of Hate!?
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Enki, what tier maps did you run on your Talisman character listed in OP? I have similar stats (at level 87), but am starting to hit a wall at tier 8 maps.

Hate to follow the "help my gear" train, but any feedback would be appreciated!

I have a Facebreaker, but hesitant to give up life/resists on current gloves. Also working on levelling up enlighten/empower. And need to get Blood Rage setup....
Enki91 написал:
@kodapa2567: 0.5ex/hr is just an average value and depends highly on how efficient you farm, which includes time to clear zone, how you clear the zone, time spent in town, chaos recipe management and last but not least RNG.
You need more life on gear, your jewels can be replaced too with some that give atleast 2 good stats.

Thank you for your reply. Where is the best place to farm currency with my character? I can run dried lake pretty easily but is this really worth it? I can run maps up to tier 6 without any deaths too but 0.ex/hr is way more than what I'm used to make.
@klene: If not Coil, you could go for a 6L Cloak of Defiance or Kingsguard. Your belt has good resis, but could get more explicit life.
While a Granite of Iron Skin provides you more estimated phys reduction and works better against small hits, Taste of Hate gets extremely effective the bigger the hit was.
Plus it also serves as another layer of reflect safety for us, being a Sapphire flask.

@ImsaKidd: I've ran up to Tier 13 maps with my Talisman char without any problems. Didn't really get any higher maps to drop, but since my defenses are about the same as Standard minus some life and mana it should work jsut as well.

You can put life with Elreon on your ring, and get more life in general on your gear. Your first wand got good crit stats but misses cast speed, i would replace it too. After that maybe a Cloak of Defiance for some bigger MoM-buffer.

@kodapa2567: Dried Lake is pretty good because most stuff is slow and physical, so you can go all out on MF gear without capping resistances. While pretty rare, Voll also drops one of the more desired Divination Cards. Downside is that you'll miss map IIR/IIQ obviously.

Low level maps are more risky as you can never know for sure which monsters spawn, so you need to balance MF gear and resistances/life more. But on the other hand they can be more rewarding.
@Enki91 I was think to drop Clarity and start to use Rallying Cry instead, what do you think? It would be 200 less mana reserved and still have the same mana regen, the only problem is taunting the enemies.
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So yesterday I got somewhat lucky and found a Lightning Coil:

I managed to 6 socket it with just a couple of attempts using my Jeweller's but I wasted all of my ~400 Chromatics using Vorici 2B and ~200 Fuses (which still isn't much, I know) without success so the Coil is still missing the right colors and 6L.

Now should I invest my 3 exalted I currently own to get more Fusings/Chromatics and keep going or better sell the Coil (for 0.7-1 ex) and save up to buy a perfect Coil via trade (pops up around 12ex every other day)?

I have no experience in what it may take to get the right colors and 6L on this so I don't know if investing my 3ex would be enough or just a waste of currency ;)
Hi guys,

Got a question between 2 scepters :

Doryani's still 1k better in tooltip.

Is the calculation correct and doryani's still better, or crit chance calculation are not taken correctly ?

does the stat : increase critical chance work with spells ? (not talking about increased GLOBAL critical chance).

Thanks !
Would like some pointers on gear to upgrade next, i'm thinking it should go in this order:

1. New weapons, two choices here. Either double void battery, or gg wand + shield. Shield would be nice for added survival in high level maps, but i think damage would be too lacking.

2. Overcap resistances for ele weakness, currently running lightning walker just to fit maligaro's in.

3. Optimise armor bases for armor and/or es.

Obviously jewelry is not optimal either, but i've had a hard time actually finding anything truly good on thc (life mana crit critmulti and either spelldamage or a good talisman implicit).

IGN: Onlydamage
Currently 3k chromes ripped in to my coil and still no 4 off on it :( Seems like my void battery sale was for naught. 2ex left to go for chromes. Pray for me!
i was wondering if its viable to use 2 daggers or is the best setup dagger/mace

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