[3.9] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster - new Setup!

Will you update the gear you use on Perandus League :)?
@Scarlewt: Both have their pros and cons. HoI is more consistent for packs and Three Dragons gives a good amount of resistances, the HoT option would give more possible life/mana and you'd be able to shock.
Imo, go for Three Dragons, HoI just feels so much better for consistency.

@Cielak: I'm not playing it in Perandus, so nothing i could add.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

This Build is insane.. 1 week into the new league and im almost 93 , the only issue i have right now is reflect cuz i dont have vinktar i guess but the dps is just wow .. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/495766099597884168/3E0E548D46C040E8927A84FD83161EA77F143FCA/ Still no empower or vinktar .

really good job at the build

my bad for being noob at posting screenshot
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Great build man, but I can't seem to get frenzy charges out of poacher's mark. Its linked with curse on hit and herald of ice. Any ideas? Thanks
@Sandiaes: Are you shattering enemies through CotB or Three Dragons? If not, use Herald of Thunder instead.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

yea CotB but I think I figured it out. I'm playing assassin so I cant have dual curse.
Recommend linking blind with orb of storm. It does wonders :D
anyone using this build on the new league mind pming me on forums or ingame arccrazytrain i want some help im struggling with this build i cant do any higher level maps i keep dying on t8 that are alched and bosses forget about it. So any help would be greatful pm me on forums or pm me ingame i also have steam
im in the new league. what should be my first big purchase be? the ring?
yes the ring is the most importent piece with out it it does not work

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