[3.12] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

Anyone done Counsil with this build?

I'm 87 now, done Merci Lab so far. Izaro w/o any help wasn't a problem.
My gear can be seen on my account Toon: xOr_FullOnZombieMode.
4.350 life and 1450 unreserved mana, only HoI up. I went for a slightly
different setup, without Blasphemy but instead HoI dual curse on hit.

I'd like to try the Cousil but don't want to waste my fragments.
@Cr4v3b: There is a video of the council run in the video section.

@Caelsora: I use mana leech instead of culling strike and it works alright.

Also yes, reflect can be really deadly on higher level maps so you need to be on your toes all the time. This is why assassin is kinda hard to get to lvl 100. You should just leave orb of storms to kill the reflect minion or pop up vinktar flask and stay up close for the leech from warlords.
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forestgrenpa написал:
@Cr4v3b: There is a video of the council run in the video section.

Ya, I probably can't compete with that kind of gear level. xD
The damage output looks pretty insane to me.
Its pretty easy tho, you just run in circles and kill the active boss.
@SimplePrimate: I haven't MF'd for a logn time, so i'm not entirely sure what is the easiest way to do it nowadays. If you jsut want to run Dried Lakes, you can slap a full MF set and Heartbreaker on this build and are good to go, don't really need capped resistances there.

For a more dedicated, map-viable MF'er you could probably spec over to a prolif Flameblaster or maybe dual Flame Totem. Check through the build list posts to get some ideas, if you are unsure about something feel free to ask for some advice here.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Thinking about change my WI Elementalist to something like this maybe make it a bit more tanky and as a CI
But at least looks very interesting ;)
Thanks for the build!I'm kind of stuck on the gearing side, so if anyone has advice, I'd appreciate it.
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I can't decide what to upgrade next. I could ditch one or two rare pieces, since I'm over the resist caps, but I'm not a fan of trading in HP for damage. I could get dual Void Batteries, too.
Can i swap arctic armour with herald of ice?
I rly like effect of this aura?

@Majin111: Goodluck with that!

@vdk89: Ring and belt have the most upgrade potential, you can get more res on those and then switch your gloves with some crit uniques. You could also look out for a pair of boots with more movement speed.

@Geralt8989: You can, but i don't think it's worth losing the survivability bonus.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Hey Enki, I like your build very much and it works well for me. What's your Opinion about making a low-life version of this build?

What are the pros and cons you would mention for going lowlife?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english!
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