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If you want to play with CotB as ring you want to use 1 or 2 of them in this build?
Hi, I use your build on warbands and, as you said in the title, it has an insanely fast-clearing potential. I am about lvl 68 and have roughly 6.5k dps on a 4linked arc. But, despite my 3k life, I am oneshotted by some act4 bosses and by some guys of the warbands. How can I be more tanky? Thanks for the answers
@Mist3rBlood: If you can afford, try to atleast 5L it. You may also get lucky and hit the 6L.
Cloak is still a solid chest and makes sustaining MoM easier, while you can also save a point from the MoM node.

@Psycee: Just one. With two CotB's you won't be able to shock anymore, as shock duration is still calculated on the lightning damage we deal.

@Mozzanator: Sounds like you're heavily lacking life. I've checked your gear and many pieces don't have any life roll at all. You also miss valuable movement speed on boots and mana/mana regen on jewelry.

Act4 content aswell as some Warbands bosses and even new mapbosses are pretty harsh, you should definitely upgrade your gear first before attempting these things. A good and easy way to do that is farming Dried Lake in Act4 Merciless, Voll can drop good loot and is rather easy to kill.
Hey, checking your videos / gear it seems like you run with 0 ES, but still invest in ES nodes so what should I look for ? Evasion gear or ES gear ?
Xalkan написал:
Hey, checking your videos / gear it seems like you run with 0 ES, but still invest in ES nodes so what should I look for ? Evasion gear or ES gear ?

Neither of those two stats matter, just look out for the stats i'm mentioning in the gear section.
It's recommended to use an int-based chest for easier chroming, but that's about it.

We take Written in Blood not for its ES, but because the cluster gives a good amount of life and is a convenient way to get to the Doom Cast cluster.

The videos are all from patch 1.3 and outdated, lots of things have changed in the game and this build.
Will you make some new videos in the future? 82 duo malachai maybe? :D

Cheers Blood
What do you think would be a reasonable price for a Call of the Brotherhood? Might get my hands on one for ~ 1EX but not too sure if thats fine.
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is that +60 mana from helping allira in normal worth over +1 skill point ? i mean i really dont lack any mana
@Mist3rBlood: I would, but my laptop can't really handle that right now. Even without any recording software i'm only getting 5-20fps in the game.

@Briion: I've paid 8ex in standard, and 1ex in warbands for mine. 1ex seems a pretty reasonable price, though i hope they will drop further.

@celestin_17: All probably depending on gear. I don't have respecced into Alira's mana on standard, but i do have it on warbands. If you got really good gear and Lv2+ enlighten, you probably don't need it.
@Enki91: thanks man, I'll go farming Voll. By the way, can you price check my amulet? I couldn't find anyone to do that... Sorry if it's not your business to do so, but I'll appreciate much :)

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