[3.12] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

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Earthslug написал:

I looked at your build and it looks pretty solid!

Those 6 points I put in Spiritual Aid, complete left side of tree.
This gained me a small boost at expense of little mana regen you would lose.
This makes your golems regen life and give you +69Spell dmg.

*Also I try delete elemental focus and that +10ele dmg

change those 2 points in Celestial punishment

This gives me some DPS boost with your character but, of course only my advice.
Maybe you could check it out, but well done man!

I changed the path south of Sanctity and north of Arcanist dominion.
I had to free 1 extra life node for that, so I lost 70life more or less.
Gained me 50.000+ dps and 10 dex, with this dex I think I can go easier on gear and jewels so I can make up this 70 life.

Again, well done and indeed a good recommendation to other players.
Maybe Enki should look into it.

TY! I am very glad that I threw you a couple of ideas!

My Path of Excel is in Russian, our translation is somewhat inaccurate and rude ... (and my English is weak xd)
Therefore, I cannot fully appreciate the power of such abilities as "Celestial punishment" and "Spiritual Aid".
But, an increase in DPS is present if you remove 4 points from Storm Weaver and choose Celestial punishment. Good idea! Mana regen - not a trouble with mana leach. >>> +6k DPS and +5% hp, very good

what is it?
15% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailments on Enemies :(

so hard for me.

My golems are consumables, they are enough for one fight with the boss.
I often call them, I do not see anything terrible in it.
Do you think it is worth investing as much as 6 points?
>>> +76k DPS in PoB and it is all or no? hm

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Ukanta написал:

I would do something like this https://pastebin.com/aX3i9P1E , your gear already very good.

I like how your tree take the two str and one dex node instead of 3 int node (below Sanity). Also how you take elemental and lightning damage node above Lightning Walker. Well done comrade, this should be add to official tree.

thx for compliment!!! and thx for good idea! i did this!)))

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A few inefficiencies here and there. This passive tree would give you more damage and safety, and switch your Watcher's for a Mana Leech one and Lavianga's for Atziri's Promise for yet another damage + safety boost. Your amulet is also not great, could upgrade that to a DPS amulet while still staying res capped. And drop that Rotgut for a Basalt Flask, you will want the extra phys mitigation and flask suffix.
The first time I played seriously this game and did not know a lot of things. Now I have driven my build into a kind of trap ... I shouldn’t lose the jewel in the northwest of the tree, otherwise my resistances will be below 100% ... At the expense of the bottles:
The mercury flask - stood for the farm mine, for serious cards I choose Adziri.
A bottle of mana, I still think, is it worth changing to physical resistance ... because my mana = 30% of my life. I will look and try in the future!

The amulet cost me 15 chaos, which is ridiculous ... to change it to something better will not work, they do not even sell such amulets, I need there resistance to cold and fire ....

All this happened because I did not play for the first time and did not understand that there could be such problems with resistance! It was necessary to buy a helmet and gloves more deliberately. Okay, thanks for the reply!

Thanks everyone, guys! I will continue to read your topic, it's warm and cozy here :)

new my tree and hero: https://pastebin.com/X3xc558t
Последняя редакция: I_GameR. Время: 3 нояб. 2018 г., 5:07:28
Unless I'm misunderstanding, your pastebin of the build only shows the lower tier skills. The rest of the tree is missing (I put it in manually from your other links).
sorry my bad.

this is the working pastebin: https://pastebin.com/n4ZaWhBe

Thanks for any advice!
Последняя редакция: Spirale83. Время: 3 нояб. 2018 г., 9:08:07
i can not kill uber elder
Often kills with 1 strike, maybe I just do not have enough experience ...
2 times went - disappointment
Последняя редакция: I_GameR. Время: 3 нояб. 2018 г., 13:22:00
Hey guys,

i am very happy with the build, but i actually dont know how to min-max and what are my next steps.

Anyway: Can you guys help me, what to improve next? :)

Character should be public "beNwow"

Thanks a lot!
What are your thoughts of lightning spire for single target/ bosses?

Any advices? Except skill gems 20+ and boot enchant.
Thank you so much for your guide. I have been playing this Arc ele the whole season. Following your guide, I have invested quite a bit (at least for me, like 10ex in total cost) on this build. I find the clear speed is superb when doing T15 maps. I have not done any T16 and up maps so not sure what would happen. Boss fights need extra caution, partly because I am not familiar with boss mechanisms.

I have one question though, related to effect of shock. In your guide, you said we need 150% shock effect to reach the cap, which is 50% more damage. However, in POB, when I toggle on "enemy being shocked", the calculator would give me a 50% modifier to the dps calculation, despite I only have 110% effect shock. I wonder why this is happening? Is POB wrong? Thank you very much!
ponsq3 написал:

Any advices? Except skill gems 20+ and boot enchant.

I love your gears. How much did you spend on for example the amulet and the helmet? They are so good.
Here is my gear. Total cost is around 10ex. I am new to the game so would like to know any advice that is not so expensive. I still have approximately 10ex to spend.

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