[3.9] Pure Phys Skeletons & Friends Necromancer — Beginner/SSF/Budget Build

Thanks for all your efforts mate. Going to try the build for the season opening!Looking forward for your updates, cheers!
Build looks like great fun, but I cant get the link to work in path of building.

Like you said for yourself the links for the trees on the poe site is for 3.6.

Starting with this so would be great with updated PoB.
After Act 1 done, I have to say the smoothest leveling i ever had with a summoner start. Stay with Fireball + arcane surge until you get SRS. Get 2 minion damage from quest get summon skele with level 10.
I heard of people complaining about missing damage for blight encounters, well with those skeles nope no prob at all :)
Sweet, trying it
Can you link your skill tree as you level? I'm confused on where I'm supposed to go
nice guide can't wait until you update it! very nice build
I was running a different version of your build on a standard character, one that stacks STR so you can use The Baron. It also uses Mon'Tregul's Grasp. Thoughts?

I'm leveling using your PoB pastebin, so far its been pretty smooth, lvl 21 and counting.
crazytrain1254 написал:
Can you link your skill tree as you level? I'm confused on where I'm supposed to go

Leveling Skill Trees are available in Path of Building :)
Schoukes написал:
Thanks for the guide, but the new POB link isn't working for me. Anyone else having issues with it?

+ 1
new POB link isn't working (((
Are you using this link: https://pastebin.com/YtmrZ1HF

It worked for me last night.

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