UNKILLABLE 21k Energy Shield / 3.8mil Shaper DPS / 2 minute Uber kill / Celestial Bob Agony Crawler

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I had a question regarding Hatred and RoA. I understand the part where you are adding Fire/Lightning to your damage to allow the Proc of EE, but what im concerned about is how does that actually work? From my understanding you get cold damage added to RoA from hatred, which when using RoA wouldn't it apply cold/fire giving them both 25% res and -50% lightning? So when the pet gets a portion of cold damage added wouldn't it be counter productive? Unless the damage outweighs the negative. I'm still understanding EE but any advise would be awesome! (btw loving the build - Currently using in Synthesis)

Generosity support my duderino

Literally scoured for that answer and found it just after I sent. Makes perfect sense thank you so much!
If someone has a moment can they please check out my toon (it is the only Occultist in my list) Despite having semi-reasonable gear I'm stuck on about 13k ES and can't see anything obvious as to why I'm so far away from the 17k minimum. Thanks
If you're reading this you're reading this.
Anyone have a level 95ish updated skill tree for this? Preferably not POB.
What pantheon is best here?
Anyone have any experience with this build in T16 maps, how does the clear speed compare to some other top tier speed clearers? And does HH help the HoA or is it a useless item for this build?
DPS is fine for all game content, clear speed is medium to slow. Flame dash and phase run help, but generally you are limited to the speed of which agony crawler pops mobs. It's more of boss killer than speed clear build.
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what about Fortify?

What about it.
How are people getting enough Dexterity? I've imported multiple people's builds into PoB and most have under the 159 required dexterity for Herald of Agony. Are PoB calculations off? Am I missing something here?
Nearly 100 in Synth with this build FeelsGoodMan. So much bonding time with Celestial Bob.
Raxed написал:
Nearly 100 in Synth with this build FeelsGoodMan. So much bonding time with Celestial Bob.

Hey, if I imported your character to PoB correctly then you cant change from VeiledToxins to WitheringTouch at Uberelder because of negative mana-reserved. Was this a problem at any point?

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