[3.10] 🐉 Dragon's Breath Elementalist - Incinerate - All content viable - CLUSTER UPDATED

hey torstein your build is my league starter and i wonder how i can work with 3 auras? (herald of ash,skitterbots,anger) without over reserved my mana so i still can use incinarate flame dash and others
Things are working out pretty well using this as my starter so far; I've just gotten to maps and I already feel super strong. The main stuggle I'm having atm is that they've changed how difficult it is to craft clusters, and I have had zero luck making our large cluster. Until I can get my hands on an Enlighten, I've just been using herald of thunder in place of zealotry while it's leveling in weapon swap and that's seemed to help a bit, and just looks cool, though it would probably be more helpful to just run flammability blasphemy instead with the free mana... I plan to try the glacial hammer build next after this one has built me a little currency to work with!
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Is this a good staff to craft on?
I've been using this build for Harvest league and it has been super fun and easy. Great guide and great job. I look forward to trying another one of your builds, keep them updated. :)
Yeah it feels quite strong even without clusters, I've temporarily just picked up the other fire and channeling nodes nearby the tree until I can actually find / afford the right clusters and respec. I've been fooling around with using Infernal warcry along with this and it uh... it completely wipes everything on screen, it's kinda nuts.
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Hello friend, I'm a returning player (played mostly around 2016, although didn't reach most of endgame content) and I will try your build in this seasong while playing with some friends. The build tree spreads through left and right. After getting the main nodes in the middle, which way do you suggest going first, left or right?
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thanks for the build, but i have one question since im new xD
at what level CWDT+IC+WC should i keep?
work in 3.11 ?
XGrandAspira написал:
work in 3.11 ?

It's still fine, no big changes.
Great build!

I would like to ask, however, for any cheap replacements for the Martyr of Innocence (at least until I can afford it) - any suggestions?

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