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I also did skellies in metamorph. Though the phys impale version. Melee Splash was mandatory when mapping. Otherwise it was super slow. Only time I swapped it out was when I was doing guardians, shaper, elder, or Sirus.
iLL3aT написал:
Hey Exiles,

@Tallion99 - Sirus is one where you have to know all of his attacks by heart. I failed 4 of my first 5 fights in metamorph, but through learning the fight and watching videos, he's okay now. I believe in you. :) Simu 19+ and especially kosis are difficult for most builds. I just ran around in circles barely looking at the screen in simu - with phase run and phasing (flask), you're pretty hard to hit, but the hits hurt.

I agree on kingmaker - as long as it's 50c (delirium price) and not 1.4 ex (metamorph price). At 1.4 it's too expensive for most players. I think the DPS for phys and cold is pretty similar on bosses for most players, but I think min/max cold is better due to better medium jewels (outside of very expensive megalomaniacs). I league started phys before I got my 4g triads.
You too kind! :)

I see challenge 36 is a portal so I am on the team for Harvest!

I never got 2 bosses in a single sim but for the most part the boss was never really an issue with the build unless i was cornered somewhere so the layout was to his advantage... otherwise he usually went down fairly quiet. Most deaths were because i ran into something i didn't know was there, which happened a lot last league!

For this league, i would say get cluster jewels early as prices will rise (assuming there is an early low price)...
Thank you for the fantastic build guide.

This will be only my second league and I still consider myself somewhat of a beginner. But the step by step instructions you have provided make it super simple to follow.

Looking forward to tomorrow and taking on Harvest!
Anyone know the math with the new rallying cry? On a max power cry with a decent 2H phys based weapon (ballpark 400 damage range) would give approximately 80 added physical damage to minion attacks. With all the scaling that seems absolutely nutty, but I'm not certain how the math would actually work out vs convoking wands.
Samodin написал:
Shearer0120 написал:
Do you think this build will still be viable for doing endgame content (ex: shaper, elder, A8 sirus, etc.)? I was really looking forward to league starting with this build and carrying it to end game and investing in it but after the Vicious Bite nerf, I just wanted to hear your opinion.

Awesome build guide as well. Made it very easy for me to understand everything I need to know about it. Keep up the wonderful work.

Viable is an understatement in that situation, no worries there.
DPS is off the charts even before you'd start stackimg good clusters (which is very endgame).
I played a tankier version with a shield in metamorph (before the minions nerfs but no clusters) and it absolutely melted bosses.

I highly suggest Melee splash for maps tho. I know it's already in the build but I really wanna emphasize this :)

Alright, thank you so much for clearing it up for me. I was just worried bc this was going to be my league starter and endgame build. Im excited to try it out. Thanks again.
@Shearer0120 - Thanks!

@SparkleMotion - You might not have to drop a shield for that - dual weild is 15% base, and bone offering adds ~36% block I believe? Glancing blows doubles this, so you'd be at max block without a shield nor Rumis. Either that or use a high block shield (and double it) and run flesh offering.

@Rehase - Oops, that should be minefield support. Fixed in my word doc, to be updated when ready.

@SRSslash - Thanks for the info! Friend was saying the regen only lasted one second, and that there was no way to boost it (warcry effectiveness, etc.). It also has a 6s cooldown - I guess jury is still out on this one, I'll have to play with it.

@Samodin - Yep, melee splash is love and life. Triples your clear speed if not more, especially on harder maps.

@SparkleMotion - Agreed.

@Tallion99 - Double boss was rough sometimes, depending on mods. The problem with bosses is that we can't see mechanics all too well do to minions blocking them. I suspect clusters will be expensive, yeah. Luckily the one cluster version is pretty flexible, and there are a few good mods. For mediums, you can use curse, aura, or minion clusters. For larges, even the cold or elemental ones will work early on, for 30% hatred.

@Sisren - Thanks! Good luck out there exile.

@Slurch1 - Depending on the level of your minions, this is either okay or really not a lot of damage. On the main PoB, the carrion golem adds an average of 56.5 physical damage - disabling the golem drop dps by 3.9% - 80 is probably like 6% damage, which would not be worth sacrificing +2-+4 levels (20%-40% more damage) as well as the other modifiers. My suspicion (especially since the warcry has to be casted, with a .8 cast time) - not worth it.

3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965
Thanks for such a detailed and beginner friendly guide! I've used Viperesque’s phys skeletons as my first ever build in Metamorph and wanted to try something a bit different for my second league, but not too much as i'm still a total noob with most of the mechanics.
Speaking of being a noob - the levelling guide POB tree is different from the main POB tree in 6(2). At first i thought levelling guide just wasn't upadted to 3.10/3.11 but it is also different from both legacy trees present in 6(4). Is there something i'm missing?
Последняя редакция: Sobakaa. Время: 19 июня 2020 г., 17:42:22
Hey; I can't stand gemswapping for single target/mapping. Does infernal cry have any place in this build? I'm talking purely for the enemies exploding on death. Thanks, great looking build btw

p.s. I wouldn't mind gemswapping Infernal Cry for another utility skill when it comes to bossing or single target, I just hate gemswapping multiple support links.
yea, what about it
Последняя редакция: Voidurai. Время: 19 июня 2020 г., 19:19:32
@Sobakaa - I played Viperesque's build in Blight league as well. In regards to the levelling trees, it's assumed that some regrets will be used to get to the final tree. However, people will get different items (e.g. annoint, thread of hope) at different times, and any elemental nodes, may be stalled due to not being able to afford triads.

@Voidurai - Once I get strong enough, I kill everything except uber elder and Sirus with melee splash is in - no issues with doing that.

Not sure on infernal cry yet, I'll have to play with that one later to see if it works (along with all other warcries).
3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965
Don't take my word for it, but I think that as long as enemies die while affected by Infernal Cry, they'll explode. I have no idea which other warcries can synergize with summoners though.
yea, what about it

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