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I tried enduring cry, it gives a good amount of life regen. Issue is, you taunt everything around you. In delve that can get you get killed pretty fast.

I thought the build would be rather medicore, since i had struggle killing stuff...oh boy was i wrong. I just deleted baran on A8 within a few seconds. (thats on standard)
Is there any change to the skill tree in 3.11? I am leveling right now and just wanted to confirm before I get too deep. Thanks for the build.
jbabel1012 написал:
Is there any change to the skill tree in 3.11? I am leveling right now and just wanted to confirm before I get too deep. Thanks for the build.

there might be a change to the lower part of the tree. Going towards Soul of Steel might be not necessary, since vaal molten shell got nerfed.

I would either wait till OP has update the PoB or get more life on the marauder cluster
Последняя редакция: Camatoo. Время: 21 июня 2020 г., 2:28:49
Almost done with the campaign and the build is looking good. I'm just trying to figure out how to do the gem links later on. In your 3.11 PoB you have raise spectres in your helmet without it attached to Blood Magic. I'm just curious which spectres you use in this situation.

Thanks for the awesome build guide, it's incredibly nice to use!
Hey guys, hope league start has been going well for you. A few admin things: I kept the tree the same for now, since it was working well in 3.10. However, I am planning to change a few things after experimenting - soul of steel will likely be dropped, and I'm currently playing with instant warcries and enduring cry. With this league being crafting focused, hybrid life & ES might be a way to go as well, since ES gear is pretty cheap to get (I got 200 ES gloves that aren't done on day 1 just from crafting - thought these will be replaced by triads when I get them).

Pantheon will change - no more Shakiri for the minor god.

I'm thinking of a variant super glass cannon build with just enduring cry in place of the heal, and your minions drinking five offensive flasks. It will not be good by any means (since we have no anti-bleed, freeze, curse, or poison), but it might be fun.

@Voidurai - Friend said the same thing. I'll have to play with it, but I suspect by the time you get close enough to warcry them, the enemies have already died from skeletons.

@Camatoo - Thanks for the kind words! Maybe not in delve where there are too many monsters - that makes sense. However, I'm playing it now in mapping, and it's a real lifesaver, especially since I don't have good flasks yet.

@jbabel1012 - the current skill tree will work for now. Small changes coming though.

@PowerCrazy - I used redemption sentries instead of chieftains in Delirium since delirium liked to kill spectres. However, now that delirium is rare, chieftains can be back on the menu. I'll try to release a new PoB during the week.
3.15 ❆ Cold Skeletons guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2774965
I played around with 2 small jewel clusters, both with "fettle" and 2 skillpoints.
But it seems they nerfed the RNG on those things beyond oblivion.
It's extremely hard to get good rolls on the jewels overall. Might be a option for lategame, when you have enough alteration/chaos to spam them.

Since damage is pretty good, i would go for more life, so that you can get atleast 6k life. Im not playing league, so maybe there is a good craft option for rare gear.
Should we tick ''always attack without moving'' ?


Question 2-3:

Im currently at ACT 6. Following guide..but..i have a problem with understanding guide in leveling section: ACT 5.

1. I can raise only 1 spectre (Slave driver), how to get more early on?

2. It tends to die rather quickly if followed by recommended 3 links: spell echo supp, deathmark, minion dmg.

Do i need to recast it when it dies? With desecrate?

After ACT 5, zombies or carrion golem should be connected to feeding frenzy and maim, correct?

Thx in advance for your answers!
Последняя редакция: Saint_and_Sinner. Время: 22 июня 2020 г., 13:51:44
hows everyone dealing with mana? having hatred and frostbite on blasphemy, i dont have a lot to play with. Should i run with mana regeneration rate or something different?
Im not running frostbite because of mana issues (Im only on yellow maps) but I am leveling it up

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