[3.11] Spellslinger VD Necromancer. All content. Easy and fast Sirus A8 kill. Wave 20 Simulacrum.

ITzOLGoN написал:
after playing with this build today i legit think this is the strongest build ever wtf.. im literally unkillable i can facetank almost everything lmao and kill shiit so fast. So fun this build im happy
If you avoid the lag like me you can tank everything (lost to shaper bc lack of balls managenment and lag spikes XD) but yup most broken build i ever saw

I love this build, insane map clear, but I struggle a bit vs bosses (elder is OK, shaper take a long time to kill, same for A8 sirius)

Some tips on my build to increase my damage (obviously my wand is not really good, I will remove the attack with this weapon penetrate 7% fire resist and try to craft a increased fire damage instead, and don't mind the craft on the belt, I didn't change it yet)

I also have a large cluster with doryani's, sadist and smoking remains, a medium with cremator and an other medium with master of fear and wish for death
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zug0 написал:
Shagy1337 написал:

I am having quite sever mana issues. 90% of the times the reason I die is because I am out of mana to shield charge out of danger.

I am still on 5L and my gems are not fully leveled yet. So I expect it to only get worse. I have Tireless wheel in passive tree.

Currently I have 823 mana with 156 available.

Should i be using a ring with "- total mana cost of skills"? Unfortunately Praxis is the only thing I can afford for now.

You shoould link your flame dash with arcane surge (you can get up to lvl 5). arcane surge increases your mana regen. I rarely have mana issues with a 6 link and sitting right now at 190 mana. Only have mana issues on long boss fights that I facetank and spam frenzy, I just stop couple seconds and mana is full. But doing maps and stuff there is no way I starve from mana.

Also there is a +2 mana for enemies hit on virians jewels if you find that my help you.

Anyway with levels on inspiration is gonna get easier.

Thank you so much for the Jewel tip! Instantly made mana very sustainable. Even against bosses I can just spam Frenzy

could you give a rundown on how to craft a high fire dps wand?

I'd also like to hear some wand crafting tips, if y'all have any to share.
IGN - Ziddyroc

I'd also like to hear some wand crafting tips, if y'all have any to share.

Zizaran put out a video on crafting for this build. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcBtWqc5Nno&t
Nice, thanks!
IGN - Ziddyroc
quick question. increase area damage == increase fire damage for this build or not?
I noticed that on the PoB version, you run the Deflection anointment, whereas on this forum build, you run the Undertaker anointment. Is there a specific reason for this. Maybe you use Undertaker until you get something? And why use Deflection over Undertaker. Defense is nice and all, but Undertaker gives a lot of much needed damage since it seems that until you get all of the jewels, your damage is low.
Vickery написал:
Im in SSF, and have a question on the want "Trigger a socketted spell" craft. Before I have this is the build playable, and if so whats the process? Self casting bone offering etc?

Before I got the craft, I used a low level cwdt with bone offering and desecrate in my shield.


Hi everyone! Been loving VDSS, has been treating me well so far. I'm into t14-16 maps now and feel like my survivability is not the best. Damage seems fine except for bosses which is expected with my current gear.

I have about 9-10ex to spend right now, and I'm lost on how to spend it efficiently for max dps/survivability improvement. For example, I don't want to spend it all on 1 item when I'd be better off slightly improving 3-4 items instead. I've been following Ziz's build for the most part btw.

Until I can get reduced reservation for Conc effect, I've also been going back and forth between Ele focus and Hypothermia as the 6th link, since I can't really tell which is better. I also don't know if I have enough currency to switch to ES/Low Life, or if it's even worth it... If anyone is willing to share their experience I'd appreciate it a lot!

Sorry about the many questions lol, just a little confused right now.

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