[3.11] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster


First, I would love to thank you for this awesome build! Currently 86 lvl, facerolling T10 maps :) I was lucky today and got this!(btw, only 7 fuses and 23 chaoses buy, kill me slowly)

Im just curious. Got pretty nice helmet with +2 lvl of minion gems:

So, I use it for my 2 golems, and I added minion life and minion speed (I know speed is not important, i was thinking about blind). Thanks to this, i have orb of storm only at 3 link in my wand. Does it worth to have golems in this type of helmet?

Neverthless, this is currently my gear:


I know, i should buy better wand (i'd love to buy void battery, but at prophecy is about 8 exa - totally not affordable for me (/cry) ) Mabye, I'll buy 2 catalysts. Do you think 2 catalysts worth or it is better to have 1 catalyst and 1 yellow dagger/mace?

Thank you for your answers and good luck with drops!

P.S.: Cant wait to use this, crafted today ;)

@doroni: Lol no problem, thanks for contributing to this thread :)

@Cigulinin_Mızıkası: Dropped to give more reliability for bosses and reflect. Not enough range for offscreening, so you have to adjust your playstyle a bit - which i think is a fun, new turn on the build.

@lunaticwoda: Sorry to hear that. Forestgrenpas response is already sufficient, so i'm not gonna repeat that. Just gonna say i've played the build several times in temp leagues without a coil or "stupid high DPS glass cannon", and done high level maps, even stuff like dual Wasteland Voll.

@Nevenka242: Congrats! That helmet + golems idea will work well, gives them some more life against high phys burst or chaos damage, which i guess will be helpful.

If you can't find any good wands, i would go with a catalyst (10% cast speed roll) and some dagger, to make up for the low crit on catalyst. Will also let you use WB, dunno how good that is now for casters.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

I finally got my hands on 2 void batteries, paid 13 exs, but totally worth it, my dps went from 77k tooltip to 115k


Its fun seeing everything vaporize instantly and T10 boss from chateau die in 2s :>

EDIT: Anyway,

@enki91 - I made Atziri and did a vid for it, you can update it in the vid section if you want Link
Последняя редакция: forestgrenpa. Время: 16 июня 2016 г., 22:57:08
Is Arctic Armor worth it? Buff only when standing still / not moving.
@forestgrenpa: Grats, and thanks for the video, will add it later when i'm a little less busy. :)

@icel3oi: Yes. We're most vulnerable while casting, and coincidentally we stand still while doing so.
Still waiting for much need Selfcast buffs and Elementalist rework.

Did the new map from the prophecy keys, it was a lot easier than I was anticipating

With Atziri's Acuity you can save 6 points, if you look straight to southern of Witch-begins, you see +1 Power Charge + 1 Jewel, thats actually these 6 points, that you save, but to get this gauntlets, you need luck as fuck, I dont would take the +1 Curse, easier to get more crit and 1 more Jewel can increase your dmg/life pretty good, or what you are think ?! :)

Btw, I tried this build 3 times, because I love Arc, but died always, twice in a Lab-Trap, 3rd when Detonate Dead of a blue strongbox, when I was tired :D
I think I will start a fourth try, getting over 74 (last character before death), because it was very useful and your build is awesome :)
But I cant understand, that you take Arc so late, I take them since lvl 1 :D

When is brotherhood worth, instant when I use with lvl 20 (Because I play Arc when I'm lvl 12) or should I wait for some treepoints or equip ?
Последняя редакция: most1010. Время: 18 июня 2016 г., 10:35:24
What do you think about using mutewind whispersteps?
Is cold penetration really worth it as a 6th slot on Arc?

How about culling Strike support Or raw dps like Added Lightning Damage

Just got this xD since i'm poor still dont know if looking to sell it or use on build... Just hit me up if you wanna make an offer.

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