Enki's Arc Witch Memorial Page | New Guide linked inside!

Terrific job Enki, appreciate the effort!
Enki91 написал:
After ~10hrs of writing, formatting and running into writer's block multiple times, the update is finally done! Hope you guys like it.

Awesome, Enki, thank you very much for your dedication.

I see your life flask is "... of Curing" instead of "... of Heat". How do you deal with being frozen?

Also: no Storm Weaver? Bold....
Последняя редакция: maykay. Время: 19 нояб. 2016 г., 10:33:16
ty so much for your time and effort!
@Enki; Nice work! I like the look of the update, it makes it very straight forward what the player is aiming for.

After playing a HC SRS scion, honestly Decoy Totem is just insane! It improves survivability massively, good choice including this as it will really help with fast phys heavy bosses.
As A brand new player, thank you for the guide!

I'm a little concerned though...I was following the guide for the witch build before it got updated and had to reallocate about 5 points to get "Practical Application" and work up from there after dropping the beginning mana regen talents. Is the this version basically the same?
I'm in the same boat as Simplekin77 here. I've been using this guide as a blueprint for my initial playthough for a while now, though I'm a bit too far ahead in the build to respec into the newly introduced focus on MoM.

I'm in two minds whether to improvise from this point or to recreate a new character to fit the new build changes. Regardless, thanks for the guide so far.
Thanks everyone! Glad to see all this positive response so far.

Not sure when i can record some videos, tried a few different settings but the game is just not running smooth at all with any of them for me.

@Simplekin77 & PathyBelrog: Just take this as a baseline of what nodes you should have around Lv70-75. It's basically the 100pt tree in guide minus jewel sockets, so you can easily continue from there on.
Decisions, decisions..

Two possibilities. Either continue on the generic path Enki has laid out or divert into the Void Battery scheme. - can't deny it, ever since Septi outlined his numbers I felt goosebumps :).

Still cannot afford 2 VBs, getting there though. With that in mind, let's focus on the generic build.

Have re-shuffled my gear to the suggested gemming guidelines.

Lvl 86 atm, sitting on 3 unallocated passive points with ~ 20 max passive refund points.

Obviously top prio should be Whispers of Doom for the 2nd curse to kick in(6 points). Considering that I would need to ditch Soul Siphon (+2) and Doom Cast (+5) should the next target be Sovereignty? I fear otherwise the substantial loss of mana regen nodes could be problematic. This choice comes at an even exchange (10 pts+ / 10 pts -).

Now the loss of Doom Cast will be felt and shall only be mitigated with the acquisition of Arcane Potency. As far as Practical Application goes, the net gain from the reshuffling in that area will be +1 point with the loss of mana related passives in exchange for a 25% chance to avoid interruption. Skeptical on this one.

Add the need to also get at least one Power node (two if VBing). So +2/+4 points.

Planning ahead towards lvl 90 what do you guys think?

-PS Here are my fully unbuffed Arc offensive stats:

Скрытый текст

Последняя редакция: NaineNoire. Время: 20 нояб. 2016 г., 5:40:07
Hi Enki91 and all the others here playing this awesome build.

I started with PoE just 4 weeks ago and this is my first build that i enjoy playing.
(first was a messed up cold char that i played without a real guide or so.... xD)
I follow your guide since i started PoE again after leaving D3(approx. since Page 240 of this Thread).

I really appreciate the work and the effort you put into this.
It helped me a lot in the beginning and so does it still.
As you might already can tell, i followed this guide from before your last update.
No big Problems here, just had to refund and re-allocate some points but ran into a bit of cunfusion so i suggest Enki91 to have another look again at his linked Passive Trees, please.
The one for "Atziri´s Acuity and Void Battery users" seems to be missing some allocated points (only 3 jewel sockets allocated? not needing "vaal pact" must have saved us some points, correct me if i am wrong).
I compared to each other:

"Regular Vaal Pact Passive Tree" -Endgame Goal-
(5 jewel sockets, no "Doom Cast" but "Vaal Pact", also "Sovereignity")

"Atziri´s Acuity + Void Battery" -Endgame Goal-
(only 3 jewel sockets, no "Vaal Pact" but "Doom Cast", also "Sovereignity"
BUT the jewel socket next to "instability" is also not allocated?)

Don´t get me wrong, but i am a little confused after your update.
I´m Level 90, have no VB or AA (so rare and expensive xD) but i set this as a far future-goal.
So i think i should stick to the "Regular Vaal Pact Passive Tree" -Endgame Goal- Tree for now, but
compared to the pre-updated guide, one now shall drop "Doom Cast" for "Sovereignity" and get "Doom Cast" later at lvl 100?
Is a total of "14% reduced Mana reserved"(means ~130 more mana for me) and "12% Radius of Auras" really worth losing "80% CritChance for Spells" + "45% CritStrike Multiplier for Spells" ?
I updated my passive tree to your suggestion but damage and crit chance loss was very noticeable for me. So i kept "Doom Cast", dropped the "mana regeneration" for "Practical Application" and allocated the first node to "Sovereignity" (12% inc. Radius of Auras) now having only 570 Mana from a total of 1543, my Mana Globe is jumping and draining much more since i had to refund the total of 30% mana regeneration for "Practical Application".

Also with Level 90 i am just running 3 jewel sockets atm, without "high end jewels" since they are pricey. My 2 best are:
7% Life 14% Crit Multi 4% Cast Speed while dualwielding
and the other is
7%Life 15% Crit Multi and 16 Int.

Maybe you want to have a look at my current gear for yourself:

Скрытый текст

I also own a LC but it´s still not 6L

Passive Tree:
Скрытый текст

Defensive Stats:
Скрытый текст

Offensive Stats:
Скрытый текст


Buffed with PoD, both Golems + Frost Bomb:

Suggestions welcome :)

Sorry for this huge wall of text, maybe need to keep things shorter.
Последняя редакция: Tiggah. Время: 20 нояб. 2016 г., 6:41:42
Nice guide, dude! o7

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